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  1. Ah yes, from part 5 onwards did you get lip sync issue?
  2. The only people in business that support DRM are also benefiting financially or infrastructure wise, all in bed together you might say. Anyone in there right mind knows its not good, so those "spokes persons" you see have invested interests to say so. Why else would someone be all for it when its so blatantly clear its not a good thing at all and most know it. All these people are $ orientated so simply follow where that can be made, Id say more in the console market, so undermine the PC market with this, and cause boycotting/hassle/complaints/loss of earning and you have your self a nice get out clause to shift to console only. Then again, if people buy into it and give in and they make money with DRM you than have a perfect way for database's / advertisers/data-mining to work its magic (making other companies more money for the data/sharing of such data) while people are wired online just to play games in any mode or run it anyway (which has been linked to their purchase information / serial / DRM ping / IP and so on). Then again if you switch to console only, this becomes even easier online .. so its a win-win :0 either way I cannot possibly think of any other benefits in reality because apart from that its not good and people know it, and people still hack and its only really "anti" PC platform. The other thread states that it works (DRM) because its a delay mechanism to reap the money back before hacking commences, so if its not about anything I stated above it would certainly mean they view PC market as a short term money grab only and nothing more, not an investment long term so its still "anti PC platform" in that sense.
  3. This makes perfect sense when its all just based on a delay time. Thats in then mr corporation you got your "delay money", now can we have our game to keep and play properly please? I guess it "worked" for the business side, it actually hasn't "worked" for loyal customers .. and I think the whole DRM uproar is about those loyal customers, therefore it didn't "work" at all. it worked if you "work" for them as a employer I guess.
  4. Ah the "get xfactor" out stunt... little Geordie Joe didn't get his "moment" I would have loved to have been at this, I rate Rage a lot, Zack's voice is so distinct. He collaborated with Roni Size on reprazents second album (D&B), a lot of people didnt like it but I though Zack did it justice. Great result with them getting the sales to topple Xfactor
  5. Thats some heavy watching. This side of things seems to be a little thin on the ice, I would imagine due to people not wanting to talk. When I realised it was 2003 and based on recording only one year after I was surprised it wasn't upped some time ago, I wonder if it was left out of respect with it being too near the time or something? Was it online previous to this?
  6. What is commonly known as demonize those who have questions (valid ones) and then claim they are some threat ... I mean what you quoted is from an elitist cookbook. A child could cobble that together, its all background noise, its answers no serious questions. Again having questions that are valid = maybe a risk of violence / a risk (how?), wow whoever typed that up was really uptight. That read to me like .. if you have questions and its not towing the official line then you are potentially a threat ... that's very 1939 isn't it. The big question with that gem is ... risk to whom? What is this, the instruction book on "how to debunk for dummies"? You don't undermine anything, you just answer the un answered questions people have. To have to challenge and try to "undermine" spells out this inst the case, if it is all cut & dried and simple you don't need to take such steps. It takes a lot of effort to do this and keep it up, wasted on a bunch of lunatics if you ask me. Answer the questions, look at the information, stop quoting self fulfilling propaganda dross to prove your already totally fixed without question angle (you may notice in what ive posted I have a number of views and don't always believe everything I read contrary to how you want me to fit into that mould you have in your head) and then you might be in the right thread. Stop clogging up the thread with "anti conspiracy" things which isn't, again I say this taking a deep breath & a sigh ... what this thread was/is about. Also Ive posted on loads of other things not just 9/11 here (for example, finger printing for 4 year olds was a conspiracy to get finger prints on database without being a criminal first to obtain such personal ID, now its in schools to get books out, hardly a nutjob view when its fact) I don't see you really look at any of that, just pin it to the safest bet argument and keep going in a loop, please stop. I have said it more than 3 times, you have made you point clear where you stand on it, I get it ... thanks. Everything you post will be the "apposing" view of pretty much the entire subject of the thread, so isn't that shooting fish in a barrel almost? Lets stick around and say black to their white ... great, solves a lot really, well done to you sir. Its more to do with not adding anything constructive/related to this threads subject matter, not about me or taking offense, does that make it any clearer? As ive said before we are in a time of mind games (that pdf and quote is a perfect), welcome to the ride
