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  1. This is a superb UK view on the news from early to most recent "events" ... to me its the funniest thing on at the moment, as well as funny its also got a great point to it about "fear" Well worth viewing. Its BBC Iplayer but if you use a proxy via UK you can view also (outside UK folk). http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00q9...es_2_Episode_1/ Perfect UK attitude to all things media, if I were able to make a program this would be it
  2. hahah the stupid ######ing tank moment, that's the dumbest action moment of all time, jesus why dont they let things be, how awful.
  3. Its just snowed another inch (UK southwest) and nothing is letting up. Mind you, I love this weather, especially walking in it. I do like to see everyone come down a peg or two by water in a different format UK is crap for anything like this, no stocks of salt stored correctly. Then again if we believe (like governments / local councils) do about mild global warming winters then this wouldn't hit us so much. DAMN YOU GLOBAL WARMING !!!!! *shakes fist in a very sarcastic manner *
  4. Hi, Ive been having a good look around at the arising quality of Machinima style movies out now, especially with all the latest game graphics pushing it forwards, some really superb things coming out recently, its not something I was over familiar with until recently. One that stuck out for me was a new post I saw on a forum for a GTAIV Machinima about a dream sequence, for the first time I was actually taken by the mood of it, and not many do that i've seen online, lots of running around kiddies with stupid music ... this is done REALLY well I thought, the comments under speak for themselves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0TQT8ZXpas&fmt=22 .. so anyway, I expect there are many here that are into this, so anyone got more links to some things they rate the most?
  5. Well you might just miss the bad storm weather we have had this weekend, should be up rocky's area soon from tomorrow, you want to get a good look at the place, not a rain storm in your face and flooding "02" service is another pay as you go over here, pretty decent rates and free text offers etc. http://www.o2.co.uk/explore/tariffs/paygo All looks pretty similar mind you.
  6. Sid the Science Kid Gets a Flu Shot (Propaganda for kids) [Admin edit: added video title to link]
  7. So ... Its all Rocky's fault back in 2003 or so that reviewed the Edimentional 3D shutter glasses which I then purchased and enjoyed Ghost Recon to the max in great 3D. Then things died a death, no Nvidia updates, and now its all back up and running but instead no shutter support and only it seems for monitors with the feature built in. My question is, has anyone gone to these lengths since and have full 3d with the new gear/new drivers/new hardware and whats your thoughts on it / what have you got and what did you pay? Anyone?
  8. I do like a clean 16:9 "Classic" desktop
  9. LOL, yes indeed the UK are a right bunch of wet ones when it comes to snow. Early this year when it was heavy snow for a few days, I simply put my walking boots on with the Ipod and hot footed it where ever I needed to go, no one would think to put chains on tyres or anything like that. Then you get the classic grit shortage and its game over The grit shortage is much like the "summer drought" nighmare scenario every year with water companies and the cold winters = high gas price scenarios of the gas companies. "Its all doom, doom, doom" (* Scottish accent *). But then you may ask .. whats this to do with parking issues? ... and to be honest Im questioning my own post
  10. Good news indeed. As regards : I thought that as it was Dannik and much needed laugh may be required the rules could have been bended a little (and it was a cartoon not real)
  11. Ive only just seen this thread, wow since July and still in recovery (even though its good news as its recovery after all) ... May you make some super speedy progress sir, sounds like you got a lot of supportive people around you I was complaining about my painful wisdom tooth issue today, at this point I think i might shut up about it So heres my addition Moderator edit for content. You should know better by now that such pics are not allowed.
  12. I knew a Russian named Cathy once, the things she could do with a tin of spam ....
  13. Looks like a show format like "most haunted" but for conspiracy theories ... what a load of old ######.
  14. lets hope this doesnt end up like that "other" (french newsreader) thread
  15. That presenter saddles up in his chair like Ricky Gervias in the office when he interviews that secretary, super perve. I would of expected him to start rubbing his legs like vic reeves next . Whats the deal at the end of the interview where he seems to lean in to kiss her shoulder and then her face ... that blokes dodgy I tell ya. Bit full of his own comedy for me that chap ... awful.
