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  1. Well whatever the contents are, they have taken forever to get it finished and tested. I can see a lot of people coming back just to see whats new or improved by this patch. Trouble is, for this long a wait, if it's not drop jaw brilliant I can't see why anyone would ever believe in the GRAW games again. I wont be buying anymore if this patch falls on its face and I am sure many others here wont either. In the case that this patch actually making this game as it should be or better then you have a winner and a follower to the next game in the GRAW series...

    The console side to this forum is groomed, fed and watered, they are treated like customers. They are given the opportunity to buy extra content, get free content and get told whats happening next. Thats a thorn of frustration to PC users and a very painful one to try to pull out.

    Where is our customer treatment? When it comes down to game fixes shouldn't we know whats happening? Surely its a customers right to know what a company is doing about a faulty product? I think all we needed was 1 post, just 1, saying the patch is in the pipeline and with some fixes its addressing. Wouldn't that be nice? You could even lock the post to spare yourself being questioned about it. I'm with Cangaroo.TNT about the irritating amount of SOONs we have seen. This all started as a rumor, if you can remember back that far, about a 1.05 server on the list! Not by an official post, in fact to this day no official post in sight! No wonder people are getting frustrated eh?

    On a good note I think Rocky does a great job here, coming in here and just reading the rants and negative posts gives me a headache so to run all this as well.... a thank you 'pat on the back' and a sorry about the little piece of headache I am writing now. This is the only place I know for an outlet.

    I honestly hope this patch turns everything around for Ghost Recon and it's future! But I also hope us PC customers get the treatment equal to console users in the future too. This games concept was born on the PC, please don't put it up for adoption to the console.....


  2. There is a conversation between characters in GRAW 2 that really sticks in my head, you know the one, "I have no name, I'm a ghost." Well not much of a ghost I say, cannon fodder maybe or an all out normal soldier. I mean, can anyone tell me in what mission do we actually resemble a ghost? The sneak team factor is impossible to implement in this game. In most cases it's a fire fight situation. The closest map to a recon based mission is 'Get me Rosen' and even that ends up a flop due to super sighted snipers and sonic hearing guards. Tactical stealth is my preference and there is no better feeling than to stealth a team in to position, take out the targets and move on without being noticed. That is what ghost recon is all about in my eyes. Not the all out action that we have at the moment. It's more of a quick response team.

    The first mission should also be a good for stealth. but it's little things that stops it being what it should be. Who calls for the extra soldiers to come at the end? You have killed everyone there yet.... Ah, more targets coming in via heli and trucks. Why? There is no alarm going and everyone is down. At least in 'Rosen' a guard sets off the alarm to get backup so you know the 'Why?' reason. If it's because of the C4 charges going off then shouldn't they turn up after a timed interval? I'm sure if I was them I would start to move as soon as I heard the first go off, not wait for 2 more before attacking. Like I say, little things that could show the 'why?' would be nice. How hard is it to put a reason in, even if it is a repetitive one like an alarm or flare.

    The rest of the maps are all fire fights, nothing recon about them. Full of trigger events that don't tie in to how you play. Going full on assault results in the same as stealth play. I could understand if the team makes a mistake and all hell breaks loose but it does anyway no matter what you do. :blink:

    Anyway, to the point of this topic. What campaign coop map do you prefer and give the reason if you like.

    I am going for 'Get me Rosen' as it is the only one that a team can, fairly hard but possible, get in and out without being noticed. It has the correct triggering (guard, alarm) and a good basic recon feel. You can also stop the trigger (guard,alarm) by killing the guards before they raise the alarm. That is the best little touch in this game for me.

    Add some more in GR:AW 3 if it is on the way. Like taking out the communications, sentry before they can send for help or warn others etc. These little details can make the game a better experience. This is what GR is all about GRIN/UBI. :D

    We don't need a story, we don't need arcade action, all we need is 10-15 similar maps to 'Rosen' with a briefing and weapon choice. We can do the rest.


  3. You may want to check your Motherboard voltages also. If you have over clocked the previous card then you may of had set the voltage a little higher in the BIOS to stop the dreaded "blue screen of death" appearing. I would reset your BIOS to default and see if that helps. Remember if you over clock your CPU that will also interfere with voltage and power spread.

