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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4RledFmspA...layer_embedded# Well to change subject (some what) .. this was all a conspiracy theory once, you can still get blank looks with mention of RFID & chipping to this very day which is shocking. Bear in mind the age of this video also. This is yet another angle for security since & based on "that day" too.
  2. Realy no, I didn't see that anywhere on the site?
  3. As regards this type of continuous camera shot thing. Has anyone seen the film "Children Of Men" ? The section where they are transporting the girl and the car gets attacked down a country road, that whole scene has this type of seamless camera movement but faked ... although in that film I could not work out how it was done ... that scene in that film should have got an award alone ... get the film to see what I mean. Slightly O.T but that was a great video.
  4. Ive seen the first of these .. and im not totally sold ... they are moving from the island to a new mission I hope ep3 is better. Cant get an angle on the characters like BOB .. shouldn't compare but so far its a bit bog standard for my liking.
  5. This is very true (see I do agree to a point) .. but .. it still does not explain all the very odd things "around" the whole event nor the steel molten burning under the towers nor building 7 .. and allot of other things around the collapse. Again they are "explained away" more than anything. Yes, and that's the game isn't it ... to discredit and not solve nor to explain fully .. you will see a major discrediting jump on anyone with questions, to question and not have answers apart from discrediting is the usual "debunk" crew, and again coming from a fixed position that this all happened so simply by the official report, which again is far to simple and matter of fact than actually what really happened. Did this happen on 9/11 .. yes or no and definately with building 7. Yes its inescapable for that to happen I agree, and especially the size we are talking. If this is the case in other demolitions I guess the place is empty/emptied. But what about the towers who were chock full of equipment should there really be literally no evidence of anything in the buildings as regards this for both of them? So to put it another way as this is a conspiracy theory thread ... can these experts explain away the anomalies of the cars / fire / melting around the radius away from the buildings (that site does detail a lot of these from observations ignoring the energy weapon angle), why building 7 did what it did when it did and how it did, and why was "pull it" mentioned by the owner and then retracted, why the BBC and other news networks report 7 already fallen BEFORE it had "fact". Why we had such a small amount left of BOTH buildings, and why the base areas were molten streams for weeks after-wards. Until those are answered in full the experts can debunk all they like ref the collapse "theory" .. hence the square peg & round hole situation rather than one size fits all, nothing to see here. If a simple failure collapse is the direct result then that needs to then explain all the rest, if not .. it hasn't, and if its hasn't and doesn't then it IS something else whether you like that idea or not to be honest. If you think I sit around assuming this and didn't see things the same back at the time you would be wrong, the amount of mind games a ###### off the back of that day is immense that I couldn't ignore the strangeness of it all.
  6. @Bota ... nice reply I get you on what your say. Thing is you say that floors collapsing does this (go to dust)... I agree you see collapses and they do ... but oddly enough ones that are controlled demo's to make sure they do and also on structures smaller than the towers. Plus both of them acting in that same manner and the molten burning under both for all that length of time ... again can a simple failure explain this "FULLY". I love the fact everyone assumes i think its all right and everyone else is wrong, I never assume both or either or any. I simply don't like the fact that an expert can say it happened a way it did (speaking in general), but no matter what it STILL doesn't explain the ending result of the day. But as they are an expert they can explain that "away" ... not "explain it". Not me mate, other use that phrase. How about "if your going to question, those who appose it better explain it all fully". You can pick apart my contradictions as much as you like, but I notice no one really looks at anything other than official line and NIST and anything else must be picked apart when ignoring the collapse the after effect and all the other realy strange things around this (that site details such things) I want NIST and experts to explain that too seeing as it all came from a structure failing twice causing all the rest. Personally the enigma roles on, so far the end results of collapse/building 7 never come to fixed conclusions as there are far too many things that don't add up to match the NIST explanations .. otherwise we would be dealing with 2 building collapsing in a totally separate manner for each of them (and only 2 as they were the only ones hit). Going by them simply giving way and floors falling onto themselves to the ground, lets face it the failure and pancake "fact" would not end up 