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  1. OMFG! 6 Pages and we finally have a Winner! I endorse this message in its entirety. So half this awareness is solved in my mind.... now about that RvsA...
  2. I have no problem letting everyone know our worst maps.. here you go: the cut and crashsite. I absolutely agree. Wish there was, hope we can find, a way to eliminate this. Should be kit selectable or just forgo upgrades completely. Haha, no offense taken. Very few accept our challenges so it is hard to move up anyways. Go over to TWL forums for a complete discussion of this power ladder. Remember, it is a scrim power ladder, the real ones come out this week.
  3. I care for your eyes, I suggest you stop reading it.
  4. Camping is the part of every game, and I do not have too much problem with it in this one other than we are playing single spawn. I would say it would suck way less if these damn bushes were eliminated or reduced on most of these maps. It is flip-a-coin playing: pick the right bush.
  5. By killing them? I do not talk down on anyone, unless they call me a cheater, then at best I am at least 'playful'. Regardless, in the first week of live play, we were called cheaters and hackers, even banned from a few servers. We extended the olive branch to some of the owners of those servers... something we wouldnt do if we didnt respect anyone. With one clan, within a matter of a couple days, we were meeting up on vent and became friends with some. I am new to this community, and I am glad I have met some cool peeps here already. Rugg, if you ever want, you are more than welcome to come onto our vent and chat it up. Just hit me up on xfire (thawkeaston) or IM me.
  6. Oh, this saves us all a headache then! Sorry it was not made clear, but this whole thread was made for discussion in competitive leagues/environments. This has nothing to do with 'pubs.' So, no worries, we do not want to touch your pubs. You can leave now. BTW, Keyser would not make a thread that excluded anyone. In fact, I regret that some of the post between the two of us are inhibiting it. Let the rest of us talk content, now that we have established this has nothing to do with you.
  7. *YAWN* to the first part, I know your rep around here already and I am new. Nuff said, I will go on loving you rugg... I agree with the second. There is a good amount of praise that can be thrown at GRIN for this game. There are some bugs that should not be present, and it certainly neglected the competitive side of the game in some areas, but the game itself as a whole is good. RvsA would demonstrate this. I have competed in many MP games, and I would have moved on in a heartbeat if I didnt feel this way about the game right out of beta.... hehe, you pulled an edit at the end... well, I am not here to change your mind, we are trying to discuss and make aware of some things about this game we like to the rest of those around here who have an open mind and do not try to disagree with '99%' of the posters. Calling me son? I thought you made a lame attempt a post ago to be the better man... stick with it.
  8. This is exactly why I do not think TDM is good competition, just organized recreation. Which is TOTALLY fine if this is what everyone enjoys, and I see most do around here. But, the game mechanics, FPS skill, team tactics ALL are lost or very limited when it takes the other teams' mistakes to allow you to win. You said it yourself, basically, it all comes down to: who has the mental fortitude to stay on their own half of the map in one spot the longest, wins. Nothing about strategy or how good your shot is. I guess most who post here would find this an overall equalizer and defend it, which does not surprise me as there are very few that play this game that have much FPS skill. IMHO. I know a lot of people may be offended by that opinion, but I know the few very good players from some of these teams agree with me from outside conversations.
  9. 99%? Some people call them forum trolls. Exactly the point I made. Stop talking down to people, and people will respect you more. We only ask for discussion here but you take jabs all the time. You can be a pest at times. We are only trying to discuss points, not have personal wars. Stop being that guy that wants to disagree with people just to disagree and talk down to them. Move on. It is interesting that some vocal people are against respawns, even the limited ones in this mode. I do not understand it, though I am trying to. Seems coin-flippish when you randomly toss a nade, get a kill, and will win. I will look at those gametypes. Look interesting. Well, we do not bring up this debate because we cannot play the mode. I can assure you we can beat any team out there in this mode. We do not have a problem countering a bush more than any other team. But it still is what it is, and based on the fact that it isnt our lack of skill that turns us off to it, gives us a little credibility.
  10. Then do not be a hypocrite and post in them then. It is obvious that you go out of your way to disagree with anything we do. That is fine, we have recruited many a fan in our past. Judging by your post count, time on this forum, and the reaction from others to you on this forum and outside of it, I believe you feel this is your home and we have come in and dirtied the carpet. Sorry you feel that way, we would love to be your friend. We are friendly people, really! We just want the community to talk about this game. It has a lot of competition potential, and we would like to see it go forward... you know, more than just a TWL ladder game, which it is capable of if some of the community would move forward and make it so. IMHO. I would Love to try this mode in a scrim. I truly believe this mode would be more fun that TDM, IMHO. Also, for those maps that are unbalanced in terms of distance from spawn, the points carry over between rounds, so each team gets the same shot I believe.
  11. QFT. I like TDM, just some of the maps encourage teams to camp their own spawn. I understand and enjoy the more tactical aspects this game promotes in competition, but at the same time it seems that the team that stays on their own half of the map and has the mental fortitude to camp in one spot will win. This does little to take advantage and showcase the mechanics and quality of this game. Some of the maps, arroyo and fort for example, require more movement and FPS skill (yes, I used it again roco ) to win, and I like this. I guess all I am saying is we need better comp maps for TDM as opposed to some of these great-for-pub maps. Also, I was weary about RvA for comp play, but having scrimmed it a few times, I have to say it is extremely fun and certainly elevates Teamwork, individual skill and just plain fun as opposed to get-lucky-nade-kill-at-start-and-pull-back-and-camp-bush-for-10-long-minutes. But I certainly understand that, at least the vocal part of the graw community, enjoys this the most.
  12. Multiplayer Demo: http://www.fileplanet.com/177038/170000/fi...rfighter-2-Demo Single Player: http://www.fileplanet.com/178705/170000/fi...-(Singleplayer)
  13. I am assuming most if not all teams interested in competition use Xfire (www.xfire.com). It would be great to get some xfire contacts so we can arrange scrims. Mine is thawkeaston, please add. Also, post yours here so we can add you. Also, sign up at TWL, starting a league there now.
  14. QFT! Someone buy this guy a beer. BTW, this guy is a genius in both the context and presentation of his guides, you should really check them out.
  15. Hehe, agreed. Well, good discussion, I think all the points have been made. I think 99 Awareness Week can end a few days early, unless anyone else has more to say? BTW, our server is up: TeamHOT Pro Server Find it, Favorites it.
  16. Bump. And who was the one that challenged you to use the 99 on Arroyo? Looks like he can eat his words.
  17. All in all, I enjoy the 99 on public servers.. and I do not have a problem when they are shot at me. Many points were made in this thread, good points on both sides... and that was the point. Who knows how the 99 will be regarded in comp play, we will see. My number one annoyance is the reinforced steel leaves on these damn trees. The next, and I am not calling for a nerf here, but I get damn annoyed at being nade launched... so if I am killing you, a lot, bust that out to ###### me off Also, rugg, get over it, man... no one is professing world domination here... the players on our Graw2 team have not won much.... Easton www.TeamHOT.net
  18. No problem, Optimus. I am glad you did some research instead of jumping to conclusions. Hope these SS issues get worked out. Also, morph didnt know we discussed this off this forum. Thank you for your understanding and for making the effort to not having our names in the SS. GLHF
  19. I dont know what it is. I have logged quite a few hours in pubs for Graw2, and have yet to see anyone that I remotely suspect of hacking. I have no problems facing anyone. Maybe I am just lucky.
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