  7. Right, although I thought the "45 min" claims, actually "looking" for WMD when they invaded and the pretexts for war was a major part of this? I would also imagine then that "Green Zone" the latest film was another stupid conspiracy theory film much like Loose change or some such doc then, I thought as much .. Mat Deamon getting sucked into that drivel, shameful. It makes you wonder why so many people across the globe were annoyed when this wasn't true and nothing was found then, I cant think why in that case then. Ah yes, one size fits all if you thought Iraq invasion was a little "iffy" .. your lampooning a vast group of people on the planet by coming to that conclusion, but each to their own I guess. Also that's a massive assumption to suggest from questioning Iraq invasion and WMD subject = you must be into all the rest .. I can imagine theirs plenty of folk against the Iraq war and the reasons for it that are not automatically taking on the rest, and that's up to them. Id also say that there may be some people who were all for the Iraq war and have later thought 9/11 really was strange ... nothings that cut & dried. The only reason I brought that up in my last post was an example of the offending the dead angle / disrespecting the troops on the ground comparison was all. That in itself is completely subjective right? So as this "subject" for said thread is "Conspiracy Theories" (you know, as in .. "post your conspiracy theories here") you are in fact justifying yourself out of the thread. IE maybe it should be changed at topic level too "Conspiracy claptrap : speculation, alternative reality, fantasy, or outright dementia" would then sort it out Id guess, ask Rocky see if he can get it changed or any moderator. Unless you have anything to "add" to it, then why not just leave it be? I don't get offended as you put it, I just don't see the logic in posting slanted replies which spell out how you feel (which is cool by me and totally made clear by you) and yet don't fit much or add to the subject matter of the topic, this is in effect a "troll" in thread terms ... no? So ok, I am an easily offended mental nutjob encased in an echo chamber (clearly everything I post is just sprouted from my insane brain to keyboard and no place else like a mad dribbling scientist), your are a sane and a logical man ... great, that's that sorted then. In which case why does a sane and logical facts man spend his time point for pointing me in a "conspiracy theory" thread .. does it bother you that much? After all .. were all mad anyway, its all "speculation, alternative reality, fantasy, or outright dementia" .. so whats the point. Meanwhile, the worlds actual madness still rolls on whether you want in or you don't, I don't mind if you do or do not, that's freedom for ya! Now can you just let us speculative, alternative reality, fantasy, dementia sufferers get on with it please.
  8. Reality or media spin? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1275001/U-S-prepare-cyber-attack-ruin-country-just-15-MINUTES-expert-warns.html U.S. should prepare for a cyber attack that will ruin the country in just 15 MINUTES, expert warns
  9. Well, maybe so, but lets face it World = everyone, right? As ive said its like questioning the reasons why we are at war (WMD etc) and then having troops slam you as if you don't respect them or their job. Its not about that nor is it about mocking deaths, such a lame angle, it truly is. So in your eyes then anyone posting about this that is not stuck to the official facts and are open to questioning it for valid reasons (other facts) are in a sense laughing and mocking 3000 people murdered? And in doing so are mentally ill? Quite a warped logic when you think about it. To take that one step further, you could say that all the people not questioning anything and seeing official lines as facts (their choice and so be it and I understand) are in a sense laughing and mocking the deaths of thousands and thousands of innocent iraqi/afghan citizens (which are the deaths as the direct end result of the response to it all)? Right .. I mean that ISNT my view at all but if I wanted to say something as a mirror to yours, that would be it .. and as you might agree its a pretty awful label/angle isn't it. None of this has anything to do with disrespecting those who passed away in this event or any event, nor disrespecting troops and people on the ground doing their jobs, using that as an argument is like ive said before "white noise" or background noise to muddle the information that matters.
  10. On another note the whole "New World Order" which includes one-world government, you know, that conspiracy people go on about all the time ... http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmallparty/register/memi589.htm The Clue is in the "Title". I guess soon this will be the norm and complaining will be "anti one world" or some other crap tagged against it. I wonder how long it will take before people might get the message?
  11. Also heres a blog from the video artist: http://alexanderlehmann.wordpress.com/'> Should be a making of coming soon too, I was thinking of posting this in the 3d design section but wasn't sure, Rocky if you want to move it then thats cool by me.
