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  1. Sound promising Ruggbutt. Wolfsong, I understand you don''t want to say something "may" happen. When it may not. And the people would be in an uproar. But in that case, TELL us it won't/can't be fixed. That it WILL take too much time, or that it WILL be in a later patch. Then there would be no uproar. No matter if you said it could be done or not. Letting us know would at the least keep people around.
  2. TY Zenjant, Ruggbutt for bringing me up to speed. Instead of busting my chops for being serious to a PB(whatever) instead of slurp,slurp. Like the rest.
  3. Be careful GRIN. Look at what happened to the R6V community when they were deprived of patch info for half a year. The mods on the R6V forums were all like "Ooooh well we can't discuss patch info because its confidential. We won't tell you if we're even working on it or what it will address." Kinda like what you're starting to to here. Now look at the game. Theres nobody playing and the community died. I dont understand all the confidentiality behind patching a game. Its not like you're giving out nuclear launch codes, it's a patch for a game. Why does UBI have to be so secretive? Is a simple "Yes we are working on a patch" that hard to confirm? If I buy a bike and it doesn't work properly or does not have some thing it should have had in the first place, I call the bike shop and ask for a repair. The bike shop doesn't say "oooh well we are not going to tell you if we can repair your bike or not. Sorry its confidential." They say "Okay bring the bike in we will have it fixed up by monday." I just don't see why it's so hard, is all Look familiar? How about true thoughts, not just kissing up.
  4. The only type of SS which player take note of are PBSS from PB and if you want to have a go at faking a PBSS go head, at PsB we have got tool which can see a fake PBSS a mile of Back to this topic. Please let grin do there job, sometimes it can take weeks to come up with a patch to stop a hack, Grin may have to do a lot of recodeing to stop this hack so give them sometime and let them do there job.. SUDDENLY WE HAVE PB AND PBSS's? I was speaking about NORMAL Prnt Screen, screenshots. Something we would have if we had NO A-C. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST NEXT TIME, NOT JUST THE PART THAT LETS YOU SAY HOW GREAT PB IS. If we had PB and PBSS, we wouldn't be having half this convo? Keep up. (JUST HALF) And good GOD don't tell me what PB "would" do. Cause like I said, I played RvS from the jump and wasn't that impressed. I never got a response from anyone on PB staff about anything for years. NOW SUDDENLY you come around telling me what you "would do/could do." I'm guessing you just want Grin to contact you for support? Little bit more money, yes? They didn't come running for PB like you had hoped seeing this topic started??? And I AM letting Grin do their job. I'm just asking for some idea of what that may be? We all are.
  5. No Persian, I don't think you took it 'way' off. Its relevant to the outcome of the original topic outcome... death. Just another reason. Grin? Anything to look forward to?
  6. Sounds like a recipe for death. Grin, anything to keep us from packing up? Would probably be a good idea to give us some idea of whats to come. Before there is no one left. Grin?
  7. The replay tool??? Like they said, only relevant in competition situations. (which would be nice) Otherwise we already have one, its called Fraps. SS tool??? Its that [Print Scrn] button on your keyboard... But, as seen in RvS, I can SS you and photoshop it so damned well, you "could" be banned. Are you going to police all the SS's and videos? Who do you expect to do so? When I send you a ban hash, are you going to believe me? No, we would need proof. But if not SS's then its up to fraps. Did Fraps see that guys apparent wallhack?? Nope. |RA| ftw??? Only if the 'replay tool' could 100% see what the hacker is seeing. Will it? With a server side command to fire it up?... Or are we gonna stockpile video? Things could get slow. Or maybe a quick button for server SS? Or a video toggle for any selected player? I agree with an M.B.L. type list. Will we have one? Otherwise you already have the tools... /ban... go to ban list{ctrl+c} ...go to website{ctrl+v} As we all have already done with the 8incher(-5 ")... And thats just because he was completely obvious about it. Eager to brainstorm on what 'can' be done. P.S. This is my 1st G.R. experience, I am ignorant about the replay tool, how did it work?
  8. LOL, they have our money, just as before. Are we all gonna buy the next one?? Hackers will continue to hack, whiners will continue to whine. Exploiters will, you know. etc.etc. Played Ravenshield since the demo. They(the powers that be) stopped caring about one of the most popular games ever years ago...Why you ask?? > 11.30.04 - New Rainbow Six Game Announced! <---(Last news given on www.raven-shield.com) > 10.25.04 - Raven Shield Patch v1.6 and Athena Sword Patch v1.10 NOW AVAILABLE New game announced. Thank you, come again, give us your $50. GGs If you were Ubi, PB, any company. i.e. MICROSOFT. Would you care about an old product you already made your money on??? Hell no. You will continue to put all of your resources into your 'new' product to SELL. To make more 'money' to make the next game "better." Which means you will have to buy a new video card, because the 'new' game won't run on your 'old' card. Its an endless cycle. And we just keep chasing. But then again, what would YOU do in their situation? Not discrediting Grin, they may be different. I doubt it. But I wouldn't blame them. And it won't matter. They can't spend infinite time and resources on ONE games anti-cheat and police it. I wouldn't.
