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  1. Hi guys, I just bought GRAW at a real nice price for my xbox, I have been playing graw on my pc since release and actually found graw for x 360 to be a completely different game, much better to be honest. Anyway, I'm about ready to go play some multi player, what game modes are the easiest to find servers on, both for adversial and co-op. ? Please advice Cheers
  2. Hi guys, I've been away from graw2 for a while, but now I want to play it some again, however what mod is in your opinion the best, and the easiest to find online servers for ? Cheers.
  3. It's only slightly amusing when I see these types of complaints about added content, you don't use it therefore it does not belong, well thanks but then again an SP (only) player might think the same of all the time/resources spent on the MP netcode revisions or additions. Where does that get us? ____ I just used both; and just to keep in spirit (of the thread), the M240 is not very accurate and the M1014 should have been classed as a secondary. Did I say that this content did not belong there ? Did I say anything else than "I find my selves not caring about it", did this mean that I somehow think that it should not have been added at all, or even that it's not welcome, I made a remark that I don't use it, hence I don't care. No need to be a wise (you know) and make what I've said into something else
  4. Mission does not have any hidden weapon zones. Unable to select Rockets using coop ranks either. Looks like placing C4 only for now. I don't see that as a problem. I actually prefer it that way because it'll force people to actually think rather than fire and forget. Only problem is the tanks superhuman power to know where you are if you stick out any part of your body. I 100% agree, no real need for Rockets, the only thing in need of changing is the fact that the tank has super aim and incredible reflexes. Smoke is the key here, so it actually promotes team play in another level, since you really need at least one who throw smoke, and the rest simply have to play after the one who's doing the smoke job, etc. etc. I like it.
  5. Yes, that's what I thought,.. The tanks and snipers on that map is extremely accurate, you will die allot on this map, that's for sure.
  6. I don't know how, but when I played earlier all 4 was taken out, have no clue how though. Smoke then Sneak up and plant c4 ?
  7. - New speedhack check. - Improved Anti-Cheat system. - TDM tagging issues fixed. - Playernames now visible in server info window - 3 levels reworked for Multiplayer The above was the only fixes/new content I found my selves caring about. "- 2 New weapons added, M240 Machinegun and M1014 Shotgun." Could not care less about shotgun or the M240 as I never use ether once (does anyone ?) I thought they would have fixed the "dead ai" by now, but they have not, still some AI appear to be alive when they are not. Also the walk while scoped animations are unchanged, sometimes while looking at someone who is walking while scooped the legs will not move and the player seems to be sliding around. A few cosmetic bugs that don't influence game-play but are non the less irritating. The content of this patch was by far to small, I am disappointed, I expected more. I especially expected that if you view server details and then went back to the lobby the server browser would not refresh, it still does and I find it real annoying. I am however very please with the additions/fixes listed on the top, so good job with those.
  8. This is just a GUESS, but I'd say if the game has gotten THIS little support so far, and it's been out on shelves THIS long, you're exceptionally fortunate to even get THIS update. It's in your best interests not to hold your breath for any more support. GRIN can only support you so long as UBI pays them to do so, and we all know how UBI works... I don't know, it feels a little like UBI are changing, it might be me that are wrong, but to me it seems they are changing a few things, hopefully for the better. I must admit that I will be extreamly disssapointed if this patch does not solve ALL known bugs (that actually are game bugs) and even adds a few new features, engine optimizations and new additions concerning gameplay. It might be allot to ask for, but I feel we deserve it after graw and until now graw2
  9. Deco147, Can you please give us a link to your source for this information? Where did this number come from? I hope this is verifiable via a reliable and accurate source and not just rumor. UBI releases information about this on there homepage as in example right here: http://www.ubisoftgroup.com/index.php?p=194&art_id= Among Ubisoft’s biggest successes, the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon� franchise has sold 15 million copies worldwide and is one of the most played games online.
