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  1. GR: Future Soldier? Ugh... *going back to ArmA 2*
  2. Yeah, I'm totally bringing this thread back from the dead, but anyone still have this file? I asked the OP and still no answer. Thank you.
  3. I'm sure our boys overseas are happy with this new intelligent creation from Ubi!
  4. None, sadly I think the good old days of our favorite kind of shooter are behind us.
  5. I can't believe you're still working so hard on GRAW2 Brettzies . Too bad the game was boring, but I'll reinstall my game just to try that new release.
  6. Nice work here buddy really, maybe it's a bit more polishing (like the rear sight is a bit too scary) but that's because I'm nit picky. Seriously it was about damn time someone do the Mk14. Once again, great job you did here
  7. I wonder if someone will ever finish this great model.
  8. ^TRC, thanks you so much. I was about to shoot myself .
  9. During Codename Farallon, after the detonation of the EMP, I kept seeing the electromagnetic pulse. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v394/waf...ss84/empbug.jpg
  10. Ah! I didn't know it was a Leupold actually.
  11. I added myself the G36K, G36c, the combat sight for the M8 compact. But it would be nice to have everything in a "official" mod. I also noticed there no sprite for the G36c, maybe someone should do one. Caprera, I can only agree with your last post.
  12. I'm suprised that nobody added the combatsight to the M8 compact yet...
  13. It not like they're playing with thier suppressor all the time.
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