  9. I don't mean to be disrespectful, obviously cause you're an admin. But if you don't play multiplayer, then you have absolutely no grasp of this situation. GL & m99, (especially both put together) will ruin your day.
  10. What are we even talking about anymore. There is a problem with the weapon. I haven't seen a meaningful post since page 12. Morphing said it, and it doesn't get any simpler. Assault Rifles: Headshot- KILL 3 to the body- KILL (Now heres where it gets tricky) Sniper Rifles: Headshot- KILL m14 and MSG90: 2 to the body- KILL M99: 1 the head, chest, elbow or pinky toe -KILL ______________________________________ Yes, in reality anyone struck anywhere by the m99 would probably be rendered combat ineffective. Its the ability to quickscope and run n gun that makes the difference. It seems to me, while developing the game, they got the reaction time and scope time stats of the m14 and the m99 mixed. If they were to trade those stats, this thread wouldn't exist. And no one would need any cheese. Cause the m14 wouldn't be a 1 hit wonder. It needs nerfed and there shouldn't be any argument about that, the only reason to argue that. Is explained in my Signature.
  11. Bump. And who was the one that challenged you to use the 99 on Arroyo? Looks like he can eat his words. That was the best piece of lame video I ever saw, Lets recap, you or a member of your team going around killing a load of disorganized armatures, you going into the spawn area of the other team to take kills, you demonstrating how easy it is to use a M99 as a rifle, where you had several misses and the opposition were so dumb, that they didn't even hear you running up to there area. No one bothered to tube you? just amazing, how nice, TeamHot. Lets get the facts straight if you want to use a M99 or any rifle against a load of kids to prove a point then your not making your point very well. When you fight against a true tac team then make your lame video if you can. But we don't do kiddy popping. Don't try to kid the wise. LOL why don't we scrim tonight... HOT with M99's vs BDA Thats what we'd call a good ole fashioned MASSACREEEE
  12. Exactly. I just entered a random server and and started hoofing it as fast as I could to the other side of the map to get into the face of the other team. This wasn't a skill video. This wasn't a glory video. This was just a video showing exactly how the M99 can be exploited to be used as a shotgun as you called it. (I describe it like that too when i talk to people on vent ). The complaint I keep hearing is that snipers are supposed to be tactical. They are supposed to be hiding in spots. They are supposed to be in a bush. They are supposed to be looking for that lucky pick. However this weapon can favor the aggressive player as well. As a matter of fact, its actually more suited for the aggressive player. Merely shooting a players finger will cause him to die. It has near instantaneous zoom. And the quickshot, while difficult at times, is extremely effective at close to medium range. I guess more of a demonstration is needed. Wait till you fools can't go any direction cause everyone is using it. LOL The only way for an assault rifle to take one out is to hit the head, 3 to the chest and that 50 gunner has probably dropped you. Like they said, in the end everyone will be using a GL to counter it or a 99. And thats not how I want to HAVE to play. If you got skills, you will use and assault rifle and hit heads, and it WON'T matter what gun you use. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE ONLY REASON YOU WANT IT, IS YOU DON'T WANT YOUR EQUALIZER NERFED. CAUSE YOU CAN'T AIM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. When you see some UcG ladies, ask them to give you a demonstration, no matter what the teams. When 5 of them used that on Lagoon, you didn't leave spawn. You could rush close, but you will be shotgunned. Do we forget it has an auto pistol?????
  13. To be honest I have a bigger problem with the "noob tube" as well. How do you go 20-2 with a nub tube, when you only have 2 grenade rounds. 20-2 would call for some shooting as well I would think.
  14. I agree, all the nubs and the clan-less preach to keep their "equalizer." But this game is all about team. And when the good servers come up and the restrictions are made. All will be happy. Nubs can stay on official servers with infinite spawns and no skill weapons, foddering each other all day. While the rest of us will be tactically moving as squads and not firing the m99.... STANDING UP! GGs. Looks like about 70 to 30, against. That 70% seeming to be the good players I already know. Persian Viiiper Nutlink Morphing Lnwolf You're all kings. I've agreed with you almost 100%
  15. TeamHOT server will be up in a matter of days. No m99. No GL. All Skill. Thats what I'm talking about. Ours will be the same, but until then, I'll be in your server.
