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  1. Ive mainly seen building collapse explanations, collapse theory and things such as that but that's only part of it really. Either way 9/11 is but one conspiracy of many and we had a thread about that before which it was locked so that was that I guess, I have posted that I wouldn't try to repeat "too much" things. Either way the evidence given is always pancake and the end result is ... well ... I would then repeat wouldn't I so I will let that be., it cant be taken any further unless theirs a full impartial proper investigation of the evidence and, well, that was melted down and gone from the "crime scene". The rest is for all to see and work out for themselves. Well, all i can say is many post "B.S" and dont discuss much at all apart from the fact that theories are debunked and game over, which narrows the discussion somewhat at times. If im blamed for dismissing (read this thread in full I think I can be open within this area a lot) then Para you are the mirror image of the exact same accusation, I said it before the rest is choices, no ones exempt from that view to be honest. Yes indeed I agree, there are many aspects that show this, although one major aspect is "NORAD became dumb for a day" doesn't cut it for many. I did find this interesting though, I'm not saying anything ... just placing it into related thread, take it as you find: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvay28lZiHU Welcome to the madness. Well if it wasn't that and it wasn't 45 min attack WMD ... the justifications getting pretty thin on the ground eh, if it was Saddam we were on the doorstep in 1991. I think some try to link him to 9/11 which is nearly comical, you clear that little lot out the picture and you have to ask, what was it supposedly about? (Sidenote: as ive mentioned before this is to be taken away from the people on the ground fighting / jobs and not related directly, so please dont pull that chestnut out of the bag if someone was thinking of it .. im just saying is all). Yes they certainly do but is that the best guide to prove that oil wasn't the reason or that getting it means play nice and make it cheap again? Meanwhile 10 years of mass coincidences / massive blunders / privacy invasions / wars without end steam roll on and that's all it is, silly theorists, bless em' --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well as we are talking of debates, thought Id add something else here ... "Chemtrails" .. this is a little more closer to home for everyone, and again there are debates on what they are / for etc ... ive seen them here over my house, lots of people do its hard to ignore ... well, unless you ignore it of course I plucked this video out of many, some are more doom than others ... so ... thoughts? Do you see them?
  2. Stars In Your Eyes - Matthew Kelly Parody (UK) Caravan Sketch Noels Addicts (Noel Edmond's Parody UK) Noel Edmonds Tribute - (Not supposed to be funny but if your from the UK I think you might) This is UK humor, some may or may not find it funny.
  3. I caught the last hour or so of England's game last night .... getting boo'd by your own fans ... now that's a turn up for the books, although justified or not, it was shoddy to watch. Its simple, manager get the woman (WAGS) back in and boost the boys moral and catapult them back out without all the over serious hard-line treatment and that might take the pressure of them that they already have anyway.
