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  1. wouldn't it be funny if Clancy wrote a new book and be sued by UBI because his storyline doesn't fit in the trusted UBI Tom Clancy franchise? seriously, this deal is just upholding the status quo. all "old-school fans" unmasked the recent arcade games for what they were and will unmask future ones too. and the majority of tactikool gamers that are the new clientele, they know the name Tom Clancy just from these very games. tl; dr: dead horses etc.
  2. i'm not sure, but i think you mean SCOPE, not reticle. that's technically possible, but probably wouldn't fit correctly on the other model, and the sights won't line up correctly. if, however, you mean changing the IRONSIGHTS: short answer NO.
  3. Huh? Do you mean the Comp M4 reticle?
  4. There's an AK for GRAW1 you could easily port to GRAW2. i already had it ingame but didn't bother to do it again after the 1.5 patch. The only info i have about the author is his addy: sap@a77.org
  5. you'll have to unbundle the mod if you want to use the 1.4 version, but 1.41 has it already unbundled.
  6. you can do that with all weapons, but it sometimes produces an error when you order your team to go to recon mode with these guns. best solution is to use it only yourself then, or at least equip your mates with silenced sidearms. though i'm not so sure if the latter workaround really works.
  7. that's exactly what he already did with his awesome PEQ2 in GRAW1. but agreed, most SF don't even like attachments on their sidearms, so the ghosts probably won't miss them so much.
  8. Is that M&P already anim00ted? i know it probably sounds bothersome, but i'd really be a shame to see that accessory rail unused
  9. i don't know what you missed, but why not skip all the rebundling, just keep your modified weapon_data.xml in your local\(your language)\lib\managers\xml folder. Maybe you rebundled the old XMB files too, you should delete those first.
  10. woops sorry, wrong link. thats the one: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=49013
  11. if you have GRAW2 1.05 then you should really get Brettzies new 1.05 version of his mod here http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=48972
  12. erm... the updated mod isn't bundled at all. just install the 1.05 patch and get the new mod.
  13. thanks a lot Snow, my hand hurts from all the copypasta! already saw the Massoud vid, but most of the pictures are new to me. in the vid it looks like the newly positioned charging handle is reciprocating, or is this because it's a prototype? if you don't find the time for it, i could write a combiner mod. my XMLs already have both mods plus some extras, but i don't want to fall from grace with TWO modders. So unless you AND Brettzies explicitly permit it, i won't give out more than advices for XML editing. i wanted to write a tutorial about mod combining once, but we don't really have that many mods to justify the effort. Besides, combining isn't that difficult, you (non-modders) can all do it yourself, just take a look at the edited XMLs and how they function. The only obstacles might be the extra sights Snow and Brettzies added, but that isn't too difficult either. If that's too much work, then make one folder for each mod and edit the context.xml every time you start the game, depending on which guns you want to use.
  14. i *think* most of us don't want PEQs and tactical lights because of their usefulness ingame, but because they greatly add to a more "tacticool" look. but i know it isn't very motivating for a modder to add something just for looks. As for the fixed stock, wouldn't it be more fitting for the Carbines? I also hope you stick with the Masada name, although the new rifle itself does not. i can't stand those abbreviations anymore. Oh, and thanks for the pictures. i can't visit SHOT personally and am grateful for every pic i find, and the Massoud is especially rare among them.
  15. Since a change to the Animation Set of the M1014 would probably mean that we can't use the aimpoint anymore, i can live with the MRC set. i don't see a need to change to slugs either, as now there is one gun for each preference. Btw, the new 1.05 animations don't look as smooth as the old ones, but that's probably due to pressure of time. Anyway, thanks for the update, i still think this game's engine has the greatest potential of them all.
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