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  1. Force, another oversight on my part! But it does not mean I do not remember you!
  2. Thanks White Knight! Good to talk to you again!
  3. Chems, you are right, I was an old staff member! Discuss a lot of different map concepts. Been out of the loop for a while and wanted to come back and see how things are and what new mods have been created for GR.
  4. Hey cool! I'm on the list of fame! I didn't make the list. Hey, Bear! Been thinking about you and wondering what happened to you. Glad to hear you are still kicking. Drop me a line sometime... if you remember me, that is. Sorry Zjj! It was an oversight on my part!
  5. Greetings Everyone! Some of you, I hope will remember me and I hope to get to know some of the new members as well. My apologies for my "MIA" status! Real life has been very hectic plus I have found an additional game which I enjoy as much as "Ghost Recon" which I am playing online. Battlefield 1942 was the start but now it is Battlefield Vietnam. I belong to clan =EGO= (Elite Online Gamers) who are a bunch of guys from ages 15 through 46 and have gotten caught up in the online play. A big hello to the following: Rocky White Knight77 Nightmare SotoMAC Yodasplat Good to talk to you again! Everyone take care and I will try to be more active again in the forums!
  6. But did you see page 4! There may be some disadvantages http://www.geocities.com/kragtowl/pics/img008.jpg If you are talking about the one on the left, I would agree! But if you are talking about the one on the right, I would have to argue that point!
  7. I don't know, if they are Klingon chicks it might help? After all, check this out: Advantages of knowing Klingon? Make sure, you check out page 2!
  8. Congradulations Velocity!
  9. Nice Avatar, Jester!
  10. Since I took it over, I have save every picture that I have posted, so that might help a little bit!?
  11. That is outstanding! Great piece of work! Compliments to all involved! I believe it will set a new look for signatures!
  12. What is "Cromwell"? Sorry, Had to add a Jeapordy aspect!
  13. Great Job, HiLandR! My compliments to my fellow competitor!
  14. Greetings! I recently downloaded the "City Street Large" and "FooMod", the sniper building map. I can play these in "Mission" mode but how do you designate them for other game options, like "Firefight" and "Assault" for examples? Is this an IGOR setting or is it a setting with the map? Thanks!
  15. Necron99

    Bomb Iraq

    I think you guys will like this: Bomb Iraq
  16. The "Rock" discussion is under the Map section. Here is the link: The "Rock" as a map discussion
  17. That would have been a great idea! Good one!
  18. Sorry for the lack of participation lately but things have been a bit busy! Here is my entry for the "Camoflage" competition!
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