  4. Thing is Para you seem to be speaking a lot about what even I would class as "extreme theorists" ... as in a blanket view of all. I dont subscribe to a lot of things out their, no plains, missiles, Paul From The Beatles was "swapped" ... Aliens are reptilians and here with us now ... the moon is a spaceship and so on. The list goes on. What I dont subscribe too is Jet Fuel causes all the domino effects throughout that event and below and surrounding areas, that doesn't cover it, it truly does not. The rest is your view on psychology of people, I have a family member who has schizophrenia and has never once spoken about any thing like this even when I mentioned it, it goes over their head becuase they have too many voices clouding the thought process (close member with it since 1994) I think I know a little bit about this as I have got them committed and gone through the whole process with social workers etc etc etc , I think to tie that condition with this area is way too simplistic a view and slightly offensive to many. It is after all your view, and your entitled to it I guess, you could even go as far as to say "prove it" and its ironically a theory that thinking this way = that condition in some way. What your take on it is an extreme one, you can have people question and not have a fixed view without them actually having a mental condition, but then that's a prefect way to use this logic to shut down on any subject where there are questions, IE background noise (I speak in general not you specific on "use this"). Yes, that have and your right. Do they explain the anomalies? That's the point, yes they are answers to specifics but they dont >> EXPLAIN FULLY << NOT becuase people shut off every answer, I agree the answers are logical and it is a little crazy to think it was anything but the official line, but, again, as has been said it doesn't FULLY answer all the anomalies surrounding it JUST from the official standpoint. And those are listed through this thread and elsewhere, and are open to debate and will do so becuase that's the nature of it. Guaranteed without a shadow of a doubt nothing will ever be enough for you and some select others to think anything other than your view because of the "prove it or else its just nonsense" , and that's fair enough I can see where and why you would (Contrary to what you might think I genuinely can see both sides of it). But that's your view of it and how much can that be recycled and the point be labored in a thread that is about all this type of thing? Its as much as to say, if it s a conspiracy theory dont post it becuase by default it cant be proven to us, and yet it can be posted with views different to yours becuase that's the way of the world and also relevant to this thread. Para you entered this thread recently again with nothing about the subjects posted, nor have provided anything about key questions or answers or even debate on any recent bits and pieces posted and just said "its been answered" and your view on thought processes etc ... great, its no shock to the system what so ever that you have that view, but do you have anything to "add" to this thread other than just that, for example subjects / points / links ... interesting inks and so forthe? BTW: didn't we have all this discussion about views on this etc via PM not so long ago? I though that was said and done? @NQ: A healthy dose of never take things at face value and check details surrounding it does not hurt anyone especial about a tech that enters your own body. Or any tech that has privacy issues and so on. When your born there is not a manual of instructions that says you cant. Free will, choice, thinking, thought, etc etc etc. How far you go is based on how much is being pushed onto you (privacy etc). So it goes back to some mental psychology to have this view ... what a shock, again. If you ever have a situation big or small in your own life where you know somethings "up" and you cant prove it directly but have a view on why ... going by this logic that instant thought process is some kind of mental disability .. in that case no one here is exempt from it then Its funny I bet the picture in your minds is like Doc out of back to the future or something ... does make me laugh
  5. I think your trying to say im something that's not. Its simple, I post what seems to be quite logical as to things that are happening and are raised elsewhere (whether you or anyone likes them or not because by default you don't in which case by your logic I shouldn't post at all in that case), under a thread based on the title it suggests, then you mainly get people not really debating the subject but "counter calius" ... and if your read a few pages its basically been NQ (entitled to do so to a point) and not many others pretty much going down that route as apposed to debunking anything of the subjects even if they do post. Mainly based on sarcasm slants, rocky having to get involved to "reign in" people and a lot of talk about nutters, nutjobs, and posting of PDF's suggesting that this way of thinking is a "threat" .. I mean jesus it really doesn't have to actually be such a problem does it. I have agreed to disagree many times and also think what people have posted directly is good as it shows counter arguments and so on that's the debate, I don't call nutter and I don't post things about thinking patterns being a "threat" and so on. But if you shout nutter, and scitzo and well many other such lovely terms your are then in some respects pointing them toward me as im under that "umbrella" so to speak, right? They don't say to me "positive and warranted" really either no matter the angle. I don't take it personal as you don't see me get angry here do you? I mean people are fast enough to go down that route per-post. The confusion I think people have is they think its all