    Do a search for Everest in google. It shows all sensor temperatures and plenty of system info along with diagnostics that can help you find the problem.


  4. Nice specs but see you didn't quote the price. Dell Dell XPS M1730 Price FROM £1,499 OUCH!

    They may be a smaller package but the £ tag is huge. I will never pay over the odds for something I can build for far less. And for £1,499 I could make a nice Quad core desktop and have change for GRAW 3 hehe....

    Shows how much I follow the laptop side though. Last one I had was a Dell with a Intel Pentium 3 lol. Still use it as a door stop too. Still, each to their own I guess :)


  5. Although I would not use a laptop to play games I would be very surprised if we don't see half decent gaming ones soon on the market. What with the marriage between Intel and Nvidia I'm sure laptop babies will be on their way. If not already.

    NP Dragonsla, sounds like something has screwed your system. I would also recommend going to your BIOS and loading up the defaults before wiping your HD. If that doesn't work then at least you know everything is set back to factory default (working version).

    A couple of helpful programs that will help check and clean your system which I use. google them to find free and demo versions.

    Tuneup 2008 (all in one cleaner, styler, reg editor etc)

    Sandra (system diag tool, benchmarker etc)


  6. UPDATE: I found this info in my graphics software; DirectX* Version: 10.0

    Physical Memory: 3061 MB

    Minimum Graphics Memory: 8 MB

    Maximum Graphics Memory: 224 MB

    Graphics Memory in Use: 42 MB

    Processor: x86 family 6 Model 15 Stepping 6

    Processor Speed: 1596 MHZ

    Theres min. max. and in use....does the "in use" videio memory rise when I run a game, or is it adjustable...

    I have never heard of a graphics card that determines its own memory size on the fly. I could be wrong with onboard cards, not my specialty. But its usual to set the shared VGA parameters within BIOS for them.

    Try this

    Run dxdiag

    open the last tag (more help)

    Click the MSInfo button

    in the new window that opens choose "Components"

    the click "Display"

    that will give you all the info on your card. Have a look down the list and find "Adapter RAM".

    This is mine:

    Name Radeon X1950 Pro

    PNP Device ID

    Adapter Type ATI Radeon Graphics Processor AGP (0x7280), ATI Technologies Inc. compatible

    Adapter Description Radeon X1950 Pro

    Adapter RAM 512.00 MB (536,870,912 bytes)

    Installed Drivers ati2dvag.dll

    Driver Version

    INF File oem15.inf (ati2mtag_R580 section)

    Color Planes 1

    Color Table Entries 4294967296

    Resolution 1440 x 900 x 60 hertz

    Bits/Pixel 32

    Yours should say 256MB (approx)

    If not then a call to a support line may be needed.


  7. Both tests show that your system is only reading 36MB on your card. Check your BIOS to see if "shared video memory" is set correctly to 256MB. Check the "Integrated peripherals" section. On board graphic cards take their memory from the RAM usually so you have to set, in BIOS, how much to share. You could also see what your VGA aperture size is and change it.

    So set

    Video/VGA shared memory to 256

    VGA aperture to 128

    As Wolfsong states the test also shows a problem with your Vertex Shader.

    After a quick search on your card I also found this, maybe it is a problem Intel need to address?



  8. I just think the departure from the core gameplay is many times more alarming.

    This is very confusing to me. Core game play?

    I played GR tonight just to see what you mean but I can't see a difference in what you can or can't do between GR and GRAW. In GRAW 2 yes it is visible but can be patched. But to say the CORE game play is not there? What do you mean?



    This is not a slur or opposition to your comments just a plain question :) I'm interested to find out what you mean...

  9. This ability to Order human players to move, cover, attack etc is a huge lose for GRAW 2 in my opinion. These are, in my eyes, general commands. You give the player the order to "move to" and its down to them to make that move how they see fit. It still adds the confusion quota due to the nature of how that player moves to position. A bad player could choose the straight route and 'wing it' a good player could leap frog from cover. You never know. Give a player the cover command and he still has his common sense to change the cover area or turn to take on flanking targets. Combining the oral (TS, VOIP) and visible commands adds to the teamwork. The more communication a game has the tighter the game play is as a team.