  10. I haven't played graw2 mp enough to really have formed an opinion. I started playing it again just a couple of days ago, and I must say that I am really starting to love this game.. Usually I love games that are fast phased simply because of my quake days, or years to be more exact (old habit is hard to....) The phase that is in graw2 suits me perfectly in this game, actually I am very surprised that I like it so much. I have played allot of HH the last weeks and I really love it. Graw2 has it flaws and they are all pointed out in this thread, but even tough the flaws I'm really starting to love it. CoD4 demo sucked in my opinion, the demo is one of the most linear demos I've played in a real long time! also a game with so called "perks" or powerups or whatever that at the same time tries to look realistic with real weapons doesn't make any sense to me, CoD4 is really going to be a run 'n' gun game...just wait and see. Edit: one thing that contributes big to the fact that hardly no new players starts to play MP is simple. They go online and gets owned real hard constantly... The majority of the players on line now these days are old GR/graw/graw2 players who knows this game almost as good as the palm of there hands, and this is the same on pretty much every server. The new "recruit" will simply be owned so hard that they will be scared off, heck new players hardly ever get to fire there rifle before getting killed. Obviously these players should try out coop before heading out on a RvsA server, but they don't. Check out this thread to see what I mean: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/2...13/m/5891091306 Possibly if you notice someone getting owned real hard all the time you should advice them to start with coop (in a nice way of-course) or they will pretty soon start to hate graw2 totally.
  11. Unfortunately I will not play in this cup my selves, however I have an idea, whould it be possible to make some sort of cast of the finals ? (semi/final) This could be a voice cast, or ultimately even a video/voice cast, that would be real awesome. I know there are some kind of software that will actually stream "what you see" in game, I have no clue what it's called tough.. Could this be done ? is it a good idea? I would prefer to play my selves, but I'm so tied up in another game right now that I simply don't have time for GRAW2 Just a idea, so don't flame me
  12. I'm applauding this initiative! As a mod, might i suggest CSAR ? Anyway, good initiative, let's show people that there still is life on the graw2 planet
  13. There is no way I would ever pay for a map pack, to be honest I can't even see why it should be a question. GRIN should develop a map pack for free, simply because that is the tradition... Gearbox that have released titles for UBI have done it, so why can't GRIN ?
  14. GRAW2 is a very good game for MP in my opinion, I really don't understand why it haven't really become more popular than it is.. I've talked to allot of people that have complained that graw2 feels like syrup, especially the animations feels like syrup according to these people.. If I compare to i.e. Call of Duty 2 or CS I really do understand where they are coming from, but for me graw2 is a completely different game and that's what I like about.. it feels different.. Well I really don't think the majority want something "different" what the majority really wants is a reskinned bf2 clone, cs clone or a reskinned cod2 clone. This is at least the impression I get.. Now you can say "hey the old school ghost recon people don't want that, they still want the feel from Ghost Recon" Well what do you think they have been playing and getting used to in between of the release of GR and GRAW ? yeah, cod2, cs or bf2! Those who never have touched any of the mentioned games are only a few, most other people have been getting used to the "easy and fast" animations in the games mentioned and don't want to move around in syrup mode.... OK OK OK, I know there's allot of you hardcore GR fans that never would touch ether cod2, cs or bf2 and respect to you for that, but you'r not the majority are you !? Finally why no one uses Cangaroo.TNT's mod or PoW_LigHtsPeEd's mod is wierd to me!? It must be ether; People thinks the game is good just as it is People don't know exactly what the mods actually do or doesn't know about the mods at all . People don't care Both mods are really great and both mods offers something fresh to graw2 so you guys should really test them out. I for one apprechiate the work that all the moders keep on doing for this game and hope we will see more from them, but what's the point if no one uses there mods ? I really don't understand this at all, why there is no auto-downloader in the game ? it makes no sence why when grin/ubi have released all those tools for modding. Auto download would be good enough, especially if it would include http download that would make the downloads go fast! I say yes to auto download, let the modders get something back from there work. I trust that GRIN is still browsing these forums and are at some point reading this thread, possibly they agree to most that have been pointed out and are willing to do something about this..
  15. I can only find one server running this mod Anyone planning to run a European server ?
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