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  1. Kit 4 SCAR-L/Front Grip (5 mags) MP5SD (4 mags) 1 Smoke 1 Hand Grenade
  2. They should make it so when you are prone with the MG you can deploy a bipod and get an accuracy boost and less recoil. ---------- my +1: minimi + optics http://www.thundermaster.com/wapens2/minimi4.jpg Ghosts are SF after all ... [Oversize image changed to URL - Do not post huge images direct in the forums, see Forum Rule 3.14: Large Images]
  3. My suggestions are, Make the demo guy have 1 GL HE round ( the assault guy only has 1 HE grenade ), fused for time and/or distance, and/or sights for greater accuracy and lesser accuracy when used unsighted, in this case leave at 2. Make Spawn protection a zone, if your enemy enters that zone they die, reference - BF series. They need a radio with basic stuff like - enemy spotted, stop, grenade etc for those who dont use ingame voip, so many times other players run past me into a line of bullets because I had no way to communicate with them (convert crosscom single player commands to multiplayer messages). Some additional/optional hand signals would be good fun, as not everyone clues onto who is communicating to them even though they may be right in front of you, hand signals would easily identify the player communicating.
  4. Does anyone have a link to a list of all the multiplyer kits you can choose ..? thanks
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