    There are so many games out that could be great [GR] type cooperative games, only if they had that mode. GRAW 2 has the mode but has left out some of the "classic coke" content.


  10. mwgfghost I am quoting Papa6's comment.

    "In order for a game to be labelled "Tactical" they should be tested by actual military soldiers in beta testing then, be confirmed as "tactical"."

    Don't see why do you? Any game can be tactical even if it doesn't have the tools. In the end, who is the tactition in the game? You are, the player. Every move you make, in any game, is a tactic, be it a good one or a bad one.

    GRIN_Wolfsong yep I enjoyed Rogue Spear but at the time I had no internet connection, and as you know the game started to fall to the dark side after that. SWAT 4 introduced me to the internet and team play. I count myself lucky it was that game. I co founded a clan and have played it since. 2 year anniversary is this month :) but all games lose their appeal at some point so the clan is now looking for a new home. We have tried BF, AA, armA but none have the same qualities. GRAW 2 has the ability but needs the fine tuning that I hope you/someone is working on now. GRAW 1 though has the majority of what we want but only 3 members have the game, 8 members have GRAW 2 but wont play it as much due to the bugs. Especially in [GR], one hit kills from beyond the players view distance. The 180 turn and kill and the non reaction from AI teams if one of them is killed. All AI problems. The first person view feels zoomed a little making it awkward to turn on stairwells. The tracking through buildings of the AI, you know, when your trying to flank them but they track your movement even if a building is hiding you. Most of the time it doesn't feel that we are the ones that are the more advance soldier. It's like the AI have been given a secret super soldier drug to enhance their senses and merely laugh at us as they gun us down lol

    Can't knock you for the layout of the game it is very very good. The maps are all excellent, the weapons too. With patches it will become better I hope. Just tap the boss and ask him for the ok to tell us whats happening :)

    SWAT 3, I was wondering about it but thought a step back in game version wouldn't be a good idea. I have heard it to be very good but good in "not as good as 4" or just the same, or better?


  11. How can you say a game can only be named "Tactical" if the army are involved? Tactical means planning and ability to change that plan on the fly. Which all the Ghost recon games can do. One of the first games you could actually pull up the combat map (satallite view) and place your team where you like. The ability to the give orders, cover, attack, reform, they are all tactical moves.

    Like someone said earlier in this thread there are not many games out there to choose from that have this type of COOP [GR]. Yeah you can play BF2 but take a step back and watch and you will soon see its a free for all on the servers. Unless your in a clan game there is no tactics in play there. Run, shoot, die, spawn, die. I have been on 32 slot servers where only 2 squads were made, the rest totally ran about like headless chickens. Fun for a while, yeah but soon it starts to wear off. Un-installed and packed away.

    Only 2 games have given me the teamwork fun factor. GR series and SWAT 4. That why I hope that this patch sorts things out that need sorting.

    Ability to select and give orders to human players in the team. Multi coop.

    Spawn on the leader.

    Select your own equipment (like GRAW) not classes.

    Playing coop is what I like but most upcoming games forget to add that mode. MoH Airborne dropped it at the last minute. Thats a big shame.

    (throws another penny down the well)


  12. Silent hunter 4 is a remake of Silent service by microprose (amiga days http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Service_(video_game) ) all be it better graphically. And looking back... Silent Service didn't need patching lol.

    My, how games have changed now that patching is the official excuse for companies to sell games early. "Get it out and we can patch it later!". Well thats what it feels like these days anyway. But even consoles are going to go the same way, with internet connection comes patching. Give it a few years (or less) and their forums will look like ours, "Is there a patch coming soon?" instead of "oh more download content yiiipppeee". Still thats the way it's going and I don't believe there is a way to stop it. If a game can be made for more than the PC or console alone then it will be, and both shall have it. Trouble is the game is usually made up to the PC from the console version as far as I can tell (or at least the blue print of it). PC's are better than that and deserve the extra push needed to make the game a PC game in its own right. Just remember, once it was PC's that got the extras, not the consoles.