2 neat piles of mass of a building vanished to dust, I want engineers to look at those "facts" .. its no theory the mass of both just obliterated themselves no matter what way you spin it, ignore it, shrug at it or laugh at it. I don't assume im completely right and everyone else is wrong or B.Sing ... I ask for those experts to explain the WHOLE THING not smugly throw expert calculations around to just focus on a "failure scenario" .. you don't need to be an expert to work out this simply is a square peg being pummeled into a round hole. But then if we are all brainwashed into that hierarchy system of "little me know nothing, experts know best" ... we are screwed. So to your question on what I think ... I think its anything other than NIST/official explanation, out of bombs/explosives/energy weapons .. take your pick but, I find the DR site far more detailed in oddities and very good aerial shots if nothing else even if you want to skip the rest if you don't accept it. But one thing is certain, if you look at the whole picture in detail of all witnesses, all videos, all clips, all info .. then go back to NIST ... you will notice that the official explanation is so childlike simple it makes the actual event(s) and all the knock on effect that day seem unreal. Anyway im not sure why people are picking me apart this is a conspiracy theory thread after all ... get out you trolls! Its not my fault I can see all explanations at the same time, I don't funnel down one route .. becuase thats the reason this kind of crap gets pulled off, I have said this time and again, never get comfortable with the position you are fixed on, not in this day and age.
  7. Well for me GR died ever since GRAW onwards, I found ARMA/ARMA2 and that sim alone covers everything I wanted in terms of what GR gave (plus in ARMA2 I can make missions quick as I want to mimick SF units etc). Anyway without getting slammed for mentioning Arma ... I agree with a lot here that its dead. So knowing this and knowing I have Arma to take care of things .. I looked at this like "some game retaining the name" ... and looking from that perspective this particular rendition actually interested me oddly enough. Heres a military game of pure future on my pc to mess with along side what else I have. So for me Im going to see what exactly this pans out to be ... has it just entered COD/BF arena as just another "one of them" or will it retain what GR had (in terms of originality and stealth use) but in a completely different style and setting ... time will tell I guess. I will try to cut the cord on any link to GR1as to be honest its so far from that now trying to match the two or expect similar is never going to happen, treat it like something new and unrelated and then see what happens.
  8. @Bota ... ok I did rant a touch, but lets face it your comment does tend to be a blanket comment doesn't it ref videos online and such, so maybe not directed at "me" but its nothing out of the ordinary of peoples views to actually think that way about most who question. I must stress that I don't dispel what you posted at all, in fact reading what you have put across does actually have the facts within it ref explaining the collapse pankcake/steel aspect .. I don't even have issue on that at all & it was very well put. Its just that when you step back from the entire thing and look at all aspects of it, it does not explain the end result of the collapse ref 70-80 percent (or so) mass of both towers pulverized to dust particles (and all contents) from what should be a a failure and collapse situation IE if it pancaked wheres the pancake(s) relative to the mass of the size of the things. That site I linked too (please check it out and try to ignore its "one of them sites" as this woman has made calculations based on the mass, plus a lot of "theorists" are shouting her down too ) has a section showing Ariel shots of the site not long after and its pretty clear that unless it evaporated there's no justification for the missing mass and not furniture and just paper flying around after wards. And again (I hate to stress this).. for BOTH of them doing the same pattern in the same manner. I think people get stuck on the way it collapsed but don't look at how that can explain the rest following that and whats left, the molten base/heat etc etc ... if you see what I mean, to ignore all that then its just explaining how steel fails, but that doesn't fit to the larger picture of this event. They are at the 80th floors, south tower, all over the area of that point .. 10 mins before collapse .. again its clear in the video ... did you watch it? Or did you skip over and post as its "tin foil hat"? << Thats a touch of sarcasm for fun, nothing more Not saying its proof, but those guys are very high up and don't report anything too unusual as firefighters, they all seem like they can sort things out. Anyways, I wanted to post those 2 things as they have a little more than "that's the way it is as an alternative" to them, if you care to properly check them out, I too funny enough don't buy into everything I see either, it just seems that if you don't believe the official line then in some way you have no balanced view. Bota, sorry to go that way in my last post, wasn't trying to pull you in, and what you posted was a good one .. anyway wouldn't want to go all "counter your counter" like