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  1. *** UPDATED *** I've finally got me X-Fi XtremeGamer, uninstalled all previous soundcard driver attempts (for audigy2 and realtek onboard as well as any ALchemy additions) then installed latest Vista64 drivers for my X-Fi, and straight away without changing anything, I started GRAW2, went to audio and it had already detected my card, and switched on Extreme level of audio with EAX etc., played the game, and blinking amazing difference in the sound straight away, got killed by a sniper, but WOW, what a way to go, the sound of the kill was ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Now I need to make time so I can get through the game LOL, I've tested GRAW and Raindow6 Vegas as well and this card worked perfectly on all with full surround. Oh and all other sound features rock on this card, a MUST HAVE. Sys Spec : (full spec at http://www.wbcs.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/about.html) CPU : AMD64x2 4800 (939) MB : Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe Memory : 4GB OCZ Dual Channel DDR 3200 GFX Card : Asus X1950XTX 512 PCI-E HD : 500GB (250x2 RAID'd) OS : Vista64 Sound : Creative Xtreme Gamer (Retail) All latest drivers where applicable.
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