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  1. Thats true, but a narrow vehicle has a higher center of gravity and is more prone to rolling then a humvee is. In Canada, we drive LUVWs (Gwagons) which are decent enough for peace support ops in urban areas. They're small enough to get through traffic and the armour is supposed to be able to stop most small arms (Personally, I've never tested). But the downside of the added armour - and I can see this problem with any vehicle - is that it couses more wear and tear. We're talking about hundreds of kilos being added to the vehicle frame. Even with the recently upgraded suspension, its pretty rough ride off road. My own experience with the humvee is pretty limited, but just recently I saw the wreckage of one that hit an AT mine in Afghanistan. It blew a big chunk out of the rear of the vehicle, but the 3 guys inside were able to walk away. If the same mine had hit a GWagon, I'll bet it would have sheared the vehicle right in half and killed everyone inside. The fact is, some vehicles are better for certain things than others.
  2. Hey boys, been awhile, eh? Right on, Marcinko. You might not remember this, but back in the day we had more then a couple little disagreements here on ghostrecon.net. But hey man, if you're infantry, then you're alright in my books. Respect to you, bro. Just know that your modding days are probably numbered. Since I joined the CF, I don't really have much time for any sort of online gaming anymore. And I know that US army op tempo is wicked fast compared to ours. As for myself, I'm currently deployed in Afghanistan with the 1st Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment. I'll check in on ya when I can, but untill then stay safe and just f----ing give'er. Pro Patria
  3. Are you afraid to go outside because you heard about someone getting mugged across town? Of course not. Its a big world out there, buddy. If you get the chance, check it out.
  4. Like Soup stated before, its all about integrity. Here's a post I made on another forum I belong to, concerning Jack Idema - the ex-SF vigilante who was running around Afghanistan waging a personal war against Al Queda. The previous post had been one defending Idema's tactics in extracting information from his prisoners on the grounds that Al Queada has proven itself to be the greater evil. Here was my response: Whether it be Afghanistan or Iraq, the reasons we treat prisoners in accordance with the Laws Of Armed Conflict (LOAC) are the same. This might be a little off topic, but the philosophy still applies.
  5. If I may... The difference in antenna length normally affects reception range, unless it is a field expedient antenna where its length is dependant on the frequency you're transmitting on.
  6. The Range 2 movie is similar to the Personal Weapons Test lvl 3 (PWT3) we shoot annually in the Canadian Army. The PWT3 consists of static shooting from 300m at figure 11 targets, then a series of "run downs" to simulate combat shooting. It starts you at the 400m mark, then you run down to the 300m drop to the prone and fire. The targets are only exposed for less then a minute (IIRC), so you'd better move your ass or you won't have time to shoot. Then when the targets drop again, you run down to the 200m mark and shoot from the kneeling, then you run down to the 100m mark and shoot from the prone again. After that, you start walking towards the targets snap shooting as they are exposed untill you get to about 25m away where you expend whatever ammo you have left on automatic. All phases of the run down are done right after another, so by the end of it you're bagged from sprinting in full combat kit and you've got tunnel vision from the adrenaline. Talk about a rush. The PWT3 is shot with the C7, usually with an ELCAN C79 optic. We also have a PWT for the C9 (Canadian version of the M249 SAW) which also includes a rundown.
  7. I wasn't going to bring this up again, but now that it's been mentioned... The pics on militaryphotos.net are from both Op Gothic Serpent (Task Force Ranger) and Op Restore Hope (everyone else, including the 10th Mountain Division). The pics of the boys in the 6 colour BDUs are not from the 75th Ranger Regt.
  8. And for the record, the 7.62mm X 39mm round the AK47 fires is different then the 7.62mm X 51mm NATO cartridge used in the M14.
  9. So... if the M14 is so much better then why is the M16/M4 family of weapons so popular with so many western special operations groups?
  10. It was probably a just picture of a British advisor training or operating with the New Iraqi Army.
  11. Ya had me fooled there, buds... In other news, I can see this thread getting locked in the very near future.
  12. I'd argue that this applies to civillians as well. As little as 60 years ago both the axis and allied powers resorted to attacking civillians on an extremly large scale in the form of carpet bombing. Our willingness to target civillians continued throughout the cold war in the form of nuclear deterance. I'd bet my boots that if we were put in such a desperate position today, no NATO country would think twice about wasting civillians. Make no mistake about it, war treaties are only followed by "civillized" nations simply because we have the money and the technology to defeat the enemy by other means. The ends will always justify the means to anyone desperate enough.
  13. Its tough to comment without actually being in a spec ops group. I'd say that flexebility is key to any spec ops group, and while each unit will focus on a different task they would have the capability to fill in for a similar unit if the need arises.
  14. What weapons would you consider humane? A nerf gun? In my opinion, Nerve and Blister Agents take the prize as the scariest weapons on earth.
  15. Added to that list can be Pte Andy Johnson, who was struck and killed by a drunk driver in South Africa while travelling during his leave during Op Palladium Roto 13 in Bosnia. This year, more then ever, Rememberance Day is hitting home hard. Jamie Murphy, Robbie Beerenfenger, and Andy Johnson were all from my own unit. I was at the Battleschool at the time of their deaths and didn't have the opportunity to know them personally, but we have quite a few mutual friends. They will be remembered. Pro Patria P.S. MarauderMike, I never knew you were and Officer. Which Battalion are you with?
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