    You may feel I am against patching, no I am not against it. It is a necessity these days due to 1000's of PC's out there all being different. What I am against is half finished games with the patching excuse, followed by "when the hell is the patch coming out then?" due to NO ONE saying. It's just plain rude of the companies to do that. Especially when they can see that we want to know, you know, THE CUSTOMERS.

    (throws his penny in the well)

    Jack <_<

  13. Wow it's like stress out corner in here. To be honest can anyone remember a game title that has never needed a patch? Can anyone name a game company that offers great support? Lastly can you name a forum that actually keeps you up to date with the game patch news day by day (if your feeling luck week by week will do). Well I can't think of 1. And thats the way it is. It's down to us to jump aboard the ship named Hope and whine to the captain about the size our cabins. Still, we look out at the horizon and dream.

    I am just pleased to know that at least people from GRIN do actually read this forum, and thank them for that. They answer what they can and help people out (if you take a look) a lot here. But even they have restrictions to what they can and can't say. Same as the forum MODS. They can only tell you what they know to be true.

    So is there a patch coming soon? Only GRIN/UBI know for sure. Do I sit and whine about it? Yes I do (cabin 102 on HMS Hope). Does it get me anywhere? No.

    End result? I keep checking this forum....

    The only thing I need to know is "patch 1.05 is in development/testing" from a MOD or from GRIN. I don't even want to know whats in it. As long as I know that something is in the works then I am happy to stay with the game. Lack of communication can lead to games being shelved and not thought of again. I am not willing to believe "sightings" of servers with official 1.05 testing etc as they can be fake.

    No news is bad news?


  14. Strange things are afoot lol

    As you say it is intermittent but this sequence seems to work

    start a LAN campaign server via Hamachi

    get the error

    start it again

    I really don't understand why either. I've been trying this out all day with different maps. 9 times I got the "happened upon unknown error" and had to select LAN only after the error and restart the server to get it to work.

    Your right in saying it wont work if you click LAN only after starting the game. You have to get the error first then select it..

    I cant get it to work at all on the game online campaign even after the error. Its just a daft bug LOL

    Still hopefully the fix is on its way next week eh Grin? :thumbsup::D


  15. If you are a clan and want to play a campaign coop I have the answer.....

    Earlier in a post i said about Hamachi online LAN software. Well it works. My clan tried it last night and NO connection fails on any maps.... So if you just want to try it out within a clan then now you can :) All you need to do is open hamachi and create a network name and password, give the details to the other clan members and they can log in to the LAN network. Start the game and create a LAN coop campaign and away you go :)

    I will post the download link here.


    Sorry if we are not allowed to put links here if that is the rule.... Thought a few would find this helpful until the fix is out :)


  16. lol Sorry Tinker I was wondering out loud again.....

    In some other games they have coding that allows you to set (in seconds) how long the game lets you take to connect to the server. So you can set it to 120 seconds instead of 60 seconds for slower connections for example... This lets players with slower connections load up the map etc and join, otherwise it would kick then after the 60 sec's as they haven't finish loading...

    "I wont give too many technical details, but to simplify it's a timing problem when the map takes too long to load."

    Anyway sounded like the same so wondered if there was a setting or not we could alter....

    Thanks Grin for finding and working on it :) good to see you all jumping on a problem so quick :)


  17. I shouldn't do this but I have had my thinking hat on today. Please excuse the smoky ears....

    I know how some anti cheating software works by comparing the files within our PC and with the files that are 'correct' on a data base, or thats what I have come to believe anyway. So its kind off a cheater firewall.

    I know that within the game I have been disconnected for "tampered files", which I believe was a bug, as my files are straight from the game disk and not edited in any way. So if GameSpy can get that wrong could it be get the updated file comparison wrong as well and therefor stop us from running a server?

    As I said smoky ears and smoldering hair over this problem.... But this degrading really doesn't feel right.... If it was the patch then why work one day then sometimes the next day and then not at all on the next?! Peculiar indeed.

    Could GameSpy stop you serving if your files are out of sync with theirs?



    I am a big fan of any cheat stopping software. Only mugs cheat!

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