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  1. I'm sorry but in MOP this is basically an expansion pack to GRAW. I can appreciate the effort that GRIN has put into the GRAW PC effort, they still packed this game with an awful lot of things that no one who played the [GR] asked for. Had the original GR not been so full of cheaters and hacks in multiplayer I would still be matching today. I own and played GRAW in the multiplayer mode and found it merely OK as it did not offer much in the human vs human type of play. No ladders or leagues...no way to actually form a team. Also...you guys that shelled out $100.00 for both games as I did make me sick when you praise and gush all over your selfs because the game developer made a patch. I built my system specifically for GRAW. I have inspected, weighed and found GRAW & GRAW2 to be lacking. The [Ghost Recon] had a huge following for years. I frankly do not expect GRAW2 to last one year........Sorry just my opinion.
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