the old thread. @WK ... " " ... is the use of that particular emoticon Ironic to the subject? If it was actually done that way then yes I completely agree. Check that site out I linked, again it doesn't explain the vanishing mass, it doesn't justify pancake as it didn't have the end result for the tower size etc etc. If it wasn't demo and just a collapse again, to stress those buildings were ######ing massive, both of them ended up the equivalent of a ground floor or little more, can science explain that under just a steel failure condition? Can those buildings really destroy 70-80 percent or more of their own mass when free falling, can they honestly fall at free fall speed given the mass anyway? .. and both of them? Can they send a delay shockwave and building 7 felt like falling? Can floors and steel that thick smash themselves until they spread out leaving hardly any stacked floors smashed together at the base in-line with the amount that's coming down in that free fall time? And hardly a sniff of any cabinets, equipment, phones, desks, seats, or anything ... just an un justified stack at the base with molten temps for weeks, fine dust and loads of paper (and again the paper must have come from the desks and cabinets) .. and .. again ... same way on BOTH. ^^ the above is an example of that site I linked BTW Nothing ever really answers those points, its just based on our basic understanding of collapse that makes it black and white and simple to explain. Theres a difference to explain it, and "explain it away" in my book. This just isn't black and white, and never will be.
  9. @Bota ... nice reply and a great read. You see, the thing for me is the following: This then has authority over every one else with another view to things? Did you build them? Were you in them that day, were you with the firefighters on those high floors not reporting steel melting temperatures? Why did they pummel to fine dust? Why did they both pummel to fine dust to the ground floors? Are you suggesting they were faulty buildings? Becuase they sure were poorly built if that was the case, and If so why isn't that being addresses alone? I agree it can be tiresome, until you actually realise that "amongst" the dross there are details that do link and also add up. I mainly refer to "no planes theory" etc. So that explains building 7 too then? IE .. the bigger picture. Also this isnt enough to explain it away, I mean not once have you confirmed looking at the links I posted just before, blindly you say "tin foil hat" and becuase of your engineering background we must be kids ... and so ... This is patronising beyond whats needed my friend. Quite an elitist and smug view wouldn't you think? I mean basically you sound like you work for popular mechanics Ignorants is questioning and being informed the best way you can ... or ... we are just thick as ###### ignorant children becuase we aren't an engineer so we have no brian? What you have done is text book reply (amongst some nice well put detail I might add). I have never once shouted down or called anyone a kid, but the cliche names come rolling out when it doesn't quite fit the fixed idea of what happened that day, bear that in mind .. I respect your view and post, you on the other hand are quite offensive with your attitude to a lot of other people that don't quite see things as you do. Engineer or not, what you have very well detailed still doesn't answer many oddities, much like the firefighters that should have melted near those core areas, that don't report any major fires .. I mean .. how ignorant can it be to ignore that and call it a "tin foil hat" video, it works both ways. I would seriously go back and check those links and videos I posted, regardless of you position on the collapse side of it. To blanket it with cliche phrases and call people kids, well, lets just say its the first time in any time of posting about these things its got me a little ###### off my friend. Tell you what bota .. PM me everything you didn't have time to post, im interested. I think a few people know my stance, but I dont talk down to people .. that kind of thing just isnt what im about (ref my annoyance at the "kids" thing).
  10. Isnt this locked yet http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=...615667754851772 The above covers this site: http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/JJ/ As regards the age old "burning buildings" thing have a peep at this which adds another slant to that "area": It wont go away ... becuase it wasn't how its been sold, it never will go away becuase it will never add up no matter how much you debate it with small examples, but, one day maybe 100 years from now children's children's children will know the score. Right now we are in a 10 year brainwash cycle More to come too. At some point it will come down too making a hard choice between who is really pulling things off these days and what TV and media want to you think it is. Right now we are in the biggest mind game in history. @ WK ... your points are good .. but I would seriously consider the above links and have a good read through, the rest is a decision of choice rather than physics. I get the whole fuel "thing" ... but it doesn't cut it when 2 buildings acted in the exact same way ... total destruction to the ground floor ... again see the Dr Judy Wood site for aerial images.
