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  1. I really have no idea mate, I really have no idea how you can die on the Gun Ride Levels either. All I can say is, keep at it, dont waste ammo, deflection shoot, all the basics.
  2. Some new Gameplay Balances I thought up: 1. Fatigue meter for squadmates, I noticed I finished a whole campaign in GRAW 2 with Ramirez as first riflemen all the time except for two sections. 2. Medic needs to be altered so that he can only heal soldiers to 50% or slightly better. The only way a soldier is going to be 100%, is when the bullet are extracted and he/she has recouperated. This does not happen in the space of a few minutes while in the Ghost Truck, or in the middle of a firefight for that matter. 3. When a soldier has been wounded, he is unavailable for the rest of the mission
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