me and MY theories to debunk, these are world wide thoughts not just this thread and my head. I think NQ was trying to trip me up red "Clone" ... which is my way of saying sticking firmly to something "without" question whatsoever. Ok ... Para you based responses off of some quotes so let me put them into perspective: This quote you used for your point refers back a few pages to NQ's PDF link & quote which basically states what I said in that quote (not word for word obviously). I was referring to the PDF its pretty clear in the thread have a read of it then you know what I was referring too (it was basically calling people a "threat" hence "demozing" etc). Not to people posting here with replies to subjects. This quote again is about that PDF .. my point here being that to set out a plan to undermine = a lot of effort, no effort is needed if its all B.S and loones that are as you say foolish to boot, ... again that's all this was referring too. As regards your reply to this quote: Have you ever stepped back to think that yes it is still a "theory" in some cases and some aren't fact. Plus I don't staunchly think every facet is a fact, but are a valid point for "debate" given the anomalies and worthy posting in this relevant subjects thread? Why react to a B.S / foolish posts in a "theory" thread about theory's? Post a link or debate the subject, so far its been a few pages of noise but links scattered within it, or simply you have staunchly apposed to the theory so its fish in a barrel to call nutter each time in a loop per conspiracy link or post. Maybe even post something you think is really odd, for example .. there's a Tinker post about scanners that's a good one, or could be valid here also for example. Was, yet again .... about that PDF, IE don't clog it up with blatant documents calling for people of this way of thinking to be a "threat" ... THAT is what im saying ref the clogging up so to speak (not being relevant to the subject link). Nothing about silencing criticism which your trying to pin on me. Since when have humans got into a position that questioning everything was so bad? How can you be forced to do this, you seem pretty good and shutting down on the fantasy so your not forced as you can clearly see yourself. Unanswered valid questions, question and the ability to put all scenarios on the table and not fix to just one are not a fantasy, reversing the end result and looking back at the official line can often do wonders to work out if foundations are rock solid to cast off everything else as skitzo or nutjob or, well, any other tag line. Ah no, I think your looking too "local" which can bundle that into the nutter category, I see what you did their I think its " a healthy questioning and open view of things, and people above you" ... that might work best the rest is your particular take on it which is fine by me if you think that. Para .. we agree to differ but when something posted in a relevant place which rather than people sensibly link to things to say check this out or, that's interesting I will look at that, you get "nutter" "nutjob" "BS" ... and pretty much the angle of your post I think im entitled to respond, ive posted maybe what 2-3 (I think?) or so links recently and its been pages and pages of quote stacking and out of context sarcasm slants and such which ive responded too ... that amazes me more than even the threads topic. Maybe im just interested in human nature, who knows. Although do you have anything to "add" to this as apposed to hitting me back quote after out-of-context quote? Is there ANYTHING in Para's world that you have thought, hmmm this is weird it doesn't stack up? Please post if you wish (and don't be sarcastic and post "this thread" ... ) Conspiracy and theories don't always have to be 9/11 and the large big things. @Petsfed: Except that I don't mind being proven wrong. I don't mind actually "being" wrong contrary to how people might think I am ... i just mind sarcasm slants and posts which don't really do anything but seem to be questioning "me" as apposed to the point or link of the post. Well, in all fairness that's a good point, I can see how that gets the back up of anyone IE: What would they know about it? Although when you have corporate invested interests, a lot of corruption "up top" ..influencing, structures and groups (we dont all know the full details of) we have to be at the very least wary of such peers, especially in the current climate. Some go as far as to be wary, some goes as far as to call conspiracy. I cant see any "damage" as such, no more damage than is happening in the world right now even if a theory didn't exist. But having said that I see your point though. As regards this topic I see the view you are coming from, you don't exactly see it as "great" but in my view ( my own view) I don't think it should ever have a pusher in the first instance, it opens doors to very dark places and a mistrust of the ability alone for me is enough.
  6. Just read this entire thread today, it does indeed look interesting, more Ghost to the other Ghost than the new Ghost Very interesting there isn't much out that interests me right now but I am grabbing the demo right away and "see".
  7. Welcome to the brave new world When everything is pointing online to do anything you can literally switch people off. This kind of approach setup and taken further as we move more and more online for money/transactions etc etc etc doesn't actually send a great message does it really. Notice they never go to the "source" just to the easy option end user.
  8. Para I agree that is one Irony of mass proportions Like its been said maybe this is just a on the surface reason and there's more to it, "if google think its not secure then ..." etc. Its like a bully of a school moving to a new one because they weren't protecting his rights.
