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  1. Flattered to be mentioned, though not sure I belong amongst the names mentioned here. I couldn't name just one, but Jack57, Cobaka, Wolfsong, and couple of others whose names escape me at the moment were the cats I always remember answering the questions, spending the time in the forums that made the community strong, encouraging new modders. All the other cats like Chavez, Oso, the Don, Harn, Para, Cocobolo and others kept it alive through lots of hard work. I've been lucky to work with a few of these guys and to know them via this board over the years. All the people who wrote tutorials and walk throughs deserve credit too. Rocky for pulling us all together and dealing with the bad children when they get out of line. My good buddy Dannik for being the inventor of google. hehe. Each person played a role in moving the modding of GR forward, I can't pick one. Sorry.
  2. I just happen to have those missions. Let me zip em up and I'll post a link to them. Any other requests? I'll read back thru this post too.
  3. I know this is from a while ago but it sounds interesting. First, you would need to have some close quarters maps. So the zombies could jump out and what not. Second, I think this would take quite a bit of scripting. You will need to name "actor x" who is the closest to the zombie a variable via a script loop over the whole company. There can be many actors named the same variable. Obviously, you would want multiple zombies to attack one actor so you could loop the commands over a team of zombies. You might want to wound the zombies at startup to give them a cool limp. Would be cool to see this one.
  4. Downloading now! So glad to see cats still working on mods for this game. It's still the best. Can't wait to play this one.
  5. Thanks, those were totally random examplesthat I made, not actual ideas, (I thought I made that clear) and if I were to assign 50 dynamic objects to a bunker that would be the main building of the map, I think it would possibly get more allocated to it than say a field or cavern. I don't think there will be some magical number of dynamic objects that will work for every aspect of the map. No. Making the walls individually destructable is exactly the idea, it would really not be logical at all to make a room that was destroyable totally or what ever you were trying to explain. Simply to have a more dynamic environment that responds to player stimuli is all I'm saying. Perhaps some corners that crumble or a few walls that might be "thin". I wish I had a dollar for everything that people say can't be done in this game but then is done by someone who is willing to try. Joined: 8-April 03, while not claiming to be the best mapper by far, I think I'm a lil familiar by now.
  6. exactly the kind of things I'm talking about. I don't actually think that will work. I'm pretty sure the only way to be able to do what you are talking about here is to make the objects vehicles, which is not exactly what I had in mind. I think the best idea so far has been to use as many stock textures as possible. Most of them are tagged in the RSB editor for material type which would speed things up a bit, and simply not having to create them would also speed things up for the modelers. This way, any texture guys that want to help could spend their time on cool new stuff for custom applications and not spend it making a redundant texture for dirt. The next big question is the location, or more specifically, the type of map. Desert, jungle, or urban. Also, does it need to based on sat images or can it be a fictional location? I just started some drawings for an island map with an underground cavern that leads from the main island to the smaller one near by with stalagtites that could fall and break off with grenade or m203 blasts, bunkers that make up a compound and lots of nice terrain and foliage for open field work too. Another idea, Mexico City. Should I do a poll to decide on a map type to start designs and basic terrain for this thing? Should I just select a map idea and hope others like and still want to work on it? Just to be clear, I'm not really trying to compile a database of free meshes to be used in any map. I encourage sharing info and work and all that, but that's not the idea here. I'm thinking more along the lines of building a city. One person normally wouldn't build the whole city. They would have contractors or architects design and build the various areas and buildings individually. Thereby getting a little piece of each of those artisans on the final product. A true community map. A map that is functionally great as well as lots of fun to play on. Each part would be assigned a basic outline, (as an example) a bunker 200x300 meters, that extends two floors down and at least one above ground. You have a budget of 50 dynamic objects for this building (or something like that). In this way, the artist still has all kinds things to work out for himself, the use of his dynamic object budget, the design of everything in the building, as well as the actual building(or cavern or whatever) design itself. As well, the limited dynamic objects are budgeted so that they are distributed evenly across the map.
  7. @Callmehobbes, Thanks for the input, any help with textures would be great. @el_davido, I think that is also part of the attraction to making the map. Each building would be decorated differently irl, so the variations would be kind of realistic I think. It will be a challenge to make this happen with continuity, but I believe the challenge will be met by this community. @Blakeness, Thought you did more on the mapping end, guess not. Models are awesome though. I'm sure there will be lots of cool objects that will make the map come to life that can be made by you. I think your idea of using only stock textures is great. I think we would want to be open to custom textures, but they would just need to match the stock textures feel and quality. I like making trees and foliage so I can work on that if no one else wants to, or even if they do. I'm compiling some map ideas, I think I'll do a poll to decide on one. I guess that's the best way to pick it. Tired now. More tomorrow.
