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  1. I'm sorry to hear that Papa6. I hope that isn't the case. I will say this much. RvsA is definitely a lot more enjoyable when played in organized competition. That could partially be why so many people don't like it since they might have only played it when pubbing. The unorganized chaos when pubbing just doesn't do the mode justice IMO. It's like... hehe
  2. OMFG! 6 Pages and we finally have a Winner! I endorse this message in its entirety. So half this awareness is solved in my mind.... now about that RvsA... How did it take 6 pages for all you graw vets to come out with that info. rofl, MorphingJar and I have been saying that for a LONG time now. Everybody has just been too wrapped up in their own personal flame-wars. God that ###### is so annoying. So on that note, Ruggbutt, I was not there nor was I part of that little TK incident on whatever US server it was. Hell I found out about it when I went to join your server and was instantly perma-banned before I even got to kit selection. I unfortunately cannot apologize on behalf of my clan-mates because well, I'm not their voice, but quite frankly I'm tired of this ridiculous attacking back and forth that keeps going on. I'm really trying hard not to judge you and your whole clan because of all of this because I am not like that. I know we both ultimately want what is best for this game and community. We are just trying to speak on the competition aspect of things because we REALLY do want this game to flourish. I know you (and most other people, especially your "followers") find the "Awareness" posts conceited, but all we were trying to do was create awareness around those subjects for people to check out and form their opinions on and give insight. Granted maybe some were more opinionated than others, but it was a good opportunity for everyone to chime in. Unfortunately you decided to take every single chance you could to always throw in some kind of snide remark against our team, which is quite immature IMHO. I myself have also played Ghost Recon and all of it's expansions since day one. I just wasn't as active in the community before. All I am asking is that we ALL (you, your team, my team, etc.) bury this hatchet and move on for the better of the community and GRAW2, because that is what we both want. Easton already offered an extension to join our voice coms to hash things out if further discussion is needed. It's on your shoulders now if you want this childish nonsense to continue. -Bonx
  3. I'm assuming you were defending at the time. The respawn times change as the round progresses and are dependent on the objectives. If you still have all three objectives alive, your spawn time will be quick, and on the other end, if you only have one objective still alive (you're on defense remember), your spawn time will be much longer. I *THINK* it's 15 seconds with all three up, 30 with two and 45 seconds respawn timer with 1 objective left to defend. From my experience, the timer is a TEAM respawn timer. So if John dies with 45 second respawn, and you die 10 seconds after John; your timer will say 35 seconds. i.e. all your team spawns in at the same times. On the other end of things, as assault, you can only respawn as each objective is blown up. I find that this was pretty well designed for balancing purposes. If you think about it, defense should have longer spawn times when there is only one objective because obviously all your players will be at that one objective. So they already have an advantage because they can respawn, they have position advantage, and assault at that point would no longer have any chance of respawning. I honestly feel that RvsA is very well-suited for competition play. I ***PERSONALLY*** find RvsA more strategic and obviously fast-paced and intense than TDM due to the dynamics of it. TDM can be enjoyable, but as my teammates have mentioned, we run into many teams that have just sat by their spawn in bushes. It just gets old after awhile, and I don't have the time to play a match for 3 hours because of constant ties. I'm not trying to push anyone into RvsA and force my opinions. I just ask that some of you try it for more than a couple of rounds and learn the dynamics of it. Trust me, we all hated it at first too, until we had a team that wanted to scrim it and showed us how much fun it can be. I hope this helped clear up some confusion on the game-type. Cheers!
  4. I dunno what's up, but I was playing on =XE='s server (which, no offense XE, is crap full of lag) but the first two grenades I threw never detonated, then approximately 10 seconds later I heard a *BOOM* and I was charged with a suicide. In one instance I had a team mate standing beside me and he got killed by my grenade that apparently never truly left my hand. Ever since those first two though, I have not been able to duplicate it. Both were on Fort within proximity to the Northern stairways. Both times my grenades were being thrown on the stairs. No they did not bounce back and I was nowhere near them when they were supposed to detonate. Like I said, there was no explosion until about 10 seconds later when I would blow up as if the grenade was still in my hand.
  5. Internet Insults = growing of the e-peen and proof of e-peen superiority. Clearly that one is the winner. Yo momma...
  6. Pssh, that would require him to actually die from it as well. GL at the feet seems to be an "I WIN" button because I rarely ever see the GL person die along with their enemy...which is mainly my only complaint about the GL in multiplayer, aside from just the overall lameness of it.
  7. Ah nice. Will have to check it out here soon. Nice site...love the "We Do Not Cheat" logo!
  8. I would be all for your shot being thrown off when getting shot...I mean it makes total sense. That was one of my frustrations with the game. Granted the bodily injuries were a nice touch in [GR], but I would be happy with just something simple at this point. There's nothing more annoying than getting M99'd while dropping a clip in them...that's just absurd IMO.
  9. I as well was a huge Ghost Recon fan and was disappointed with GRAW as well. I was very skeptical on picking up GRAW2 because of the game play and performance issues I had in GRAW. Trust me when I say that it is definitely better than GRAW in both regards IMO.
  10. I just want to say that replays do go a long way. I played [GR] competitively and after the matches, the replay file that the SERVER produced was put up on the web for the captains and/or players of both teams. This made it so if there were any suspicions on either side, we could review the replay. Aimbots and such were actually very obvious because you could view ANY player through their eyes in those replays. We found and banished numerous players for cheating, and there were several clans, including my own, that found one of their own cheating and called them out. We had a very strong community back then, so once that person was identified, they were screwed in terms of multi player and had bans in place on almost all of the servers that were run by the teams. It would be nice to see this feature implemented into GRAW2 due to it's effectiveness. It's nice to see a response from GRIN though either way on this whole matter. Thanks guys...hang in there!
  11. Yeah, several of us from HOT were there for that too and can confirm that after picking up his gun, it did have unlimited ammo and grenades. Also witnessed the unlimited grenades and the auto-M99 last night as well...depressing.
  12. Dandruff...lots of dandruff. C'mon, they're rebels...they probably don't have much access to showers and such!
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