  9. Ah ok, I didnt get the link, I wasn't sure she was working on those circles, good gig
  10. I think its the moon or mars .. its the future after all Maybe under tunnels to the core of the earth? Now these will definitely surprise people If it ends up to be on American soil ... start to worry . Mind you a large battle though London would be good. I guess that Crisis 2 has that covered (not the london part).
  11. Is this the Kimi that posts over here?
  12. Dont let them driver DLL's "call home"
  13. I agree that it should be removed but as you say that might not be realised. this is pretty much the same as sending your laptop back for repair .. worse still its everyone and anyone's documents. Your tied to the tech savvy of who owns it, or their IT dept. Me thinks anything "digital" should be assumed to have this or some kind of tracking/storage within it of some kind, then check the manual and small print. That's the very nature of digital really. On a side note I wonder how many are crammed with bottom pictures and boobs? (I cant believe ive used those terms, but the swear filter made me do it )
  14. Would you think the superpower should do the honorable thing and not let them continue seeing as they are war criminals? Assume? How do you know that I simply assumed it? Wow that's a massive leap isnt it? I haven't expected anything of you, and I certainly dont think you should remotely believe that. Im not sure where you going on this point at all to be honest. There is a common list of anomalies (large ones) from that day & time that have not be squared up, just explained away or frantically debunked, I wont repeat them again but they are mentioned many times. Jet fuel and collapse theory don't exactly square them away, I think you might find its people wanting official lines to explain this, which haven't been and therefore a fixed position of the official line is not a foundation to be completely 100% on .. yet its up to the people pointing this out and looking at this that need to prove to YOU as if in some way they are non existent anomalies until proven they don't "fit" jet fuel, box cutter Norad foolers and .. well again the list is there, which clearly they, well, just don't. The case has always been there for all to view. Im not presenting a case, im a person that sees whats not really adding up and come very shady and sketchy things happening as we move forward and as there is a place to post this in this thread I well, do. Its others that pile in with "PROVE IT" and get very angry etc ... I say, decide to not look into it and well, have a good day. I understand there's two views to everything, but if you switch the logic in reverse its very interesting indeed. This also goes for most things posted here. Wild cards, jesus there are quite a few with 9/11 from the official report, that being the point. Its all up and out their, the rest is a battle to win the "hearts & minds" as they say, you make your choice, I choose to not have a fixed position, you choose a different view and others, great .. but when we are all pushing up daisies things will steamroll on. What is "nice" and "good" and the opposite to malice about chipping a human? Taking on board what that actually is ... to take a external foreign body of circuitry you know next to nothing about into your body (transmitter as well as receiver) , we have never "needed" it since mans existence. The very fact its being debated now in such articles should make people worry (there was a time less than a few years that even the mention to debate it as was shouted down and laughed), its not and never will be a "good" thing for humans, but that's not the main concern .. it will be peddled early to younger generations via conditioning with thumb scans and all the soft approaches coming into play now, conspiracy or not things are being put in place which ultimately makes the next generation mor accept ant to this type of tech, which even you know is worrying. And that leads me on to ... The fact you know there are loopholes and we all know there is a tirade of incompetence (just check the news daily) then any system with the corporations pushing this into fruition aren't "nobody" and this is all to do with tracking and chipping humans that you are also noted to be unsettled about. It is "in your face" as they say and the rest is the mind game to choose whether to think malice or not. One things for sure media will (and is) peddling it as the next "cool".
