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  1. Turns out it was a labor day weekend promotion, one that ended as of Sept. 6th. So if you haven't installed the free ad-supported of GR at least once already, well you won't be able to unless/until Ubisoft hosts another of these events.
  2. The saved spots go away, but your unlocked missions will stay. Meaning if you're in the middle of level 6 and you apply the patch, the farthest you have to go back to is the beginning of level 6.
  3. Hmm, never heard of an ATI Radeon 9559. Seriously though, GRAW 2 supports the Geforce 6-8 series, the ATI 9700 and 9800, and the X700 and higher. (this is going by the back of the GRAW 2 box)
  4. This is one very good thing about in-game ads, the fact that if used correctly older games can become free with little strings attached. (just some ads and sometimes a lengthy download) As for Far Cry, I bought the game a couple years ago and can say it's pretty good. Have yet to beat it though. (was over half-way, then the hard-drive died)
  5. Looks like the [Ghost Recon] is now gratis, thanks to the tech that is known as in-game advertising. This applies only to those in the U.S., but if you qualify and have never played Ghost Recon before then looks like you can legally download the full game now. Link courtesy of Tweakguides. http://games.internode.on.net/filelist.php?filedetails=11162 Looks like I'll have to take a crack at this one. P.S. Ubisoft is also offering Far Cry, Prince of Persia TSoT, and Raving Rabbids for free (with in-game ads), so that's enough proof for me to conclude this is legit.
  6. The way I see it, since Ubi's on the GfW platform that's a decent sign that GRIN may get the support they need to improve GRAW2. And you can make your own custom campaigns now Tecmic, so if you want some new missions you can make them yourself.
  7. not that is a gr8 idea - if a player lies in one area too long then it subtracts a point from his score. I take it you meant "now" instead of "not", right? If anything I'd really like to see options 1, 3, and 4 implimented. (granted I'd prefer all 4 being used)
  8. GRAW 2 supports dual core processors. In short, you WILL see a performence boost by going from a single core to a dual core processor.
  9. Here's a list of some things that I feel need to be taken care of. (or at least looked at) 1: A new anti-cheat system. Any anti-cheat system that updates ONLY when a new patch is launched isn't gonna be good in practice. What we need is a system that'll detect new cheats and add them to its list on a daily (or bi-daily) basis. Kinda like VAC if you need a comparision. 2: When you aim down the sight, I've noticed that your aim is steady. (even while standing up) What's needed is to make it so when you do aim down the sight your aim goes a bit unsteady. Adds more of a realistic feel and he
  10. Again, I'm willing to bet the disc itself is fine. The DRM implimented is what's most likely causing the problem. Which really sucks if you ask me.
  11. You have anything overclocked? If so, try reducing/removing all overclocks. Also, you may need better cooling. And I never heard of Nspire, is it reliable? Maybe GRAW 2 was the game that just pushed your PSU beyond it's limit or something.
  12. The DRM on the disc may cause problems on certain disc drives. Says so right on the back of the box. I'm willing to believe that's the problem. Maybe Ubisoft should go away from SecuRom and use SafeDisc. (I'd prefer no DRM at all but these days that's very rare)
  13. Yesterday (EST), when I went to play GRAW 2 online, I noticed that some servers have a listed ping of well over 2000. Is this just a bug on the server list or what?
  14. A few gameplay fixes (mostly multiplayer) I'd like to suggest personally. (and I'd strongly recommend that at least the first suggestion is implemented) 1: Limit the number of snipers per team. (preferably 3-4) Had one too many instances where a TDM turned into a snipe fest. (and I find one to be one too many) Oh, and make this limit a requirement, not a server-side option. 2: Add some sway to the M99. 'nuff said. 3: Fine tune the A.I. of the player's Ghost Team a bit. (single player) At least make them have common sense, i.e. running to cover if they're being shot. That would be enou
  15. A little audio glitch, not sure if it was covered but I did a decent checkthrough of this thread so if this was covered in another thread then forgive me. Sometimes when someone's talking via the Narcom, or whatever it is (on the upper-right section of the cross-cam), there's no voice over. It's kinda annoying if you ask me and if it's something on the game's end I'd like for it to be fixed. System Specs (incase it may be something on my end) Brandname: Dell Precision 360 CPU: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz NW Mobo: Dell Computer Corp. OW2563 Optical Drive: DVD/CDr drive 1 GIG of RAM. (333 MHz
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