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  1. Lovin this mod! I have run into a snag... mission 5.... I can't steal the boat.... how do you trigger the 'steal'. I've tried everything... did 'diversion'... but boat just sits there while I run around it. I then killed em all! ... and still can't steal the boat. Thanks!... but until I get this figured out... can't proceed. GREAT up to this point!
  2. Ok... nice web site... they're sponsoring a truck at Daytona... but... 'gone live'? Don't see how I can race yet.
  3. Tron... your post makes weeding thru tons of useless ones, wothwhile... Thanks. ... no kidding.
  4. Soooooooooo TRUE! Great stuff!!
  5. RatPatrol


    I'm looking forward to Crysis more than Graw.
  6. Great game... better than DUUM3 by far... great AI... single player is all I know about also & it rocks. The swearing doesn't bother me... as a matter of fact, I found it refreshing... more 'real'. jmho. Hey let's make a 'CRYSIS' section while you're at it. Haven't heard of CRYSIS yet?..... you will.
  7. Yeah.... and the BILL... so yes... until HE pays for the stuff.... Santa SUCKS!
  8. Race on a track ONLY... that's just stupid.
  9. GR3? There had to be an actual "2" in existence for the PC for there to be a 3!!!! It NEVER happened!!! Helloooooooo!!!!! (rant:over) Anywho... GR (the original, one & only offering for the PC so far ) stays for sure. So many mods... so little time. GRAW.. gonna wait & see if it even makes it to my hard drive. Expecting another 'to make it even better' delay... prove me wrong, PLEASE!
  10. "I'm just a Rat" Tony Walsh from Toronto did comics about a foul tempered rat... my kinda bastage. (This thing says I'm a 'Jesse Custer'.... but noooo I'm Just a RAT!!!)
  11. Any follow-up to the original GR should be as moddable as the original. Add to and/or enhance, but don't take features away. jmho.
  12. RatPatrol


    Is there going to be a FarCry 2?
  13. This is a test of the emergency avatar system...... blip......blip......blip
  14. "Nurse... we have a single picture to completely disect.... I don't want even 1 particle unscrutinized... ready... we're goin in!" "Scalpel!"
  15. I agree WK... the 'weapons fire direction' looks to be implemented well (Kinda reminds me of the HX5 mod.. jmho). The big hud vs smaller hud kinda reminds me of those old beer commercials.... Less filling vs tastes great WK... you play "Conrad Dobler"!!! (The 'young' pups won't get it)
  16. Hud looks cool to me... jmho. Sure glad to see directions (N, S, E, W) displayed.... maybe.... just maybe, when I tell my teamies to watch the South East... the non-map reading bastages will know where I'm talking about!!! Looking forward to
  17. I look at alot of em.... even the useless ones.
  18. Why? Everyone knows you have no 'official' info to offer.
  19. Be true to yourself. I'm the same way, enjoy a few but know when to quit.... I like to have my wits about me at ALL times. jmho. Plus, can you truly trust others around you when you're 'wasted'? Sure?!!!!
  20. Google Earth is cool! Lots of time wasted at work flying from place to place.... hehe. I'm in Bogota.... but it doesn't show very well. Looks like you have some race tracks nearby ya Jack.
  21. let's see.... definition of 'rave': - To wander in mind or intellect; to be delirious; to talk or act irrationally; to be wild, furious, or raging, as a madman. - To utter in madness or frenzy; to say wildly; as, to rave nonsense. .... hmmmm Oh YES.... go in there and kick some raver ######!!!!!!
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