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  1. First I just wanna say hooray for the map makers and the yet to be released coop maps! Looks to be some fine work coming out soon. I now have renewed hope for this game. Thanks guys. You know who you are. What prompted my post was this: Has anyone noticed almost all the coop maps in the DL section are over 1000 downloads? It would seem there are more coop junkies out there than I realized. Keep up the good work. We need you.
  2. By merely asking about GR:AW 3 already says alot about GR:AW 2. Hopefully they won't charge us $50 for another patch.
  3. This may seem like small potatoes but I liked in SP GR the fact you could have your teammates go prone while covering or maybe you had to soul switch to get them prone. Either way, why is there no longer any prone action with the latest? Have I been missing something?
  4. I have a ATI 9800 pro 128 and I had crash problems with GRAW 1. I noticed my main case fan had quit working. Check for heat first. I replaced my case fan with an adjustable speed fan and have not had any problems. I can adjust the speed up high but even when I forget to do that I haven't had any crash problems since. I'm playing GRAW 2 now with no significant probs other than slower frame rates when the fireworks go off.
  5. GRAW 1 option. I think it's more the endless selection of weapons mods that create the "noob tubers" and the "Rambos" as well as the endless crashes.
  6. I suppose I might be splitting the previously split hair... The kits might be o.k. with mulitple spawns in deathmatch but when you primarily play coop on "one death" servers you need all the advantage you can carry even with good teamwork.
  7. Yeah, I made out with one team member down. Lone wolf is definately the way to go.
  8. As far as your team getting killed on insert, what I did was immediately position them behind the bus on your left. This seamed to keep them out of trouble. The rest of the mission however... This was the most bugged out mission of all. After taking back the U.S. side I decided to bring my team inside the building to protect them from the arty and the counter attack. Probably not necessary but hey these guys aren't quite perfect. Once I take out the counter attack I tried to move my team out and one guy would stay in the building even when using the Tac Map. On the first attempt #2 would get stuck. On the second attempt #3 would get stuck...and so on. I was finally able to move them after returning to their position and moving them 5 feet at a time to get them out the door and then they were fine. The Marines were another story. They would not take the "move" command, only the "follow" command. I tried using the Tac Map but still they would not budge, just follow. So I leave them behind and clear out the Mexican side of the bridge. That's when I get a message like " get ready for troops approaching from the SE. There was no one there. They were all at the W. That's when I notice the blue diamonds (Marines) on the bridge decide to come over but now I don't have control over them. After that everything went smoothly now that 3/4 of the mission is over. For the most part the single player was a blast if only for the last mission. Multiplayer is quite another story.
  9. I was wondering, I only have one ghost to choose from for this mission since the rest got blown up on the previous mission while riding in the two trucks used for evac. Did they get killed 'cause I missed someone? Anyhow, not that big of a deal. My real issue with the "Get Rosen" map is that I can't figure out where to get the C4 to blow up the downed Blackhawk. I restarted thinking I needed to load it in my backpack but there's no offering I could see. Every time I get to the downed BH my "coach" in my Narcom tells me "looks like you need extra C4". Where the heck is it? I checked the loadout for all the team members before starting and I don't see it offered. What am I missing? Do I need to blow up the fuel tank thingy next to the BH? I can see the C4 icon on the choppper when I'm next to it but I don't seem to get the "X" prompt to plant it.
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