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  1. Yep, got it thanks. Like I said the thing that was throwing me off wack was the trick to delete the sound quality entries . It took me a while to figure that one out. Now I understand the file structure, the language, how the files call the other files and so on, I finally figured what had missed. I am using Sound Forge. Ever tried it? Actually I like the sounds, most of them anyway but some I wanted to change from the beginning.
  2. Thanks for the help Bret. Here is the funny thing though: I did everything you have just wrote in your response as I did read thru your tut. I was going nuts cuz still it didnt work. I got it finally and let me share this with others quicklike. It took me an entire afternoon to figure the darn thing out. in the xml you can change whatever sound entry you please but gotta delete the sound quaility entries in the line, in other words the rest of the row and repéace it with a />. I kept comparing your mod Bret with mine to figure where I miss something. Well, this minor looking thing makes a world of dif I tell you. Now I got it.
  3. I am experienced in modding but I am new to GRAW2. Figured its probably best to ask the GRAW modders before I commit any more time learning about GRAW's file structures and stuff. I have extracted the data folder from the quick.bundle to local/English. I assume I only need the files I am messign with and the rest can be removed. Say, I wanna change the sound of the mk46 saw which is in data/sound/weapons/saw folder. I can decompile the wave bank files and look up the proper file names in the xml. This is where my first problems surfaced: 1, I edited the sound files of sound_wave.bank to try it out. Havent touched the xml just renamed the sound files correctly. Placed them in the saw folder, and since the file structure must be correct (I let the bundle_reader create it) I figured it should work. It doesnt. So now I think a, the game doesnt play individual sound files only sound banks, or b, I need every file in the mod's saw folder including the xml ones eventhough those arent edited at all. I tried again, and it doesnt work. Is anyone efforting in the same direction perhaps? Any luck so far? I am gonna keep experimenting and posting if I succeed. It could take a while since I am in the dark - not being familiar with GRAW modding and all. Asking those of you with the same interest to pipe in and let us share what we come up with. Has anyone actually done any sound editing in GRAW 2? Do we need bank files? If so, how can we create those? I have surfed all over the net and found a wave bank generator but its bank file doesnt work either.
  4. Is there a way to "recompile" it to bank or can the game handle it as individual sound files? some bank files have as many as 40 individaul sounds!
  5. thanks for the response. no, I dont have graw1. I am totally new to the ghost recon and this forum. I sent a PM to Brettzies. I do ask people who has the export plugin to plz send it to me via email: haida@chello.hu thanks.
  6. Thanks for the great tutorial. Only one question: where can I download GRIN's .diesel export plugin for Max7? My version is 7 and I would love to get into this. Thanks.
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