  15. Its a forum, you can make your own mind up, but make it an informed one Shoot, I answered ..... Beef? (I do love that expression BTW ) Going by Rocky's post it certainly isn't me sir. No beef here, just trying to point out that however which way you explain it (and granted explained well) does it actually mean that weaponization of space is a good thing? Does it mean that having this outcome no matter what route it actually has taken means that space based weapons wouldn't be used "at home" so to speak. Thats the point, and there's a fine line on "theory" with this one I might add, Not how it came so much as how it is right now. How about everyone and anyone as its above our heads? Wood if you read and listen to all the interviews and everything else doesn't come from this way of working, but you would know that if you went through it and listened to interviews. The rest is your take on it and I know what that take is . I dont think she would be posting "look heres the laser its Dr Evils moon lair" anytime soon, if anything her point is basically "look at the end result of the day and all the anomalies, try and tie that to plane fuel alone, but here a hypothesis to look into the anomalies". And seeing as there are things in space we and you and most know NOTHING about you then cannot say that its not possible or far fetched (or stretches of imagination) when looking at these hypothesis. They had choices? I thought paperclip was to smuggle them out SO they didn't go with "the other side" ? I don't disagree with you on how it came to be, and also the justification of it from history. All im saying is that as you agree this is the case then theirs less of a "theory" as to forward fast to 2010 and space, what the docs are referring too IE .. Nazis were used to help push the programme that has now lead to moving into weaponising space ... pretty much it, and the end result is ... was that all a good thing? And is this for your safety, really? Damn right it was. PC world : The Next Generation May be 'Chipped' http://www.pcworld.com/article/198664 /the_next_generation_may_be_chipped.html?tk=hp_new Like previous comments this isn't a joke.
  16. hehe, I was joking .. but I bet someone in that audience was Its true though, in that industry its really got bad with top spots being taken by a completely biased way, IE relentless exposure spread over a long period of time via the goggle box. Those shows have there "entertainment" place I suppose with in that arena but shouldn't effect other bands who meanwhile are slogging their independent (well some) guts out to get further exposure.
  17. Some points of interest that you can take as you find (I don't agree on all of it but it sources lots of external places) : INHIVED MIND UNHIVED MIND OLD CLOSED SITE WITH FAR MORE INFO CSM NETWORKS - INTERVIEWS (SUBSCRIPTION BASED) VATICAN ASSASSINS There are many many other but these have a lot within them to link to, well, many others
  18. You know that your shed a tear for Jordy joe ... come on now, his angelic voice a perfect teeth smiling away, all quashed by ruthless rage unwashed activist bad boys ... Poor old joe, he didn't get his moment
  19. So to understand this fully because clearly I don't understand as you say ... People get executed for murdering just a few people today, people get locked up in camps becuase they might be a terrorist or have links, people get water-boarded and tortured becuase they might have links, or some information, and the main culprit apparently has never been caught or tried or anything. Ok thats part one ... So ... we have scientists who helped the Nazi programme which was WW2 of which millions died and were "terrorised" etc, we loose thousands upon thousands with D-Day landings to get to the final showdown, we get the bad guys, some of them are these scientists, we don't try them, execute them, imprison them or anything, but we will keep them in good shape and use them to benefit our own programme, and this is justified and the norm becuase "at least the Russians didn't get them". How about the Russians not getting them, but as they are now in "good" hands so to speak they are imprisoned or executed based on what happened pre 1945 justifying why thousands lost lives to get to that point? I would say that would be the best situation, Chemical Ali got what was coming, and that was a drop in the ocean in comparison. Notice that why you all cling to that boogey man left/right east/west notion that within this they are still putting this into place and it doesn't mean it wont be pointing at home either (any proof that a space based weapon wont point at home?), that's really the point of the information and these docs. And just becuase this information is "nothing new" .. it still doesn't alter that fact its happening and more and more advanced as we continue. You admit paperclip was to smuggle out these scientists, so you would admit that it was a calculated move, but the only justification was so Russia didn't get them, yet they stopped them getting them ... great, but then went on to used them for thing we now have in space, I cant see how you cant see a pattern in this "plot". These docs have this information and again its staring people in the face, and yet again its all about a mind game to decide whether that's a good or bad thing. I'm just wondering how forums would pan out if it was the other way in some parallel universe and its "Russia" having this at the moment, I bet these docs and information would be taken on board in moments, my point being would you not see a plot if "Russia got them"? So its not a plot if your own got them, right? "If" you think this is all a good thing becuase your "safe" and its your "side" .. you have completely missed the point, global = anyone (selective anyone obviously). BTW please dont drag this into "sides" and U.S etc, this again has nothing to do with people on the ground and I don't for one second think any country is exempt from these type of shenanigans, location is not important as much as whats going on "upstairs" if you will. @DS (ref that BBC CCTV segment) All I have to say is "Angela Jarvis" has got a good gig, sit in a noddy car and play with a joystick How do they measure this, if they don't have the noddy car and the joystick everywhere at once then you cant measure the mount of times people used a mobile while driving and "didn't" crash!? As apposed to just stopping and fining and then saying "that stopped there inevitable car crash" ... !??? We are in a near to almost depression, got to make the digits up some how, speed cams aren't working anymore so have to have the next road boogey man. I would like to see someone driving with no distractions, hands at the wheel etc but dressed as a mobile phone Then again I suspect that would be a distraction for drivers as they would all crash at the site of it so that's a fine.
