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  1. ok mayvbe I didnt ... Is this a riddle? Notice you use "idiot" for either situation, that's a little harsh don't you think? I say for those who were informed and chose not too and then found it did, are umm, far from an idiot as you call it. Christ you sound like you work in those circles. These points have been made time and time over, your one side, others are the other .. we agree to differ. Yet these things in vaccines still appear, very suspect situations arise from this a lot and people are mindful of this whether you have that view or you don't.. Although he "may" not know enough about yours, what about a second opinion? or 3rd? Getting some quotes? Checking online to compare deals? (to use your analogy and explain my take on it) Nice, how non idiotic of you to communicate your point so eloquently. Problem is .. in saying this you have in fact also met the same fate with your view on "theorists" etc, a massive irony in your point. So far you have a blanket view on all theorists and internet users and that they are all "confirmation bias" idiots, yet you have your own by such a sweeping view of this. You will never listen to them, you will just go with an expert ... thats great, and thats your choice & I see your point ... but oddly enough while you do this and have this view of the "theorists" more and more information comes out showing these things to be of importance to the "general public" (not some theorist internet nutjob you seem to want to label and stick with). You have jumped on it and shouted idiot, I have posted a link to think about and people posted a reply stating the same ... and none of us said any experts are idiots, funny that. You points are valid but they are swathing views of specific groups, I haven't said all experts are wrong, but when the FDA find a pig virus in a vaccine (the start of all this posting on vaccines i the first place) exactly what do you do then!? There is a distinction between what you are using for your argument ref the theorist internet folk, and whistle blowers, investigative journalists (real ones), and a fine line between an expert and where his heart lies / head lies / funds come from (allegiance & affiliations). Whether you were here or not, or I was here or not ... this information still stands and is coming out all of the time, like it or lump it. BTW .. do you work in this field? You seem to have a very strong specific point about this from the outset., esp MMR? @BOTA: Isnt what you just posted a "troll" based post? If you have more specific information please post # I can see the headline ... "
  2. LOL ... your a sick puppy. I agree and understand its a comic, I have a friend who owns a place (hes a comic nut) some of them are dark. Some really twisted stories and plot lines. But then, that's not real and in a book and drawings ... but this is a real life person (who is clearly under age than the movie rating itself) and that kind of makes it a little more ... ummm ... dodgy for me. If a brit movie came out that depicted the same thing (11 year old slashing up older men and swearing like a trooper and getting fully beaten up by grown men), and never mentioned a comic ref or nor did that film I wonder what the reaction would have been, interesting. It seems slap "comic" on it and your good to go. PS Rocky I made my own edit to my original post
  3. "Im sorry, please post nothing about anything, either you were taking an experts word for it, or you were taking another experts word apposing it and thus ... you are wrong to do so in any case". Its called informed, you know having more options and points of view on the table than one central mantra you take as gospel, which we all know is a dangerous thing to do. Sure, unless people speak up and others research and check then of course many would not, but to use the logic that to not trust an expert means your trusting another is, well, pointless. Because what ever way you spin it ... it did have one, and was called out, which in-turn opens a debate on all vaccines and makes people aware and to make informed "choices" whether they do or do not "choose" to have it. So no I wouldn't get a pig virus or something I was unaware of because I choose not too based on my more informed decision, or my child. Whether an expert told me it was good or another said it wasn't ... ultimately its "me" or "I" that chooses based on both sources. I love the expert talk, I couldn't give a ###### whose got what in their name or title, I will still question and look for alternative information ref the subject from as many sources as I like, after all I am allowed too. The more that links the links and joins the dots the more you take a informed decision on it, or anything come to that matter. This doesn't mean that every single expert I come across I think is wrong off the bat, I personally take there word for it, and have a look around .. especially as important as vaccines and other such subjects. Realy, not anything further back than this? No other cases .. most were happy (world population BTW) with it all other than just a few non experts when this happened? You seem disgruntled about the MMR subject in some way, the link really was not related to that, it was about something specific and something that has come to light that should be put out for others to take from what they will. So .. that's the answer to "why" ref Rocky's post, which still stands.
  4. Well apart from an 11 year old girl calling people " *lady parts* " and slashing up grown men, talking to her dad like shes 20 ... being brought up to murder people then killing grown men dressed as a school girl and getting the kicked out of her via grown men. It was all ok until an 11 year old girl arrived in it. Hmmmmm. Wasnt "as" funny for me after that. In fact after that I thought it was all a bit "wrong" on a few levels.
  5. @Jester .. I completely understand what your saying and it puts it into perspective what they need to cover in this. But like Para (hey para we are agreeing on something LOL) .. I feel that its mainly the Lekky thing. A lot of focus was put on him and to add to that I think the actor chosen for that role is just one dimensional, his acting puts me off ... no depth to him, yet its supposed to show a depth to his story with a lot of focus. So I agree, but they have not done a great job with him specifically, and so as its alot of the focus that was making me loose interest. I can handle "drama" and not all battle situations I prefer drama films to be honest, but the drama was from a crappy actor I didn't care for and it may as well have been any old drama in my book. Anyway EP6 ... man that was something. Again I try to put pre-conceived ideas to the back burner as I know this isn't "BOB2" ... but again I cant help feeling that EP5 onwards is now back in line with "BOB" in terms of really getting sucked in and giving a crap about the people in it, and I do.
