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  1. Bah Ive given up on Multiplayer GRAW2. I have so many problems with MP.. Ive tried many times, I couldnt even play one game! * The servers almost always time out, its a HUGE task for me to connect successfully. I need to try 20 servers to get one working one, and then I get more problems.. * The only time I was actually playing in a level, it kicked me out because someone used my CD key (I bought the game, its 100% legit) * Another time it thought I had modified files, all ive installed is the game and the latest patch. I havent touched any other files. * I got stuck in the Team selection screen. * All my pings are 600ms or over, up to 3000! When I play Jedi Academy, I get 200ms pings on most servers. I can play BF1942 and JA:MP no problems online. GRAW2 hates me
  2. Hi all! Great game, except one thing that annoys me. (Single player mode) i.e. I am 'in the moment', slowly aiming in the distance for enemies, when suddenly my team mates say "sir", "Talk to me sir", "Yes sir" which causes you to lose your concentration. Basically they hassle/remind you if they are not in Follow Mode. But sometimes the team AI is a bit clumsy and they get hit by enemy fire, so I cant have them follow me all the time. Is there any way to disable their reminders? I tried turning off "voice_quotes" in the settings but that didn't help. What does this option do anyway?
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