  16. Mate, Assume it all and then work out a plan
  17. I know, we all know this isn't, the point is about the subject of the thread and the basis of official to alternative, you will find as proof around here a lot will shut down on alternative unless its pretty much in the realms of what mainstream are pushing, and that's the thing. Not to the letter, but there abouts. You have to remember the next generation and then the next generation seem to have that short memory placed in rather well so the next swindle can happen and a new group take it as gospel. So yes its nothing new, to you (us), but not to a majority that are enough in numbers to quash alternative information (shout it down) and be used for situations to happen that are false or lies etc and can get away with it. I like "Yack" ... dont you?
  18. As no one replied, I haven't but I could only refer to this and its further links : http://picasa.google.com/intl/en_US/web/privacy.html Either that or search for some horror stories (if not many = good)
  19. Well I would like to say that no matter what I have no issue with anyone here, it might read that way on specifics sometimes but its far from personal level stuff so no need to mention that, or maybe there was Thing is I cant blame anyone not realising this and that would be quite smug to say so. Although in recent times im rather surprised at how many still don't ask. That for me is the dangerous "bit".
  20. Good point. Actually I have some PDF's that are 2003, they map out the media and world government and how it interacts ... the pdfs are VERY detailed so it looks like a micro film when not zoomed in Here are both in a zip: http://www.mediafire.com/?lzt45onwit2 Sort of a blue print but then it was back in 2003, that said its worth having a browse over no matter who you are or your views really. Dont think ive seen a pdf with so much within it
  21. Here we go .... I noticed in your first post Rocky: Id agree but I do have to say once you start to ween out sources and see that information echoed back in mainstream and what you were reading was pre-mainstream filter (all be it a different angle ) that's a sure sign that you have got something that's worth knowing & sharing. The things I like are when a source gives some info of whatever and then also tagged is a list of sub links to back up certain things, that then also sub link ... so you can verify in many areas (cross ref). The places I ignore are "its like this ok ... and trust me its ..." (in a way thats how mainstream works) and no real links after. Who here that even though they don't buy a lot of "theories" do often see the mainstream as a bit ... ummm ... too relied upon to a point? (IE: never knowing any different doesn't make it right or fact) (an open and not loaded question).
  22. Well the announcement was pretty huge music industry wise, but then it was late 2008 I think .. so many thought it too good to be true and it was always penned in late / fall 2009. But as of now and that link people are beta testing and just from that clip it proves how powerful it will be. Ignore the darker side of ideas .. If you have a bum note or chord arrangement in a finished master track after a studio session and you missed it and it would cost to re record, you can throw it into this package, it will scan all instruments, note perfect re show them, so you move them entirely in different ways or correct a note in various places. Pretty much a revolutionary bit of kit since they introduced "time stretch" into sampling and music back in the early 90's. Ive also noticed theres a music based sub forum not sure if it should be in that or not ... hmmm.
  23. It does not matter even if you into music making this video should be watched. Ive linked this before but now its being beta tested to public for release soon. This composer tests it for the first time with a simple stereo music track of his own complex composition, it detects every single note from it and pulls it all out so you can make it replay totally different by moving the notes .. he is skeptical and then watch his reaction. Basically this tool is the equivalent of getting a flat picture being able to pull everything out of it in layers and then re arranging the picture how you want ... or sticking your hands in to a 2d picture and moving it around in 3d and putting it back how you want in 2d again. So ... basically we are getting to the point of manipulation of audio (and I guess video will be soon or already is behind the scenes) that you can take ANYTHING and re arrange it without having the original master copy/parts .. just direct from an mp3. You can then for example get a Michael Jackson track and make him sing it totally wrong and change how the bassline is played for example. Also note whats not shown is things can be muted out and then replaced or singled out and saved to put in back later. As he says in the video "you wont be able to trust what you here ever again" ... now think of the devious things you can do with audio source for say "faking something for an event" ... *cough* Or even taking this and applying to video source. Theres no way this isn't in the domain behind the scenes. I posted this to show what an amazing thing it is, and also how it can be used for other means. It does open the debate of transparency, peoples music and any stereo sound source can then be manipulated without the master source.
  24. Ok will do, just stating my case
  25. Im interested in this too. Also check this rather great video review ... http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/vie...n-Arkham-Asylum
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