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  1. Try LGSL from http://www.greycube.com/site/download.php?list.4 Works fine, what ever maps and modes, shows players in server and also more detailed server settings. Comes in stand alone and also phpnuke module/blocks (standalone install required nuke module) Block and module can be seen in operation: http://www.wardogz.co.uk
  2. My work around till permanent fix. I had same problem error on ageia driver install (error:-135 I think) I clicked ok and it rolled back the install of the drivers then finished the GRAW2 install. It does not complete the install fully, no links to game in start menu or desktop, a few folders missing in install directory etc but game will run if u do following. Find GRAW2.exe and create any shortcuts, desktop and start menu etc. Drag the ageia drivers to desktop and run, do not click ok on the error, just launch the game from the shortcut you created and it should load up. Bummer installing drivers each time but it works for me, a fix would be nice so I can install game properly
  3. Hmmm good response. Well lets try and answer my own question. Since there is no way to stop or restart server, no way to add/remove maps, lock server(?) then I cant see any hosts offering game servers in UK. No fun having to ask server hosts to load a new config 4-5 times a day so it seems for the time being dedicated is the way to go. Kudos to Ubi for releasing a game that had some sort of SADS, one step further than the Rainbow Six: Vegas failure.
  4. At the end of the day you are not boosting Grins sales since they do not market the game. Grin are the games developers, they are paid by Ubi to produce the game and Ubi sell it.
  5. Anyone know of any hosting companies in th UK that are doing GRAW2 servers? Only one I can find is rackage.com and at £60 for a branded 24 (24 is minimum) slot server I find this a bit steep. Are there any other alternatives apart from buying a dedicated server? Thanks Snaily
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