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  1. @Shadow, that's an exelent idea! I know how hard it sometimes is to find a usable weapon pic...I'm sure there's more moders out there with the same problem If we could find a free host server and site with enough (read "ulimited" ) space to take all the pics, maybe with a search engine...the more I think about it, the more I like the idea...
  2. @San, I beg to differ: SR-47 rifle was developed exactly for that reason; an operative cannot always carry enough ammo, especially in a situation like Afgan cave fire-fights. SR-47 (as you may or may not know) is modyfied M4 SOPMOD rifle, that uses not only 7,62x39mm (AK-47) type ammo, it's even designed to utilize AK-47 type ammo clip. That way, every Tango taken out is a potential source of spare ammo..(about 80% of them are armed with AK-47) It's possible that you might be up against an enemy which is armed with a weapon that utilizes M-16 ammo and clip...like SAR-80, Tavor Tav-21, CZ M-80... No hard feelings, but as an ex-soldier with 5 years of full-scale war expirience behind me, I can tell you that in "real life", as you put it, you do pick up your fallen commarade's ammo and wep, you pick up fallen enemy's ammo as well (if of the same type), and even if not, you still disarm the bodys so the enemy wouldn't pick up that ammo and weapons...all this provided that the situation alows you to do so, of course...
  3. I see alot of players would like their AI team mates equiped with AT rockets to shoot at tanks on their own. I think I'll try to make a test-kit, making an AT rocket a primary weapon, and then send an operative armed like that against a tank...since Tangos with such kits take out our friendly tanks, maybe friendly AI will act in the same manner... Anyone tried it yet?
  4. @Yodasplat, you're partially right...at clear weather, you cannot see the laser beam... but if any fog is present in the air, the beam would become visible...just bearely though, but still visible.
  5. Tollen, my Viking friend..I know that Henkel rocks with his GL...'cept with that kit...try it out..prove me wrong. It's just something with GR engine or the way AI is coded..if you have any kind of GL+ extra ammo, the operative wouldn't open fire on it's own. I know it sounds wierd, but it is so... And I absolutely agree on German hardware issue...by far, it's the best...
  6. I remember that in the lost forum there was a post on working laser sights and working flash lights mounted on weapons..I beleve one could even turn them on/off. I don't remember who made it though... Does anyone have a clue on how to make a working laser sight (with a visible laser beam actually coming out of the sight)
  7. I noticed that in IT, if you equip Henkel with kit #4 I think (GL+extra ammo), he won't shoot on his own. It's the kit.file faoulty, actually...whille working on my mod, I discovered that if you equip an operative with GL+extra ammo, he won't shoot. Funny, but if you make a GL operative's primary weapon, you have to give him a secondary weapon too, so he would fire the GL on his own. Anybody else noticed that?
  8. This reminded me...I belive there was a post in the lost forum about working flash lights and working laser sights for weapons...some nice screenshots too, if I remember correctly...can who ever did it make a new post..possibly explain how it's actually working in GR? Is it the way the .gun is coded, or something with *lights in 3D SM? (maybe I should make a new post out of this?)
  9. Stalker, I don't want to burst your bubble, but you were right about ^LeftHandPoint issue...if you make a pistol model, but code that weapon as GL, operative's left hand is "hanging" in the air no matter where you put ^LHP...so far I don't see any way around it...'cept maybe to make a huge suppressor so it would appear that the left hand is holding it? Sugestions, ideas, anyone??
  10. You want tough female? How about Lt. Ellen Ripley from Aliens...(Sigourny Weaver)...that gives you a chance to put in pulse rifle into your mod..I'll be happy to make it for you
  11. Micon, mate..thanks a lot. That last one is quite good...small, but good...if something better doesn't pop out somewhere, I might just go with that one. I already have the model done, since I found b/w pic big and sharp enough to make the model after, but the texture is a bi*ch If you find something else on the same gun, kick it my way. Thanks again
  12. I agree with Budgie...more then once my Bravo team was picked out one by one usually by single Tango, and they did nothing about it..even when a single shot could save them...it is frustrating. That's why I abandoned using Bravo team all together...I just go in with one 3-men team (Alfa). I found out that if I take two good AI operatives with me (with combat values 5 or above), they can be quite usefull...like sometimes I find myself in a situation when Tangos are advancing at me from two different directions, so I let my AI team mates to "decide" and start covering one direction, and I atend to another. We usually cover each other flanks quite well.
  13. Earl, I might be wrong, but I was uder the impression that you make the weapon supressed simply by editing the gun.file. While I was testing some weapons, I coded them as supressed, and although I left the sound unchanged, the enemy was reacting like they couldn't hear the gun going off. I found it more reliable to edit gun.files with notepad then with Igor...so under line <silenced> just enter value "1" instead "0". Hope it helped
  14. It's six sided extruded n-gon, from what I can tell. It doesn't look like much, but you're right; it is usually fired at such velocities that you can't notice that.
  15. Stalker, I think what Soup is talking about is making a new projectile model in 3D SM, and then making a new .prj file with Igor which will use that new .qob as in-game model.
  16. A-hem...I have that pic already...it is a nice pic..but unfortunately, it is also b/w. Thanks anyway
  17. I don't consider myself to be a great weapon modeler, but here are my results: Most of my rifles count some 600- 800 polys (although I did some with significantly lower count then 600) Some of my more complexed weapons go as hi as 1200 polys..and I didn't notice GR engine to have any problem with it at all. I think 1500- 2000 polys is well within a safe zone..even for an inferior PC to handle.
  18. Shadow, my mate...sorry to say so, but you'r image isn't showing Could you e-mail it to me please? Thanks
  19. RT-20 On the link I posted above one can see a few more pics of RT-20, and a nice side-by-side pic of 12,7mm ('50cal) and 20x110mm HS404. I'm not trying to start the fight here again, but Soup is right; recoil does not depend merely on diametar of the projectile, (in this case 12,7 vs 25mm) it has alot to do with the size of the brass case, and the amount of the gun powder it's containing, of course. In a quote above you can see that the size of HS404 (RT-20 round) is almost twice the size of OSW round (110 vs 59mm) We can only presume that the amount of gun powder is equally different , so the recoil of OSW is probably significantly lower then of the RT-20 gun. I heard that the Russians are working on a 30mm sniper rifle. Now, if it's not going to be a stationary weapon, I wonder who is going to operate that monster? A Bigfoot perhaps??
  20. Before the frickin hacker attack, I was looking for some nice pics of Singapore CIS SAR-80 rifle...I still haven't found one. Anyone has a clue on where to find it?
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