  20. Why would it be "unsafe" to say? I linked to a doc a few posts backs "one mainframe to rule them all" which details a lot about IBM roll within the numbering system tech that was also used in the camps, crazy stuff it truly is. I would say that its either as direct as you put it, or maybe a little more .."right they are good at what they do, no matter what lets get them in" type of thing. I think though that in general yes a lot were "spread about" but this was more about key people getting key jobs that are specific to our time right now, as apposed to many people running and hiding. NQ - you tried to come back with the "Brit" thing to me before, this is a "global" setting nothing to do with being bias, just those up and above the ground level so to speak regardless of location, we all have bad apples that's for sure. On another note ... Great, lets put our emotions online for everyone to see on-the-fly... I will expect this to be added to emotions on Discracebook & twitter updates soon ... *Super Face Palm" .. although I doubt many will run out to buy this. I just don't understand why this couldn't just be a local software app that triggers the responses, notice it always has to be "online" ( a very similar patter to a lot, dare i mention games and DRM here). http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/10236143.stm Just don't wear on on the London underground (See pic), especially with twitchy people like this fiasco: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23843771-police-swoop-on-gallery-after-passer-by-spots-a-bomb-but-its-really-an-artwork.do Bobby from Berkshire's comment at the bottom summed it up. Maybe a little off topic to a point but all adds to the new decade themes of "Transparency" and "Vigilance" pummeled down us.
  21. Yes indeed its a very interesting subject all of its own. Theres a follow up doc and is now showing in certain cinemas etc or about to be that you get to see at the end of this called "Pax Americana" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pax_Americana_and_the_Weaponization_of_Space http://www.facebook.com/pages/PAX-AMERICANA/102424539828?v=info#!/pages/PAX-AMERICANA/102424539828?v=wall What that doc (the youtube one) raises is the information ref terror as one card to play and the final being the alien card. Also this makes what Dr Judy Wood has been looking into not so far fetched at all ref her views on 9/11 collapse and tech, interesting stuff. Then also you have all this being thrown into the atmosphere costing billions and we pay for the privilege under a economic nose dive and have to "go green" as its our fault with bin routines and recycling etc, but you can throw uranium canisters up into the most delicate part of the planet any day of the week, nice. Also more thing creeping in with the whole "order" side of it: Obama Call for 'International Order' Raises Questions About U.S. Sovereignty http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/05/24/obama-international-order-raises-questions-sovereignty/?test=latestnews In some ways links back to that doc also.