  6. Or to rephrase it, just another conspiracy? Peace, my Brother! Talking of just another one ... swine flu .... and the whole "must have vaccine" - "thing". Heres a great example of how great that all is and how it should make you think and question it: The FDA Shuts Down Common Infant Vaccine After Startling Discovery Video and report ref child vaccine Now, think about the whole Swine Flu scare a just before Christmas .. what was the main aim, to give out vaccines, hmmmm.
  7. That IGN picture can only be described as ... "F...... stupid".
  8. Well Rocky this has to be one of the poshest looking forums ive been on very nice mate, very nice The grey text could be more toward/if not black .. but its nice on the eyeballs.
  9. Well I got to see EP5 .. finally it resembles what it should have been from the start. The way this ended was perfect and the action was FAR more back on track with pulling you in, I will eat my words if this now focuses on this team through the rest of the episodes much more like BOB. Its not been great because way too much coverage has been made of a large theater of war, plus moving between many groups so you cant get into any characters. Then the whole single person story Leky "thing" ... it needs to focus in more on a group, this episode did the trick. Hopefully the rest will now continue and hopefully they stay on this way of following through. Thing is if you watched EP5 and treat it as the beginning it doesn't really matter about the previous ones ... shows how much you it doesn't gel right (so far or up to now).
  10. *WARNING : due to subject matter and the nature of this some images may be a little graphic* 5 Parts.
  11. These are great! What a perfect idea. These are street legal pimped "Noddy" cars:
  12. Its simple dont "let" them (don't purchase). Not the only data either. When we got GR1 in 2001 and someone said "in 10 years time game corporations will withhold your save data via the internet" how would you have reacted? I will NEVER purchase any poxy game with this "feature" .. and if that ends gaming for me so be it, they are not worth that much hoop jumping, I have enough of that with recycling rubbish (symbolic pun intended). I think that little Johny + Mummy and Daddy are getting mugged off big time, about time they saw it and boycotted the whole thing. A crap and O.T.T analogy but if you bought a car and then had to ring the dealer for them to start the ignition or open the doors because of car crime what would you think?
  13. If they finally put the "Ghost" (Stealth) and "Recon" (more open ended approach to things) then its worth of the title again, otherwise its a franchise "tag". All a bit like the whole ARMA/Flashpoint:DR debacle. I don't mind any future soldier kit, or anything more futurist looking. I just don't like rail-gunner/no easy scripting modding games that have all the eye-candy and tools and no real guts to them. If they get that balance right, I would be interested (again).
  14. In short .. take it as you find it, I found it interesting not earth shattering fact finding mission. His views on the media are true though. He was flakey in some areas, especially the older chap who asks him a rather deep psychological based question (in the last part) to which he fumbles like a fool I didn't post to back anything up, I actually wasn't even sure to post it in here anyway, although the media part he speaks about with the whole earnings thing is very true. Im cautious about him after watching the entire thing, but the first 2 parts were the best ref media. If they have a good point, they have a good point, otherwise that's near smear campaign tactics I would know one of my family member's has schizophrenia and even then I question "mad" or "nutter" seeing as ive had a close member suffer from it for over 16 years. They still make valid points and observations to this day even though anyone on the outside would think they had "lost it" at face value and discredit it in one fail swoop. I wouldn't say Lazlow was the absolute speaker of truth, just an interesting angle from a person I didn't think would be involved in that way really. Coupled with the fact he works on games (and this is a primarily a gamer site) I thought some would be interested in it. Posting here probably makes it more focused on "conspiracy" so maybe I should have posted it in the games section?
  15. Excuse the bump. I just watched EP4 ... don't think ive ever got so bored watching an episode of this type of format. Is it me, or is the focus on Lecky just a little tedious? And who else thinks overly focusing on one character (and his love interests) who is portrayed by a not never good actor pretty much an atmos killer? Have to say that I cant be bothered with the rest of them, this is more like a drama than anything else.
  16. I wasnt sure to post this here, in the games section, or its own thread ... but as its all combined I though quite a few here might enjoy this. Lazlow (from the GTA games with his radio show) is tied into this and the game itself. I only ever know of "lazlow" ref the game and his radio show section an never looked into "him" any further than a comedy writer radio host in the game. Anyway here is a six part (10 min chunks) talk about his involvement in games/GTA/IV and also about the media, its no shock to some but he does go into "sales" detail about the media: ** Warning some jokes and wording have an adult based theme, although only in parts ** Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYm_rpDoqjY...feature=related Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
  17. Well said Para. I just saw the next installment and, well, as was mentioned they focus on the relationships completely in this one when in Australia on leave ... it could have been an episode of "flying doctors" or "neighbors" for all I cared. Bland is definitely how I would put it. It could be "any other" type of series really, where as BOB had a real special feel to it like Saving Private Ryan it really pushed it home .. this isn't doing that at all. One thing I cannot stand is you have the intro describing the real life moment, talk from the men who were there (like BOB) and then a really annoying "previously ... " section ... then the bloody credits ... then ti actually starts. I think that takes away from it with the "previous" thing .. makes it like Friends LOL.
