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  1. 62 views and no reply. lol at least says something so i can have some hope.
  2. Snipers: AS50 - link 1link 2 Plz help me. thanks.
  3. is there a way to can recode the camera setting to 3rd person shooter and can switch camera from site to site?
  4. well here is some weapon u should try to make. M16/M4: here Advanced Weapons list: here M29: here
  5. thanks. what if i want to edit weapon stats like impact, accuracy, ect. where do i go??
  6. the Mule can transform just like in Transformers.
  7. nice man. u should add a facescan scope.
  8. some ppl is a genius. Combine the M4 and AK. using the accurate design of M4 and the ower ###### system from AK47 is a master peace.
  9. Man those beers look tasty. It was a good suggestion. I think multiple people wanted it, wasn't too difficult to get in. I'm more concerned the MP stuff will get all flipped out. Thanks for the nice words everyone. Hope it gives you some additional enjoyment in some form. yes. i love what u dont w/ the Sniper Rifle. i owned those Mex. if u adding more weapon to ur Pack. i think u should add more 2ndary weapons and handguns and maybe flash if that possible.
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