  12. Figure of speech? Doesn't read like it, im all for having a laugh with some of it too but It just didn't read like that from here. Read like one big sarcasm slant to me my dear friend, sorry if that wasn't the case. True and also agreed. Your view was clear from you previous post, thanks for extending it. But as regards "buying in" .. i think there are thousands upon thousands of people what would disagree with you on that note. Its not a game or a hobby you bother to switch on and off for kicks, we are actually talking about world effecting events here, throw away comments don't really help much. Maybe all of the above, or maybe "agree to differ" might be a good one too. Elements but ive never seen haliburton linked to "doing" it or Cheney like some one man army. You completely missed it, that's actually the Alfa Romeo club As regards your umm, rather patronsing again question, the main quote above answers this one, IE: could be anyone for all it matters when your too far flung to bother to look at it or read more about it or simply slag it all off and shut it down, then its merry-go-round of the usual circus.
  13. 720P for best viewing Or: Nosia Ft KRS ONE ... its about time CGI got synced better with Drum & Bass, this video is perfect and immense (audio too). Whether your into 3D Design, Music, Video creation, Sci Fi film etc this does it all justice.
  14. No quater ... what you have posted is the perfect reply, you are stating that we are "boys for going on about it" ... nice, how adult of you to suggest that outer info ref 9/11 = "Dick Cheney & the Boys from Halliburton did it" Never heard of it. "Dark Overlords from Planet 10 did it" Dis info crap to make you turn away ref silly stories. "Aviation Fuel can't possibly melt steel" No one said it cant possibly do it, just that in this instance its a stretch to have the end results. Those end results have been covered very clearly in this thread some time back and they are not just some simple off the cuff one liners to cast it off as a joke. The net is a wash with total crap and spin and utter crap I would be the first to agree, but as far as the posts and links and points in this thread goes there are "key" points that are never answered, wont go into that again as it would be repeating. The rest is just white noise to do the exact thing your stating, get bogged down with non credible crap and turn away. Dont patronize me Noquater and I assume this is a joke, right? Oliver Stones factual films are a joke. Well, decoded that would read: This is a bit of such things, then there's all the anomalies of cars burned and upside down in the radius etc, its not as simple as some kinder garden snipe. If you have nothing to add only to pick away at any opportune moment knowing what your views are, why bother in this thread!? The title of it speaks for itself, take from it what you will or wont. Cheap snipes are wearing thin.
  15. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/7771112/Children-as-young-as-4-to-be-fingerprinted-to-borrow-school-books.html Children, 4, 'to be fingerprinted to borrow school books from library' Get them early then chip them later
  16. I never watched any of them. This was perfect to get the information required to really know that never watching it was a great idea. Or ... "I thought it might be a load of s**t ... and it was".
  17. Dear me, do they have it all linked via face(CIA)book too? Privacy shaftings once more. And herein lies the answer. Nice to see websites "keeping it real" and sticking to their routes. BTW who owns them?
  18. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/10158517.stm First human 'infected with computer virus' Misleading title really, the chip is not the "human" .. but then that's the idea to fuse the two (did you see what they did with that title, eh .. did you?), plus the mans obviously a fool anyway for bothering. Notice it still speaks of a demand for it though, great! Reminds me of the Microsoft adverts "I'm a PC" ... no your not, your a sovereign human entity, your not a computer ... you fool! Why doesn't this d*ck head use a key system like everyone else? An old 2008 link top right of the above article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7207514.stm Ah yes, the web of all things, great, track anything anywhere! Transparency for all things ... well, apart from those pushing it. But that's a conspiracy ... obviously. @DS ... Thing is no one will really touch surrounding details fully in any strong position, its all about fighting over the collapse theory and ignoring the rest, which is perfect to never full answer much at all. It simply keeps the "fight" on the merry-go-round until its a generation or so later and people cant remember or give a stuff with when the short memory syndrome takes hold
  19. Yes indeed to replace bar-code is the first stage for sure. The reason I post and the reason others post about the whole "mark of the beast" area is its not necessarily about our future but childrens, childrens children .. etc. Although they are making a great effort to get the brianwash in early with the whole tagging, then the homeless then in emergencies / earth quakes ... which shows the good, and then ... well ... why not have one permanent! Which still leads to the same ending of the story, which, unless your a dribbling mess, spells "worrying". Who said it was government level only? Thats a negative on all counts from me sir. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article7131340.ece Start of Global Economic Collapse? Will Europe go under? Will the U.S Fall within a year? Any takers?
