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  1. Guys, How many of you have looked at GRAW 2 reviews? Typically a review is a deciding factor for me to buy a game, but I bought GRAW 2 the day it came out. What is fascinating to me, reading all the reviews, is the constant complaining about the game being too hard. Too hard. Well, Ghost Recon was never supposed to be a run and gun game, at least to my knowledge. I played Ghost Recon 1 PC, back in the day, loved it, got hooked. I crawled through it, took my shots properly, and felt like a ghost. I played GRAW PC, loved the enhancements, though AI was bothersome, silent weapons did not work at all. Now I am on GRAW 2 and I think it is awesome, though team AI is still fuzzy, grenades bounce like bouncy balls, and 203 rounds shoot like rockets, but all in all, I like it. I can be silent. I can crawl around and wipe the map clean with all achievements and an S rating. It runs at an average of 90 FPS, as well. I like the graphics, the colors, the animations, sliding on my knees, or diving, being able to peek, the list continues. Currently I play on hardcore difficulty and I am not having too hard of a time. Granted you die here and there because you went a bit too fast, did not take proper cover, or you just did something dumb, but the PC version is for the PC, not a console. It should be hard. If you are silent, what do you need to worry about? f you are loud, yes the enemy will come after you with a vengeance. I will not get into a PC v Console discussion, but my console collects dust and my PC has resolution that is unmatched and nothing beats the Fang gamepad and a mouse. I have played GRAW 2 on the 360 and I find it easy, though I cannot hit the broad side of a barn for the most part. Those joysticks have no precision for me. I think a 70% review from Gamespot and IGN, just does not give the game enough credit. I think they are more focused on the console version of things, than on what the PC can do and offer. GRIN you rock. Thoughts and comments? If you are wondering what PC I am running: ASUS Striker Extreme MB 2x ASUS En 8800 GTX Intel 6800 extreme 75 GB WD Raptor ASUS 16x DVD Drive Enermax 1000w PSU Thermaltake Armour Case 2 GB Crucial RAM
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