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  1. please gr1? ya all the mods are great for single player play any of you remember the online play? Theres a never ending list of glitches and bugs, that are undetectable, sure hope you guys are talking bout the single players aspect of stuff or coop, GL on the competitive side of it. Personally id stay away from leagues and death matches in GR1. other than that, ya mods are decent i guess.
  2. hows the online play? ive heard a couple of times that not many people play, how bad is it? and is it still has buggy as gr1? like tip toe, peek glitch and all the maps bugs? thxs ahead of time
  3. o ###### ya i remember you, hows it goin man, your in SCE? im gunna start playing graw soon, anyone one else from igs in sce? or playing graw?
  4. anyone from the IGS days still around? been looking for some people lately
  5. wasnt really sure where to put this, i have been looking for some old friends... back in GR1 days in IGS any ex XDC ITF players, or anyone from IGS here? sry if i posted in wrong area, been lookin for a while now... thxs anyways...
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