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  1. nice one rocky, cheers for that
  2. well ive also sent it to fileplanet, but havent heard anything back yet, but if your having trouble email me an ill sort you out a direct download from my own webspace, but the bandwidth is limited so not everyone can download from there
  3. delete all old stuff this is 100% complete
  4. For more info visit www.csk-uk.com http://www.fileshack.com/file.x?fid=3096
  5. RIGHT That download should not of been handed out, i dont know who did it but they shouldnt have. The mod has been ready for 2 weeks but thanks to ntl ##### up my website ive been unable to upload it. When the mod is uploaded i will put an OFFICIAL announcement, until then there is no download available.
  6. actually its not the actor file that handles the model, once you have a character, we'll call it 'my_characer.chr', you just need to make jungle and desert versions and name the modes 'my_character_cuba.chr' and 'my_character_desert.chr', the game will automaticly use these models on maps where the desert or cuba tag is assigned, this also holds true for the LOD's and face files ( my-character-face_desert.rsb etc...) this way you can have models that can work with other mods much better, the only model aspect that is reliant on the actor file is the attachments system, apart from that you can make a complete model mod with no actor files
  7. after much hassle (mainly chems lol) ive decided to work on some vehicles to put in the British commandos mod, heres an early pic of the Warrior:
  8. er no to the back cover, cant be arsed, and their aint new voices cos when i posted the idea 6 months ago no one was interested in lending voice tallent, so ner
  9. by the way those are actuall game models rendered in 3d Max
  10. thanks guys, glad to hear all my work is not without merit anyway looks about 2 weeks and the full finished mod will be done, complete with all new artwork, medals and all the loose ends tidied up
  11. Ive now released 2 versions of the FINAL BETA of British Commandos Full Version 40 mb Multiplayer Version 8mb
  12. Download it HERE (40 meg) Ill be hosting an online session of it everynight this week (8pm GMT Monday 12th-Friday 16th) email me if youd like to play and ill sort out the address for you
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