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  1. Yeah, I'm on the last mission now. I could easily see more replay out of the current SP maps if one would mod add 2x the amount of enemy AI roaming spawns. The SP game was so easy cause the enemy hardly ever move around. I wanted to see enemies come in from behind me and all sides as I progressed through the broken ruined towns but that never happened.
  2. Does this hack then allow you to play Ageia Island also?
  3. Just got to this mission tonight. First 10 seconds and one of my men are killed and I'm wounded each time. I can already see this level as not being much fun or tactical, more along the lines of luck and many save loads. Think they'll patch this level and make it fun or should I slug my way through it? I'm in no hurry to finish the game.
  4. Hmm..that'd all be nice but I'd be happy enough if they could take down the target I tell them to. Often times they do ok but sometimes my friendly AI can't seem to hit the broad side of a barn 20 feet in front of them. Then the start whinning to me, "I'm under fire!".
  5. This is a known issue with this mod. Many particle efx are missing. See the readme.txt in mod file. As much as I really like the blood, I more so miss the dust and such, so I have removed this mod.
  6. If the friendly AI would do mostly everything right and the enemy AI would be nearly realistic, where would the game challenge come from? With great AI, your friendly AI would cake walk through the game and never die. Also, the enemy AI still won't surprise you cause you always have the overhead Tac Map to watch exactly what they are doing. Within the games reasonable ability, I'd like to hear exact examples on how to address all these AI complaints and not ruin the SP gameplay at the same time. It's not that easy to figure out.
  7. Wow, that shows the SuperAI very well. Hard to tell from vid but I assume there were no other enemy AI in the area that could have shot you from your left or right.
  8. I'm wondering if you have tested this after you threw out smoke to occlude their view. How is smoke working? Funny you should mention this because this is the exact and only way I was able to get across the street. So yes, smoke works well and I learned to carry it with me on most missions. I wish you could command your AI to lay down smoke and grenades but maybe in GRAW3??
  9. Yes, between the obvious scripted 'let loose the bad guys from this alley' events and the fact that most of the rubble was there to funnel you through the levels, I too agree way too linear and could be much better. Bring on the map editor.
  10. Playing Hardcore, few AI things I've noticed, bad and good: - loading save games changes AI state sort of. Example is I'll be in crouched position facing an enemy nest and they don't shoot at me. I'll Quicksave. Load Quicksave and immediately the enemy sees and fires at me BUT the issue seems to be the save game loads me as now standing, not crouched. - crouch works almost too well i.e. you can pretty much dance and move around crouched all day 20 yards in front of most enemies but soon as you stand up you're instantly killed - same can be said about standing and peeking around a corner vs. crouching and peeking. SuperAI sees you and kills ya standing but can't see you crouching for beans. - prone seems to be no better than crouch in stealthing around the enemy. Not to mention prone still has the issue of can't aim up or down far enough. - sprinting to try and quick cross a city street is near impossible, AI locks on you and simply kills you instantly every time - enemy AI do react to shot very nearby co workers and shots fired past their head but how they react is rather unrealistic All in all, I think the AI is well done. I think the easiest and largest improvement that would fix some AI issue complaints the most is to simply change some enemy response time values, enemy hitpoint quantity and enemy accuracy values; each adjusted according to distance. This would of course in effect make the AI and game easier so an increase of enemy quantity would be needed to compensate. Once you start thinking about it, one can easily see all the compromises they had to make in order to try and balance the game. It can get really hard to make the game challenging yet not frustrating or SuperHuman at the same time. If GRIN made all the roof top snipers less eagle eyed and quick, they might as well remove them from the roof cause they would be nothing but fodder. It's only fair they can take you out in one shot from way out just like you can right? Nifty. Just to be clear, I assume you are in the Standing position in each of these videos you are posting right?
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