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  1. No, it wasn't a rhetorical question; it was, shell we say, feeling up the market My new combat xml will be imployed in Mission; Afghanistan mod that me and the rest of the team are making. I just wanted to see if there's an interest to see the mod with characters that can withstand more then one shot, and from what I can tell, it will be accepted well Although it might sound a bit superman-like to have soldiers impervious to 7,62mm rounds, it's amazing how meny times your soldiers die 'cause some tango got lucky with a head shot...and that only aplies to hero characters, with armour 3 level. Regulars have level 2, and its' sometimes a real torture being shot one round at a time, twitching after each shot, so you lose sight of that damn tango just as you are about to get him...I sometimes found my self almost beging for that head shot rather then waiting for that final, 5th shot to put me out of my misery...
  2. Although my mod is centered around Croatian MPs in Kabul, they are just a security detail in German controled sector of Kabul. There will be plenty of these guys around, running the show... more screnies here- Mission; Afghanistan Mod
  3. Apart from just new Dieter Munz, there will also be new desert German NPC actors featuring in the mod. Here are some 3DSMax renders, in-game shots to be posted shortly;
  4. Ok, here's what I did; I used old_woman refugee character (or whatever it's called), and made a new body and head textures out of completely alfa-channeled reticule rsb. Like i said, it worked perfectly on the body, its' completely invisible, but the head appeares in it's new, re-textured form (black, like reticule rsb), it's like it completely ignores the alfa channel and won't become invisible. I even tried to re-name the new head textures, and make the new actor file, directing the character to use those new textures/faces, but same thing happened. This is confusing...it's obvious that the new textures are applied to the head, but for what reason it acts like there's no alfa-channel in them?
  5. This "prety" fella will also feature in Mission; Afghanistan mod, along side Taliban character more screenies here!
  6. Afghan rebel character..one version. more to come. @Keen, you'll have to ask our map maker, Cobaka...although I see no reason it couldn't be put in the map.
  7. Here's a render of taliban character I'm making for Mission;Afghanistan mod. Try to picture this guy with AK-47 or RPG-7, on a low-res VHS video, blabering treats to western world, with a dosen or so of his comerades around him.... more screenshots here!
  8. And the inside of the caves will be crawling with these guys;
  9. Can you be a bit more speciffic there, mate? I used the head(s) textures assigned to that speciffic character and made them alfa-channeled. Are you saying I need to create new head textures and assign them to the character via actor file?
  10. I'm trying to create an invisible character, and have some problems. My plan was to take an alfa-channel rsb (I used a reticule for that purpose), open up alfa-channel and pain it all black (so to be transparent in game), then copy/paste it onto character's texture. It works perfectly on character's body (entirely invisible), but for some reason the head appears in black (reticule's RGB colour), as if the alfa-channel doesn't exist at all. I tried to use different source texture, same thing...what might be causing it?
  11. Thanks to Cobaka, the map has reached it's final shape. Some last minute alterations are still possible, but overall it's done. Take a look at air recycling unit deep inside cave labirinth... More screenshots here; "Mission; Afghanistan Mod"
  12. I just realised that the last screenshot was way too dark to see all the details, so here it is, lightness and contrast boosted up 30%.
  13. As promised, new screenshots are here. Note how in the final version, inside of the caves is dark (as it's supposed to be), with cool little details like gas lamps on the floor... screenshot 1 this screenshot is supposed to show you the sheer size of the map...you can actually pan around and don't see the horizon, it's that big! screenshot 2 here I tried to demonstrate the statement above; the other side of the map isn't visible even trough a binoculars, its' too far away, but you can see the counter showing 400m plus there! screenshot 3 we don't want to show you all the treats and sweets there are in this map, but this I got to show you; deep inside the cave labirinth, there's an air recycling unit. Too bad you can't hear the sound of the fan swooshing and the power station humming...(yes, the fan is rotating... ) screenshot 4
  14. Final version of the map is all but done! It has quite a few surprises, it's fairly large, and the mission for it is about to be scripted! Screenshots to be posted here shortly...
  15. That can be fixed...just let me know if you are serious about making one...
  16. Sad news indeed...not that I didn't see it coming, though... Ok, here's something that falls into sniper rifle AND AT weapon category; RT-20 sniper rifle...
  17. The mod HAS a campaign...check the thread linked in my first post. Currently, the campaign is planned to have 6 or 7 missions, and though it will feature Croatian MPs involved in the peace keeping mission there (ISAF), it will also feature operatives from various countries, that you'll have to unlock as specialists during the campaign.
  18. This is, I dare say, the most inovative map/mod in a long time! What else to say then what everybody else is probably thinking? I hope this mod won't get dropped, cause I can't wait to play it. PS: I know you guys probabaly have everything covered, but if there's anything you need (like a weapon or something) gimme a call.
  19. Actually, the right hand helper point is placed at MAX absolute zero (X, Y and Z), so it shouldn't be moved. The solution is to move the entire weapon model lower, towards the point..it will have the same effect as moving the hand point upwards. Try and play with it a bit...I think there was even a handy tool for right hand placement, featuring an operative hand overlaping with the helper point. That allowes you to actually see how the weapon will be placed in any hand in game before export. Try asking some of the moderators if that tool is still available for download anywhere.
  20. RGB-40 MGL (40mm grenade sixshoter) on Croatian flag @DTD, great FN!
  21. @WP33, how did it work for you? I tried the simmilar thing, but it seemed that GR recognises only 4 basic settings (if you count no_armour).
  22. Absolutely briliant....can't wait to try it out. I'm thinking plenty of CQB weapons..like H&K MP5 and such....
  23. You're right, it applies to torso area only...legs and arms are completely unprotected, and depending on armour level, armoured head sometimes stops a pistol or SMG round.
  24. I believe it has been discussed before, but without editing any of the gun files, I managed to acheeve the following; Armour class 0 (no bodyarmour)- character is succeptable to all weapons (as in real life) Armour class 1 (light armour or web gear with rifle clips)- will stop a few pistol or SMG rounds, but 3rd or 4th shot will penetrate it. Rifle rounds goes right trough it. Armour class 2 (medium armour)- Will stop all pistol or SMG rounds and 5,56mm round (exept from point blank). 7,62mm will penetrate it, but it takes 2-4 shots to bring the character down. Armour class 3 (heavy armour) Will stop all rounds, 'cept 7,62mm from close range. It takes several shots (up to 9) to bring down the character. Tell me what you think....
  25. Hey Cobaka, nice to see you back on the forum! Didn't even know you are working on a mod of your own..if there's anything you need, let me know. I have plenty of weapons already made so there might be some you want/need for the mod. (Milkor 40mm MGL comes to my mind) It's the least I can do, since you are making me a map for my mod... And btw, the skins and weps are a huge
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