  8. Like I said, I'll take the task of coordination and comlpilation. I would much rather spend my bugdet of dynamic objects doing cool stuff like making dumpsters with doors that a player could open and hide inside of rather than spending them on windows. To me, that is the challenge of the idea I'm trying to present, break out of the box and collaborate and brainstorm. There doesn't seem to be many people interested anyway, but I won't give up just yet. I'm off to find some possible locations. Dannik makes a great point, I would just love to see what we could all do combining ideas and skills, I'm open to all suggestions.
  9. My idea to preserve the privacy of each creator's work is; to cooperatively agree on a design, be it a real life location, or imaginary. Collect data on the location, maps, topo, ect. Once the main plane is down, the terrain that is, then each item to be built by a designer could be assigned an x,y,z coordinate for the location and orientation of thier object's origin point. That way, any animations they do will be in the proper orientation in relation to the map's center point and still function properly. Or at least that's my idea. (will that work?) In this way, thier "tricks" will still be secret, only the person selected to compile the components would need to have access to all of the work in it's raw format. I see what Dannik is saying too, and of course I would love to suggest that meshes be distributed with the release of the mod to assist in future mods and what not, but then, that would of course be up to the creator.
  10. So, I haven't seen this brought up, but maybe I over looked it, or maybe I just want to ask myself. What if we did a community map? Push the engine to it's max, and each contribute elements. For instance, a building. Instead of a good map by one person, they could spend half the time creating a great building with lots of dynamic objects and stuff. I dunno, there are still some great modders here that could all come together to put the cards on the table and see what we all could do. Example, I have created animated birds that flap their wings(not really ground breaking) and fly out of the trees to other trees when triggered. You can have as many as you like flying in different directions, then trigger them by script via proximity or gun fire. Someone in the distance can see the birds fly and know the general location of the disturbance. They can be re-set by timer to fly away again after the birds would have settled. To do them realistically for a whole map would be crazy if you had to make the whole map too, but if you where only doing part of it.......Well, you could make a large variety of birds, place them and animate them. You could create four sided effects that would trigger right to left ect so that if you came up on the right of the tree, the birds would fly to the left ect. I'd give my stuff up and do the work on those parts(and other stuff too) if others where interested. Even if we only do one map, it would possibly be the best map for GR ever. Oso, Blakeness, Sleeper, Cobaka, Deleyte, you guys are the best mappers frequenting these forums I rekon, so obviously, I'm looking for your input(even if that doesn't mean direct participation). I've been out for a bit, but I'm back and will do the leg work and be go-between to coordinate all the people and parts for the map(s). You old schoolers know me, this would be fun I think, and a way to get some of those great ideas out there in a fresh medium instead of letting them rot. The newer guys who I may not know or w/e, I'm in no way be-littling your work, or possible contributions. I'd like to hear what everyone thinks and who would want to work on this. I know that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and this stands true for modding, but we can try, nothing to loose for trying eh? Guess we'll see.
  11. Thanks for the compliments, I hope to get back into modding for GR. I have some stuff I'd like to finish, and perhaps put some work on the BH script.
  12. Cobaka is awesome. He didn't hesitate to jump in and help me with my first mod, A Day in the Life. He made the soldier model to carry on your shoulder. I could only script and he made it happen. He rawks!!!!!!! GR hall of fame material. Thanks again man.
  13. I would suggest reading the levelbuilder help file that is in the folder with the max plug ins. It is the only document I ever remember reading that actually refers to the targets and their proper tagging, vague as it may be. I think the trick will be to set the animation to ping pong as well. It will be nice to see someone do this, it's been talked about plenty. As far as issues with the targets resetting, that seems odd, as in the original training you can run back and forth from one station to the next and the script will change your kit and reset the targets for that part of the range, will it not? I seem to remember doing that countless times with no problems.
  14. you could make a ton of dyn objects, lol, j/k. i had read in the hlp file about the mention of supporting particle systems too. i didnt try much and never got one to work, would be cool tho. thinkin about the systems that are in the game, rain and snow, they are kinda global, like they occur in room 1, not a zone or w/e. you wouldnt want leaves falling from the sky anyway is my point, it would need to be different.
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