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  1. Hello ,the 22nd sas regiment gaming clan is looking for recruits to join.

    we have a dedicated graw2 server 24 slot server profile HH/TDM ,looking for more members so we can enter a ladder.

    we also have two other servers that host two other popular games (but lets not go there! lol)

    ventrilo is our coms

    uk based members and over 18 drop by our forums and have a look :D

    our clan is mainly based around having a good laugh, gaming skills come second (lucky for me!)

    It started out as pure classic ghostrecon but supports three styles now.

    anyway he is our addy.22nd sas regiment

    cya around


  2. howdy

    i was wondering if anyone knows yet the server query port for graw 2, because i would like to embed the info on our website, we achieved it for the GRAW but i cannot find the info for the latest game, ive tried the port listings given in the manual but they dont work. if i remember correctly the original game didnt have the server query port listed aswell.

    thanks in advance for your help. :D

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