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  1. Yes it is the simple training mission in the very beginning of the game. When I play it in quick mission mode I compelte the simulator every time, but it won't unlock any of the missions. When I play in campaign mode I compelte the simulator and then Lt. Allen or whoever tells me "that completes the battle simulator, I'll tell you more once you're on the Blackhawk." Then the game doesn't progress anywhere, I can't save my progress or anything I am just stuck in the simulator and can't continue into the first mission. I don't know if I have a bad disc or what. I can wander around the simulator grounds at free will but there aren't any more objectives to complete.
  2. I am so embarrased to say this, but I am stuck in the battle simulator. I'm on the part where you learn to use the UAV. I have destroyed the two transport trucks and three enemies, but now I can't find anymore enemys or other targets. I'm just stuck in the simulator and can't figure out what action to take. Please help a newbie.
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