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  1. I want to bring IGS back.... F^^k all other games
  2. Quekel here is interested I think the more old guys you get back, and a system similar to IGS would do it
  3. http://www.xfire.com/clans/grigs/ cya on the battlefield
  4. why u dont name me rufio.... i raped ya so much ! igs coming back btw
  5. Quekel


    iam looking for the latest IGS TRR 1.3 i believe. Does any1 have the file?
  6. we can give the GL 32 nades.... but then no ammo haha
  7. BQL is working on it. http://www.bq-gaming.com/index.php?league=3 As soon the new TRR will be released with server sided settings, BQL shall begin. Register now! Start playing TRR, put it on your server and lets get rolling!
  8. Most clan matches where set to TRR, 5 spawns, 20min, its gonna be awesome guys, u all will like it, Its ######ed up that u can join a game that is allrdy going on, and then unlimited spawns on the same base for like 10min
  9. Hi, i wonder how to put the option all players ready on the server or even in the bundle of the new map/mode? can u do this in the bundle or does it has to be the server.. And what line do u put where?
  10. the match round time is ######ed up.... Well it is for a mode that has 1 round each map so basicly its the same as a match. 20 minutes.
  11. How do u put the server to 20min with a new gamemode U do that in the bundle xml files or the game_info.xml?
  12. Hey, if u want to have a server like this, u gotta change it all in your settings, rules.xml at your common folder if the map is made by you or u gotta change it settings folder with game_info.xml I would like to have the follow things -20 min a round -5 spawns -All players must be ready -players that join when round started have to w8 till next round, so if u join and the map started 5 sec ago your still to late How do u get this to keep your default settings, so u dont have to keep setting it up all the time
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