  11. Hehe true, But that's the thing, people will obey being duped, but no one corrects anyone in the situations you speak of. Perfect really becuase a broken society is better to control, they don't question anything, too busy in-fighting etc. Meanwhile all the other threat craps rolls on and most take it a gospel. Another example, people will shop you in for being noisy, issues with bins etc, they wont sort out any anti social things, nor be witness if someone gets murdered ... when you really "think" about it, its crazy. Or, perfect, you have everyone policing themselves on things the government love you to police, while turning a complete blind eye where ... oddly enough the government actually want you too as well (but wont let you know that)... win win! Off topic a bit and a broad statement, clearly its not so "simple" but as a pattern you can see the madness. Then again I guess this is the ramblings of a conspiracy riddle crazy tin foil hat wearing odd ball ... which is completely true, if you have been brainwashed *dribble*
  12. Yep ... always trust the lie box in the living room.
  13. Its simple really its a stunt hes an asset it was a dupe for the media and the public to justify full body scanners and all the rest of the "its anyone" security crap. The "oswold" if you will for another jump in bringing in measures predominantly on the public. Much like a lot of "that other events" oddities. Just thought Id say the obvious than beat around the bush as it were I really do hope people start to get the message here that nearly all events you have witnessed since 2001 and all the laws etc off the back of it were not exactly as was told/sold. its one massive dupe and hiding behind "conspiracy" and "need evidence" and trusting the official line all the time means you will be the last to realise. Psy-Ops and trickery on steroids since the millennium. Just remember that when your being body scanned .. well, stripped searched every time you want to fly in the world of the free and get pulled over for looking nervous it was all because of an event that again doesn't justify itself ... welcome to the future of obedience (unless you think for yourself a little more than be spoon fed crap). Whjy people aren't at airports boycotting this ###### is beyond me but that's the power of the lie. "Well im ok with it, better to be safe than sorry" ... yes if it was actually that unsafe and done on purpose you un-questioning fool. Just think about the late 1930's in black and white and what happened then. Fun times ahead.
  14. http://dontevenreply.com/ The weapons section made me laugh the most [staff Edit: Warning, the emails in this link contains strong language and references of a sexual nature- Please include warnings when posting this type of content]
  15. Rocky, very nice front end, kind of the latest format of many sites, larger more space and flash use. Great to see an update after all this time
  16. Episode 3 is up http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00qj...es_2_Episode_3/ All about the Haiti slanted news coverage, covers celebs (pointless) use for world healing, a great section about the Ipad gadget (and other uses for it LOl), and a great part covering the latest Uk threat level crap. The threat level part made me laugh the most, the chap with a threat level dial on his forehead ... Well worth 30 mins of your life.
  17. The interview with the female reporter towards the end was interesting. How, when she worked in the U.S. you had to name your source, yet in the U.K. it's ok to print things without naming sources. The reason being that if they were named they'd typically resign if they got it wrong, or if the quote is partially true or a complete lie then there's no comebacks. It all goes back to the control of information. DS Exactly mate. I hate to say this (its been said and done but to keep it brief) remember its these very networks that covered "that event" back in 2001 too
  18. I love the great-full dead member talking about the freedom it will introduce, right now all I see is corporate tracking and monitoring and datamining via social networking sites, and narrowing the net down to a few "top sites" IE Internet 2 ... or "Internet Poo". I mean kids now think the net IS google, facebook, twitter, blog, youtube ... crazy. I think the net is going down the crap tubes, and is completely controlled now, I mean the UK now has ISP's logging all traffic of users for one year and mobile phone calls & texts ... freedom, hmmm, yeh right. No surprise its was called "the net". It reminds me of a comment on a site about Woodstock and the 2 babies that were born on that weekend at the event. Someone posted "I wonder what those two people are doing now" .. another posted "I bet they are the coolest parents ever" ... and to sum it up another posted "I bet both of them work in banking and are turning down families for loans" .... Be wary of the "futurists" and think tanks.
