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  1. Yes. But it can be packed with custom maps in the same bundle.

    To remove weapons from the original maps however you'll need to use the mod bundle as you need to override stuff. But you can get around this by creating another instance of the original maps in the custom levels folder structure type and so they will no longer be overriding, but duplicating, so use a difference in the map name. I would use a small mod bundle for the server, but that's just me I guess.

    Hello again,

    Any idea how big that mod would be if we had to duplicate all the original maps?

  2. Hi guys,

    Now patch 1.3 is out, is it possible for someone with greater knowledge than me, to create a weapons restriction mod. Preferably restricting GL and M99? Perhaps I can edit this once I have a template?

    I dont want to sound bone idle but I have searched the forums and read the tutorials to no avail!


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