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  1. Hi mate, me and a few clan members played on your server last night. We spoke about servers and thought i'd drop you the details of the server company we use. This link will take you to the server we have bought. http://www.leaseweb.com/index.php?p=express1
  2. Will the mod then auto download from the server?
  3. Hello again, Any idea how big that mod would be if we had to duplicate all the original maps?
  4. Hi guys, Now patch 1.3 is out, is it possible for someone with greater knowledge than me, to create a weapons restriction mod. Preferably restricting GL and M99? Perhaps I can edit this once I have a template? I dont want to sound bone idle but I have searched the forums and read the tutorials to no avail! Cheers,
  5. iNsanity Gaming server will be patched tonight once I get home (CET).
  6. Hi guys, I have seen on other servers that you can join half way through the round on TDM. At the moment on our server, if you dont select your kit in time, you can not spawn until the round ends. Does anybody know the settings for this? Cheers.
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