  16. Well the last place I got it the worst was Lagoon. Trying to come around the right side with a guy on the hill. I was 99'd before I could even get a location on him. And I DID get in close, all the way up the hill and got "shotgunned" by the 99 from 5 to 10 ft. Rabbit Yeah I've heard that a few times. Thought we were trying to make this less personal so it didn't get locked?? Comments on "the topic" are all I will be answering from here. See you soon Keifer.
  17. LOL, you discribe the cut as a jungle map? A park more like. Ive probably put more hours into GRAW2 than you. Lets not make it personal like he said. As for you having "probably" put more time in than me. I'm number 4 on the most active players list. Sooo Im thinking not. http://arena.gamespy.com/ladder/47811/page1/#ladder GGs
  18. Yeah that was me. Is how I roll. Sorry if I offended your delicate emotions. But in closing,I bet my "movement" (noise) was VERY predictable as compared to your "squatting/camping." (silence) Seeing as to the fact that I can't hear someones fear who is hiding from me. But I'm working on it! GGs
  19. LOL, you mean watch those servers FILL UP with people who DONT need a nub tool to get kills? You are wrong. And the only reason you or anyone uses that gun is because its the easiest to get a kill with. If they patch the 50cal into crappiness, all the nubes, like yourself, will find the next easiest thing to use. Either way, our server will be full. With or without it. I do agree with body damage variance. Jungle map???? The Cut mb? P.S. Play the game for more than 5 minutes next time.
  20. [quote name='ROCO*AFZ*' date='Jul 26 2007, 07:03 PM' post='481395' Ignore the reticule bloom, it means nothing with the M99 from what i have seen unless from the hip, then maybe. The straff running you see sometimes happens when someone is running goes straffe and goes to walk straff, snaps the scope up (with good vid card it's very fast) fires and goes back to run. Sometimes that happens and instead you seem to skip fire and skip. VIIPER in close combat there is limited hallways which is perfect for an m99 scope as u don't have to adjust much and if you hit any part of the body they die. The shotgun reference is because of the loud sound and instant kill. In a hallway that is only the width of a person, it might as well be a shotgun.
  21. Yeah, you can do just as well in Euro servers as in U.S. for this reason. Granted you may notice some time between shot hit and death. Yesterday in 22nd server UK. I took a 50 cal hit, had a good, "oh ****" moment and dropped 5 secs later. Anywho hit them, they die. Yes Durka, I've been killed by someone before they even rounded a rock. But some people don't have this problem in my clan. I could see it being certain instances where corner on corner lag could effect a situation. But couldn't it even be computer specs or processor speed?
  22. I don't need a demonstration, I got 1 yesterday. Its a nub tube with 20 shots. On Lagoon, THE #1 UcG DirtDog (and his 4 nubmates) Got rocked by us for 1 round. Leaving Dirt with a wonderous 0-5. He promptly reconnects. And the whole crew goes to m99 and destroys everything that moves. Infect, Switchblade and DirtDog being the worst. In one particular situation I was killed 4 times, within 5 ft of the sniper, while strafe running side to side. Which seemed inconceivable to me without reticule lock. They had to be un-scoped... But with myself strafe running, they would've had to swing the gun un-scoped and the keep the reticules still close enough together to accurately put me down.And they did, 1 shot, 4 times, 2 different people, same spot as I was rounding the top on the hill, full speed. And if you wonder how they have so many consecutive wins... If needed, UcG hops sides at the end to collect wins. I have been told of many occasion where they cleared servers with the m99. But only after not being able win with assault rifles. Whens UcG awareness week? Poor Little Rabbit P.S. Patch it! 1. m99 scope should take longer to get in scope. 2. Should have to be prone to fire accurately. 3. Reticule bloom should be the largest of any weapon. And the longest to get stable. 4. Shouldn't be paired with the best pistol in the game. 5. Should have smallest amount of armor while using the m99. Realism! 1. Should be able to shoot while running. (Fingers don't work while legs are moving?) a. Obviously not very accurately, but not having this caters to the camp. 2. Should be able to run while reloading. (Legs don't work while hands are moving?) 3. MORE of a stun shake while being shot. (not sure what its called) a. Should be a lot harder to return fire while being shot. Small stuff! 1. Death ticker. a.Should be able to see whats going on in the game after you die. (I've never seen a game where you have to ask your friends..."Did I get him??" Every time you die. 2. Re-joining a game in progress. a. SHOULD be able to rejoin a game after being afk for 1 minute at the start of a round. b. Why should someone in game who left to use the bathroom, be penalized and have to restart, or wait 10 minutes for the round to end???
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