  22. Documentary - Weaponization of Space (10 min split sections) PART 1 PART 2 PART 3 PART 4 PART 5 PART 6
  23. LOL! .. I was honestly thinking, i wonder if NQ will post back a "quote diagram" .. and you did! Your quote list implies I think that i contradicted myself. Well in a quote context that's just how it reads, reading the threads/posts and what was actually quoted and posted in replies is something else. I agree with posts on both sides, I don't agree that one side is just to dog the other that the other side is a nutjob/lunatic and some type of threat (ref the "anti conspiracy" part) that's my point in a nutshell. BTW as regards 2012 that you dug up .. try that book out, reason is its a book that looks at all the areas/theories and then shortlist the most logical and one that parallel with astronomy/time-lines etc ... nice way of working, not fixing to a point but looking at it all overall. Not a book that says "this is what will happen" and nothing else. We will have to wait and see wont we NQ (or the rug rats will).
  24. I would completely agree this is fine, but most of the side you are taking are "boys beveling lunacy claims" .. my point is you have made it clear your view is most of it it B.S so where can you go from their in this type of thread? No, there is something very interesting about 2012, not that its "just" end of the world that the media would like to suggest in disaster films and such. If im selective why do I have this book in my collection (which covers all angles of information ref the whole 2012 arena (and is a very good read might I add) : HERE "end of world" is one view of it and not strictly anything that is remotely what its about. My point was that "end of world" = hollywood disaster tripe. I posted the link to that site, becuase im NOT selective ... becuase if I was, why would I link to that site that actually speaks of something other than explosives which ive posted about before, why would I link to something that contradicts myself? I will tell you why, and I answered it previous too, whether its energy weapon based or explosive based its still relative to this threads subject matter and also very interesting to see different views within it. Im sorry if I don't pick a side and fix on it, I am interested in both areas, Judy woods site is a great site for photos and aerial shots, and is just as constructive to post here as any explosive based information. I never said I had the definitive answer (collapse based), the point is to share information for others to decide, one thing is for sure taking all this into consideration the official story becomes less and less solid by the moment, and the collapse theory idea which I guess will run & run doesn't justify itself with jet fuel alone. I do think NQ that you are now picking anything you can to trip me up (or something like that) ... you do realise that is trolling now in the official sense, your still not getting that im not here to prove you wrong, im posting on a subject I look into whether you want to think its B.S or you don't. Anybody can post and is free to do as they please, but when it comes from a (almost) cynical angle and quote for quote trying to pick things apart and using "lunatic" etc .. is that constructive? Are you a lunatic for not looking at this infomation? If I say clone ... I mean totally fixed on one thing and NOTHING else could be anything other than BS.
  25. Its not a secret, its everywhere you look and care to look further, its all the un answered questions, all the myriad of docs asking the same things, all the news items that don't add up, all the information you can get as regards certain society's and affiliations & world structure information, the list goes on & on, but mainly its just the mind game of debunking, "undermining" and keeping as much of the majority away from anything other than what you want people to think (public opinion) to assist on shouting down everything else and keeping that background noise as loud as possible. Its a mind game, that's all it is right now. Everything is in plane sight as the cliche' goes. That PDF quote from no quarter is literally the manual for "apposing the questioners" ... it reads like something right out of 1984, slap it under "conspiracy theory" and tar it with the same brush for all and undermine it as much as you can for as long as you can. Another view is the non secretive "perpetrators" of 9/11 and the mastermind and most wanted enemy number one ... is ummm, still putting out "tapes" at the most convenient moments, Bin Laden is THE mastermind of 9/11 (apparently) the man that helped box cutters foil Norad (??) and melt towers to dust, destroy another building later that day (while TV news had clairvoyant powers of a 3rd collapse), had a massive stroke of luck with the fuel that cause molten lava plumes (??) and also planned to the crashing of a large jet into the pentagon that shrunk instantly .. but that's enough sarcasm, have you seen him being brought to justice? You know, this perpetrator that we are told had the means, motive, and opportunity to do this AND never even bothered to keep it a secret, A one man stealth ninja, the mastermind of 9/11 .. still at large ... doesn't that make you at least have one question, or anger you seeing as that's the official information about that event, all this and the mastermind has never been brought to justice?? Meanwhile .....
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