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  1. http://www.mass-productions.com/GRUT/GRST/ get that, load your IP's into it and away your go
  2. and lets also remember the citizens of Iraq that the Americans have killed.
  3. u know whats funny, the poms are teasing all Aussies about the rugby, but im from Victoria and no one gives a sh][t about rugby here! so i don't care funny thing is that nobody seemed to like cricket in england after the world cup
  4. YIKES i gotta get that game, from the screenshots it looks like an awesome game
  5. Aussie_Terry


    im a metalhead and i like: -Metal (Death, Black, Power, True, Classic) -Rock (Stoner Rock, 70's Rock {Blue Oyster Cult owns}) -Jazz (Jazz Fusion, Latin Jazz, Jazz Jazz) -Classical Music (Latin, Neo-Classical) -Reggae (very good guitar) -Techno (House mainly but im open to any other form) -Donuts and i think that qualifies me as being better than anyone on here, EVER!!
  6. www.ysflight.com got it from a internet magazine cd, its awesome, the bad thing is that the maps are made up, which kinda sucks, so you only get to fly over the ocean and island, but u can bomb stuff and shoot down other planes
  7. anyone see Hayden go out on 99? also waugh got 50 and so did ponting, martyn got 60 something. and Australia kills New Zealand in the V8 super car
  8. here we have ABC which is government funded and SBS which is also funded by the government, sbs plays a few ads but not many. apart from that we have 3 commercial stations 7, 9 and 10 which u can see The Soprano's and Band of Brothers and other popular shows on when they come out, but they are usually shown 6 months after they debut overseas
  9. Hayden will reach his 1000th run for the year in the next match
  10. just read Stupid White Men last week, now i hate Dubya with a passion.
  11. well its been ###### down rain in brisbane so it looks like the first test between Australia and India will end up a draw (only 6 overs where played today!!)
  12. Stewy u can get a corded LED one for $20 in Australia, its what i have, their great way better than ball mouses as the ball always gets dirrty
  13. STEVE WAUGH OUT FOR A DUCK!!!................. ADAM GILCHRIST OUT FOR A DUCK!!...............
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