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  1. Just completed missions. Just love the use of message feedback & radio chatter, realy adds to the feel of it all. Nice use of Heli's too, realy enjoyed it .. slash & burn is the sort of mission you would have expected from the expansion packs. Good work. You realy should now script a decent Mod, like the Afganistan Mod .. is thout out yet?? Anywho ... hit us back with some more, this is realy tightly scripted stuff .. Right up there with Jack57's work. More of this please ....
  2. Just got a Nvidia 4200Ti .. had a MX440 .. GR is now a dream to play all over again with smooth anti alaising .. oooh siuts me sir. And my Audigy problem seems to have improved .. I now play strictly in headphones .. never bothered before but it just makes it that little bit more fancifull. Im a geek and I luv iiiiiit !!!
  3. I dont play online .. im still paying for dial up (by the minute .. dont ask!) .. anywho .. Im seeing alot of MP gametypes coming out at the moment .. I love Mad NEds pack .. total single player fun. Will anyone convert MP types for single player please ....
  4. second that ! The patch has cleared up my pops & clicks no end. Still a few little glitches .. but its now playable as before it was a joke. I also moved my soundcard to PCI slo4 (asus a7v33 motherboard) .. and that also helped, when I used this patch it then cleared up alot more.
  5. I must add, I have got most essential mods/maps/missions ... must admit Neds new ones have perced me up some! Also for those who think im a loser ... I only play 3 games on my pc gr / thawks 3 & Medal of honour ... GR ###### over all of them easily. Most of the other times I do web work / Media music for a living. I just thought Id never tire of it, but in the last few days Ive wavered from it ... booo !!
  6. Im slowly getting bored with GR! Ive had the game since crimbo 2001 and have all expansion packs. Im finding more & more im getting less imersed in it, and I am just "###### about" then leaving it to do something else instead ... Its horrible!! I love this game, but I feel Im in urgent need of something new (probably Raven Sheild) to get that "buzz" again. Anyone else with these symptoms?? Can anyone help me with my plight ??
  7. Well, well this little lot realy has run & run ... maybe Rocky or someone could round up a "virtual" shortlist of decent suggestions from these, then we put it to a poll/vote of "virtual" next upgrade. Print the little fella and mail it to Ubi. Job Done.
  8. Well it could be alot worse ... For example .. playing GR to the point of obsession & buying camo gear, then invest in weapon lessons .. then purchasing a rifle ... then shooting your wife. Hmmmmm ...
  9. It has to be said, Jack57 is way up in my book with all his latest Campaigns. I have enjoyed them all ... well worth the download.
  10. OH CHRIST! .. dont let this thread spill into a "spec comp" .... you just do what you can with what you have. Still going strong with some mighty suggestions might I add.
  11. Admitadly (spelling?) ... this can run & run, and its true you can suggest only so much untill your describing a new game. But there are some decent "tweaks" mentioned here ... for existing updates on GR. All the other suggestions (that describe a new type of gameplay) ... should be GR2. I know a new enemy realism mod has arrrived (check news), which tackles certain aspects of what you can tweek yourself. Although some hard coded updates for the engine that are mentioned here should certainly be taken notice of. Its all gravy ............. I think.
  12. Well that certainly got the ball rolling ... some decent suggestions here, any chance this forum gets a lookin from any "in the know" bods at UB soft ? They should take a note of this little lot, even if this is already what they are thinking about. Tell you what, I will print this and deliver myself, I will walk in the offices like this - - and the receptionist will look at me - - and before you can say the magic words " don like stealth myster " ... its curtains .... Right thats enough of that ..... maybe they might look at this eh ....
  13. Im very interested in the new engine (thats been talked about) that may/would/could/should/ .. etc be in GR2. I had quibbles about things in GR1 and wondered if anyone else thought the same, and maybe this could be managed in GR2 ... 1. Weather effects to be less on/off, as in rain gradualy pittering out, or biulding up from spits to shower when starting to rain (same with snow). Fog to gradial become more dense etc. 2. Morphing character movements. Its clear to see characters follow exact way points and also when fiddling in a stationary position its very "start this motion then stop, then execute the next motion". Is there anything that could blend this more naturaly? I understand keeping things down due to CPU power, but is there any engine that can do this sort of thing, is the engine for GR2 capable of this ? Dont get me wrong the game rules and ive been hooked for a year but do you think this might happen in GR2? any other nitpickers out there ?
  14. Great mod, and I did wonder why they were lacking in I.T. It all makes perfect sense now.
  15. Ive been an GR addict since day 1 .. downloaded all manner of mods from the site, and never used the forums. This has prompted me to get it sorted. Nice forum compared to many out there, hard work paid off .. wicked.
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