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  1. Here to say thank you to HI. You always do a good job.... GRAW2 community need people like u.
  2. Just to say again that your work is very very appreciate from all the community, Wiskey. Really you have to go on with your work.....we need people like u, mate. Cya
  3. Hi all, first I want to congratulate with Whiskey for his work. The map take us back to [GR] and it is absolutely funny to play. But....I have a problem (maybe all can have this problem): some days ago we uploaded the old version of market on our first server. All of us downloaded this version and we played it. We could notice it was full of bugs, and as I am reading here today, u said the problem was solved with the new version. Yesterday the new version was uploaded in our second server, I did not know that the server had the new version and I joined with my old version. Here is the problem....the server (with new version) let me play, I did not crash as usually happens in theese situations, I played the new version with people who had the new version, and there was a little litte and insignificant problem: I did not see in the map a lot of objects (expecially the bookstalls) which were seen from the people who were using the new version. As u can image my field of vision was quite better than them and I could kill them without they could see me..... Just to let u understand better I show u 2 screens taken in the same place, in the same moment, from Iceman(using the new version) and from me (using the old version). PGS_Iceman screen (NEW VERSION): NEW VERSION PGS_Ten, me (OLD VERSION): OLD VERSION Pheraps to solve this problem could be enough to change something in the maps' files of the map which make impossible to people who have the old version to play in server with the new version. Hope I succed in making u understand the problem. Thx again for your work.
  4. Name: PGS PEGASO CLAN From: Italy General Language: Italian/English Homepage: http://www.rogna.it GRAW 2 contact: PGS_Ten (mail to PGSCLAN@hotmail.com) Voice Com: Team Speak XFire: None Other games: Ghost Recon...foreverer, only Ghost Recon Servers: PGS PEGASO SERVER
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