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  1. I was thinking today about some way to bring back the weapon picking that was in GRAW1. I personally enjoyed customizing my kit to my playing style and dont really like selecting a kit. I realize that there are many assorted comments and ideas out there so I just decided to make the official 'bring back customization' thread The biggest complaint when trying to remove the kits is that everyone will automatically pick a primary with both a scope and a GL. I propose to set the kit so that on any given weapon, you can only have one of the two. I hope that would help to even out the playing field a bit. Comments? Ideas? (Am I crazy?) -BMage
  2. this thread has made quite a few good points but it's starting to get personal...let's try to drop that. Apart from that, the video was actually pretty eye opening. I suppose what we need is a nerf to the ability to run full speed and get a 'quickshot' kill or to nerf the ability to run strafing with the scope up and pull off a perfect shot. Possibly have the screen shake when moving while scoped?
  3. Sorry, didn't mean to offend. I have read so many contradicting posts on this matter it's quite incredible The enemy AI itself isn't amazingly (edited for bad choice of words) smart, it's the AI's shooting ability that needs to be changed in my opinion.
  4. You want to downgrade the AI? First time I've heard that one
  5. It wouldn't kill you but it would take you out of combat as your leg your be ripped off. I've seen videos of pigs being hit by those babies and it ain't pretty. I'd have to take your word on it since I've never actually been in a combat situation, but if it is that brutal, scratch what i said
  6. Point taken Persian & others. I personally am annoyed by GL's but it's really nothing too bad (apart from lack of a minimum distance). One thing I'd like to see with the M99 is slightly reduced lethality as well as a longer scope-up time. For example, I remember using it once and shooting a guy in the foot--he dropped with one bullet. Granted it would hurt a LOT, but I doubt it would kill. What i'd like to see is a slightly more realistic hit-box on the guns rather than an all around removal.
  7. I'm still confused as to why you feel the need to force snipers to do something different. If they want to snipe, why not let them? As to your second point, technically we're talking about special forces units rather than entire armies going head-to-head. This isn't BF2 To be honset, if I had the opportunity to take the enemy out from 150 yards when he doesnt see me as opposed to 15 yards, I'd definitely try to kill him at the longer distance as it leaves less up to chance. (IE a quickly dropped nade, a chance that he can get the first shot off, a chance that he can get a better shot off, etc)
  8. Kit restrictions are really the reason I stopped playing AA since it always ended up being the same people who got the better weapons. I'm pretty gung-ho anti-weapon restriction so I disagree However, I agree that while it may be hard to take out snipers and they may at times be annoying, I feel it's more fun to outflank them and beat them than it is to restrict them altogether.
  9. SP Mission 4 ~ Crash in application version: 30292.2673 Could not load geometry because IDirect3D9::CreateVertexBuffer failed. This device does not support the queried technique. Renderer: threaded Physics : threaded Geforce 7800GTX Intel Pentium D 2.8 GHz 1GB RAM Windows XP Home SP 2
  10. I agree again with the idea of removing pre-made kits for MP modes/making them a server-side option (apart from RvsA) as customizing my loadout was one of my most enjoyed parts in GRAW1. One way to hopefully prevent nade spamming would be to lower the amount of maximum available weight. Also, you could give people that are carrying less weight a slightly faster move speed or some other small perk.
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