  20. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/05/14/radio-frequency-rfid-implant/ Once Upon A time In "conspiracy" Land .... Mainly will be Peddled to the public as "Safety" I would imagine, once we are all scared enough. I never suggested it was and I wast speaking of you specifically anyway. Great posts by the way its nice to have some of the views coming from people in those realms so to speak. Don't think I disagree an all what you are posting, actually I wanted you to post more to see what you would reply with Although agree to differ we will in some areas I guess. Then again you could also say: "if your going to question why the official information still doesn't result in full answers to what they are claiming, then you better make sure you speak up to show these things to keep the debate going". Shoe doesn't fit all, but you get the idea. BTW whats your take on this recent Swine Flu media scare moment a few months back compared to what actually happened? Do you think it was a Tami-flu sales-desk exercise or a normal reaction to the information? Also do you think media got feed more than needed and it was just "one of those things" ?
  21. http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE64D58I20100514 (Reuters) - Rotavirus vaccines made by GlaxoSmithKline Plc and Merck & Co Inc are safe to use despite being contaminated with a pig virus, U.S. health regulators ruled on Friday. Well, if the experts say its ok now, that's cool, no need for any more debate on the matter, move along idiots.
  22. So its elitist to understand people get into professions to advise in these areas for people who are not privy/trained to full details of a given area or subject? I thought that was just .. "obvious". Although I think Elitist means ... "shut up, you know nothing simpleton, know your place". Which is very different. What if you have Experts in this area (global warming, farma, 9/11) that actually say contrary to the official information? What are they? Poor excuses of so called experts, or ... people who don't fit in? I still say that you can and do have compromised experts, and so you have "a smaller group of people than the general populace" above them as a reminder of such a thing. Maybe they do ... but I guess they don't have any experts to back them up. *Kind of a joke in a way*
  23. Its a shame they don't alter the dross peddled though them though But, as a gadget goes, they certainly do the task in hand. (did you see the pun )
  24. This to me is the most interesting part ... I am not pointing at you on this but you raise a good point, and this was my point about affiliations / allegiances .. motivation etc. Following the money and funds of a particular set of experts and the money trail is very important to understand what drives them in this current climate (investigative journalists/whistle blowers etc etc) When you have a lot of experts or people who have gained careers like many others and they have to justify this and its reflected in the paycheck, do you not feel that many are in some ways compromised to a certain extent when justifying their certain part of this "truth"? But does this mean that if you can, but still see via lots of information that people still should be warey and question, you are then an idoit? Going by your initial views on that, sounds very elitist to me, and that's why I didn't take kindly to it. From what I can tell you did fire-in asking Rocky "Why" to being wary, and now we find you are working to enter those areas, I find that quite interesting to see how much people will "fight" (your words) their corner in this situation. Im not fighting any corner personally as the truth will make its way out regardless of all the white noise in between. White noise such as whos batting for whos "side" fighting the points, collapse theory, no planed theory, aliens ... web nutters etc etc etc. If you were working in your circles and later on you happened to come across something such as what gets put out with vaccines, would you become a whistle blower, or would you turn a blind eye for the paycheck and career? ... *dont answer* .. I'm just putting this question in general really about "how" things get quashed and whitewashed. I think what im ultimately trying to say is, experts are like politicians and heads/leaders etc, none of them should be above being checked into or questioned, especially experts in those particular circles who have affiliations to certain other groups outside of public interest or view. If you take the word of everything under simply thinking little old me knows nothing and they are the experts and they must know more so I don't have a say ... its a dangerous game, especially when its about something you take into your body. Where you get that information can have its good and bad points (ref your point) .. but, much like googles data-mining .. you do your own. BTW .. dont take this like im saying this is everyone and people such as your self getting a career, its not, and good luck to you on that. Its like questioning war policy etc and then people in the army onto you about disrespecting the troops, when in actual fact its not "them" as they are doing a job, its those far above.
  25. Well lets just hope any newcomer starts from page one Actualy speaking of Lady Ga Ga .... ** WARNING ... some naughty bits contained in both ** All about the Ga Ga All about the Ga Ga Video Cant wait to see who slags this off here. BTW in recent polls she was up as one of the most influential people ... wonder who made the poll.
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