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  1. Fair enough. One more thing, could you recomend me the best agp 8x card out for gamming, and would I be able to play the game on full settings at say 1280x1024 with it and get 60+fps? I was looking at the visiontek x1600xt 512mb, or XFX GeForce 7950 GT 512mb.
  2. Oh duuuuuuh. That was it. Thanks. Oh and one more request is for them to make the game playable in lower res modes like 640x480 for people with the minimum requirements. I have a 128mb radeon 9600 agp, and at graw2's lowest settings @ 800x600 I'm only getting 31 fps tops and 19fps lows. Almost impossible to get a first shot off at an enemy who's sited you while you're trying to aim. It'd be nice to get 50-60fps at least, for mp. The min req aren't playable in mp. Can anyone alter a file to make that happen, or would that be considered cheating for having altered files?
  3. I agree, kits are lame. You should be able to choose whatever wepons you want that the game has as long as it's under the weight limit like GR1. Loving the msg-90. Anyways, I'm a noob at GR2 MP so could someone tell me why I can't get a sniper rifle? There's no sniper kits in TDM for me, yet other players have barrets or m-14's with a scope. Do I have to log in a lot of hours or kills or something first?
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