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  1. i just got a "S" perfect mission in hardcore mode yeaterday--this seemed to be the hardest mission to get an "S" rating in hardcore--you have to get your partner in a safe place first then you have to go kill everyone yourself--set the charge in the helicopter anywhere while you are killing the enemy--- then go kill three guys guarding rosen-- dont let rosen follow you--direct his movements and cover him the entire way back to the copter in case you missed any of the enemy--get him and your partner into the helo when you get to it
  2. this mission can really wear you out but i love it--last night i got an A with black opps rating on hardcore setting-- i dont think i can ever get through this with an S rating on hardcore
  3. you can do that with their primary guns--just put one in the back of their head and then pick it up off the ground
  4. the thing logged me in as user name for some reason in the last post--i also just learned after playing graw1 for about a year and now through 10 missions a couple of times in graw2, that it was possible to control each ghost separately while you are looking through their eyes mode-- wow --it is so much more fun now!
  5. I have to admit the same. I ran about for a good 3 or 4 minutes trying to see where to put the C4. The problem is three fold (1) the mission brief says the BH is in two parts, so I was trying to C4 the rotor blades that were outside the barn. (2) The green marker for that objective location is outside the barn, and the BH body is inside the barn, I know it's big, but what can I say, I was under fire. And (3) You get a message about needing more C4, which is a confusing message because the C4 is already in your kit by default. LMAO!
  6. i ran and hid in the corner of the alley --when the tank came by i ran up to it and set the explosive charge-- then activated it after getting a safe distance away--everyone was safe
  7. its all mitchell--his men couldnt get past high school cheerleaders -"captain im hit...by a pom pom" man down
  8. i too took the sniper-mp5 and rocket---did mostly belly crawl --and very slow -using scope to look for bad guys ---they were very hard to see --but i didnt think it was unfair--just hard--thats what makes the game soo great!--i have a 2.53 pent 4---1024-80 hd--with a raedon 9550 128 video card--i only had 3 crashes in the entire game--i dont have any patches--imo fantastic game!!! [
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