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  1. I'm getting the same thing at the end game of the single player campaign. Nothing but a stats screen and a link to "return to menu" No cut scene? What a rip
  2. So you decide to go on a public server to release a little tension and you spawn on a team that is camped in the spawn. What's you best tactic to get out of it? Log off and find another server, hurl internet insults (we all know how they hurt), swap teams because you need the kill pad, or decide to stick with lemons and made lemonade? I grab a GL and blast my way out. I can sometimes open a hole and allow a few teamates to get in position or at least run for some cover. Usually this ends up working, but then you get the "noob tuber" comment from the guy on the recieving end shooting into the spawn. LOL
  3. What got me wondering about the review was how the author was talking about how difficult the game was. HUH?!!? I found that most of the time, I left my ai buds at the drop off point and just hunted down AI through out the map.
  4. Well.. I'm a casual gamer. I have been since wolfenstein 3d. I play a couple hours a night, a few nights a week. I don't belong to a clan or a group or anything like that. Once in awhile my cousin logs on to GRAW2, and we talked over our cell phones coordinating our attacks. That's about the extent of it. I'm not some hard-core fps nut. I work during the day and once in awhile, I like to escape in a game. Seeing the m99 video morph put up, I'm going to start using the m99 like that. Why? Because it looks like fun. Yes, I only play on public servers as do many casual gamers do. True. There isn't much "teamwork" involved in these public servers because ....well... it puts "work" in teamwork. I don't want to work. I work 9 hours a day irl. This is a casual gamer's perspective.
  5. TeamHOT server will be up in a matter of days. No m99. No GL. All Skill. If that's the case, I'll add it to my Favorites. On any other server, it doesn't bother me getting mowed down by the m99 out of the spawn gate (too much). It just changes my play style and I usually end up getting an m99 to counter. Unfortuntely, that isn't the play style I like to play. I don't like to be the camping sniper. As for the GL, yeah. I'll admit I use it for an easy kill. Especially if I die mutliple time to spawn campers OR some guy I know is around a corner that are taking out my 'mates.
  6. Hi. I'm new. Anyway.. looking at the server listing in MP, I notices "Ranked" servers. What does this mean? Are our stats tracked? If so, where can we view them? Thanks.
  7. It would be nice though to see a server info, and decide whether or not you wish to join a server that allows or disallows the M99 and/or 'nade launchers. Those that love playing the role fo a sniper can search a server that alowss that weapon, and those that like to get more personal can search servers that disallow the M99. It would be REALLY fun to see a server that only allows a pistol and knife, wetworks style.
  8. The EASIEST way to counter the M99 is..... allow customizable kits and the server admin ability to ban certain weapons (m99 & 'nade launcher come to mind). Of course.. this really isn't possible as... we don't have customizable kits and no way to ban weapons off servers. Yet, I mention this because I rather have that feature than nerf/fix/whatever the current weapons. Just a priority thing is all. In defense of the 'nade launcher... it is an extremely useful weapon in clearing spawn campers. BTW morhpingjar, I was playing last night TDM_nowhere with and against you. It was funny. At first, the team you where on had no complaints when you (and others!) where shooting into our spawn with the m99 from the bottom of the hill. As soon as the current round was over, you switched teams, and nothing but complaints from the team that was just previously... doing the same. LOL. I don't really care that people use the m99 to shoot into the spawn in map _Nowhere (it happens all the time in that map and arroyo). It's just a game. What's worse than 1 person shooting a m99 is a tandem team shooting an m99.
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