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  1. john2gr It works, thanks but it's actually not PhysX PPU card level of physics (i have played a lot by my friend, which has PPU card) - there are no cloth, no wind particles, no destructible objects. And FPS with this hack enabled is very slow( With PPU perfomance is much better (my friend have same CPU as i - AMD X2 4800+), except laggy explosions GRIN_Wolfsong In campaign too)
  2. I've already edited setting.xml, and in the game options physics is shown as "PhysX Extreme". (or physx high, i've tried both) But ! - i can't see any dirt particles from bullet hits, can't see any debris from explosions, or anything else( Can anyone post some screens with this things enabled ? i doubt if this hack is working at all..
  3. Hmm.. a can not see any differences with this hack enabled/disabled( Maybe i'm doing something wrong( Could anyone post some screens with "visual feast of 3d pieces of dirt flying up when you shoot the ground, amazing explosions that are followed by a rain of soot, and wooden boards exploding into a rain of chips" enabled while using this hack ? please...
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