  19. Fair comment I guess, and i'm sure that's the initial reaction to it from a lot I would imagine. The way I see it is, we make comedy of all manner of subjects and these things happens (not directly in the scenario depicted), plus you have the hype machine media trying to suggest this is going to happen any moment any time over in the UK which is totally false. Also bear in mind they arrest people under the new laws and hardly any have "done" anything (and look incapable of it too) .. so I think Chris Morris has summed this up in a complete p*ss take of the whole situation. And I think its welcomed. If you found it funny then why not watch it, its not going to jump out and harm you in any way, we watch horrors depicting people being cut up and torchured for no good reason, we watch 24 that shows torchure for answers, we watch films that use torchure within it for all manner of reason especially action movies and we watch war films, I doubt this film actually does any of that in an explicit way. Its mainly about people trying it and bumbling the whole thing. Just swap comedy bank robbery gone wrong movie, with the subject matter of the latest news headlines. The rest is the brainwash media mind game that makes people "react" to it, yet we don't with any films that actually are violent and blatantly violent in its content and graphic, ultimately its still humans being killed or hurt in those types of films and in some of them thats its whole purpose, wheres this one its not.
  20. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12...-premieres.html Oh how the public will complain and the divide will become greater in opinion, Chris Morris is superb at Satire, this wont be something to skip over that's for sure. And remember, before any knee jerk reactions, its SATIRE. LOL ...
  21. Yes indeed you either like Charlie or not really, I find him great, blunt and to the point. He co wrote Nathan Barley with Chris Morris too BTW. EP2 is up now and its just the same and more about "this week" in a way all about the media when they need fillers and the crap they use. The first section about the Muslim protesters in the UK is priceless ... "Its not a publicity stunt though" LOL. Theres a section that talks (a bit more seriously) of the Charles Menezes case (the whole "he had a large jacket and wires hanging out" crap) and also the Birmingham Muslim lads who got done on terror charges, it sums things up real well. Its funny, blunt, to the point, a great p---take, but also underlining all of it a great point to be made that no one via the lie box will look at (probably why they shoved it onto BBC4).
  22. BOB was really great, a few Brit actors amongst them that I didn't realise were Brits until i saw them later on other things, very well put together. All the action and effects of Saving Private Ryan too, makes for a perfect series. To see them cover this area of the war with real stories will be an eyeful.
  23. Wings Of Prey, PC spin off of Birds Of Prey from Console using IL2 engine features and superb visuals & sound. Heres the official website Heres the forums Grab the Demo Its only on steam or downloadable via Yuplays own site (visa credit card only ) so far, so i haven't got it yet, its beta WIP and still being patched frequently. I found this guy whos an IL2 fan in the forums who made some demo youtube's which are the best example ive seen to explain it. Part 1 - GUI Exploration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHNjCq3SuDM Part 2 - Basic flight dynamics and enviroment Part 3 - Dogfight mechanics and conclusion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxQ0LodtzTM The same chap also had a comparison to IL2 post and video: I have the demo which you can get, and in simulation mode it resembled IL2 very well and especially the options, some real anal things IL2 folk will miss but for the visuals its great, the arcade features you can switch off entirely. Performance wise, it runs on dual cores under 3gig and 8800gts etc fluently
  24. Its yet another corporate angle to promote the whole facebook thing and get people logging in. Because it s much easier to datamine under one place via the social networks Plus the whole thing of Facebook integrating with handhelds, consoles .. etc etc ... Think of it like promoting consoles over PC's. As they say: F---k Facebook In The Face Anyway .... I am very interested in this, I had SH3 and it was great but I lost interest with its interface a little with the whole crew management and certain other things, will keep an eye on this. Actually I stumbled over SH3 because I purchased the original Brother In Arms and foolishly bought the whole tactical thing, realised it was a rail gunner pile of crap and then returned it, I had to select a replacement and saw SH3 and go that ... perfect.
  25. The UK is totally stupid. "Have a go" then "don't wave a knife at a chav invading your property" (when your inside your home and just grabbing anything to wave them off) .. if you had a go doing that over here the police would pander to the rights of the people on the bike once they dealt with the main crime. In the UK its more like "have a go, but please don't actually have a real go that is anyway a threat to the other person if we deem it so or infringe their rights".
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