  18. Yes the benefits are the "sales package" for full human chipping, that may seem O.T.T .. but I'm not the one pushing for it Introduce it in justifiable ways to push the idea into peoples mindset .. then offer it as a "security" measure later. Later and how long is hard to say but the end result would be the same "if" people just accepted it like clones.
  19. Hi, I just installed last night the latest Zonealarm Security Suite Release - 9.1.507.000. After reboot it rendered my pc running like a 5 year old pc. I checked usage and it was spiking CPU every 4-5 seconds each of which was then having hard drive access chug away for each of these, and it was non stop. Anything I tried to do would hold up per spike ... it was a joke. I watched the drive light, it was flickering and then full access for 3 seconds, then stop ... then repeat like clockwork. I checked all processes and nothing out of the ordinary .. so I simply ended Zonealarm and quit. Instantly it all returned to normal, drive just turning over as usual and CPU zero's out wile doing nothing. Loaded it again, and it was chug fest once more. I reverted back to the release version I was at just before and its all back to normal. Im XP SP3/AMD 3gig x2 etc etc here running no other AV or systray crap, all is the same as normal "around" ZA but with this new version it was a joke. I never had any issues with it what so ever until this one. I thought id post for others for ref, and to see if anyone else experienced this via XP/Vista/Win7. I don't have time to faff around with it for testing fully on my dual boot but I do hope they get a fix out, I will report it to zonelabs anyway bit thought Id post here also just to see.
  20. Couldn't agree more, but then if you think about it, if they are not and are suing the downloaders that = far more $$$ Like banning smoking in certain areas and "trying" to implement fines on bad use, but never banning cigarettes. Like having a money making "war on drugs" but never destroying the poppy-fields. Everything is focused at the reaction or knock on effect but never the source, hitting the source would damage a already failing economy.
  21. I'm glad ... hope they lose money and credibility for their stupid ideas. Its all very well justifying everything becuase of piracy, and then taking a more hard line stance with this online only DRM crap, but to not back up the technology to work it properly ... what exactly are these corporate idiots expecting to happen exactly?
  22. #2 Thing is you can see the gag in it and that's the best way to look at it, but think of who/what groups set all this up and created these adverts and ideas. Me thinks an advert should come out about that ... "He lives down the road, never speaks to neighbors becuase hes too good for it with his large home and security around the perimeter, he doesn't bother about cash and uses tax payers money to spend away. You cannot tell if the curtains are open or closed because of the acres of land before you reach his home ... all this may add up to something suspicious. If you feel this way then please call the 'elite's are making us look into ourselves and break us apart' confidential helpline ..."
  23. So the freedom of choice is taken away, and hacking is a excuse to monitor even more and take control. Lets face it you buy the game, that info is registered to that game / serial ... you then go online ... you bow down to the game manufacturer to play it even only is SP ... they then have I.P. information game & serial information, statistic information, and then marry that up with purchase data, you have a pretty big picture of data of users .. IP's ... and all statistical information through the life of your gaming experience. ###### them, I wont be buying. That cartoon has a very good underlying point, becuase sooner or later you will be a total slave to being online and just a switch away from "game over" ... why this isn't boycotted I have no ######ing idea. Yet another way for the new generations to get used to being a net slave & corporate hoop jumping monkey without battering an eyelid. Oh and paying them for the privileged of being data-mined and tracked just to enjoy a sodding game.
  24. Not really check out GTAIV ... that's been ripped apart, you can now play it without any of it what so ever loading on game start up, with game saves in an entirely different location from install. I doubt the new style games will avoid a hack. That said I purchase everything I own gaming wise but I really don't like anything that forces you online to play for single play. If its like GTAIV its not permanent you can do it once that just run in "offline" mode, but I maybe wrong with new games. Slightly off topic
  25. @ZJJ ... LOL .. short but sweet @Crowman ... yes indeed trying to sell it as "cool" etc too like getting into clubs by being scanned, if folk cannot see through this is really is a bad time. Well as regards using "that event" etc and leading up to now and cashless society etc .. check this perfectly crafted UK radio advert (which is real BTW) : Notice the mention of "if using cash" is one of the criteria to add to the brainwashing. The comments do make me laugh though underneath. Problem is this system is place right now for anyone to ring in, and lets face it I might get slammed for "armchair theorist" but imagine the busy bodies ringing this up if the criteria is so open via that advert. Extremely sly propaganda indeed. And again .. the whole thing based off of that event and beyond ... 10 years of mind games on steroids.
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