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  1. Life is truly stranger than fiction sometimes. I was cleaning out my study this week and found my dusty GR discs and out of nostalgia decided to re-install after some 7 or 8 years for fun. To my horror, Operation Stabilise was no where to be found! So I took a gamble and googled GR.net and much to my amazement found u guys were still around. Even more amazing was my old username and password worked lol. Next I searched for OP Stab and was even more amazed (have I mentioned I was amazed) to see a post only 4 weeks old about my MOD being re-categorized. Even after all this time, it bri
  2. has not set their status

  3. Its about 5,000km from me, so I hardly felt a breeze. I'm down south - a bit like New orleans when a cyclone hits new york. Thanks for the concern though mate - appreciated. BTW - Saying Deks is Ok is like saying rainman is a schlolar. Deks is never OK - he's a mad Queenslander.
  4. I just worked something out that is so simple, yet has eluded me for a while. Many may already know this, but hopefully it's news to some - as it was to me. It certainly made the "penny drop" and helped a lot of other things fall into place. It regards the use of triggers in the editor. We all know how to set up a trigger that is set off by BLUFOR present. Simple stuff. You check all the right boxes ie activation BLUFOR present, type switch...yadda yadda yadda. I won't go into further detail for the fear of being condescending.... We also know that if we take that same trigger, hit F2
  5. Believe it or not, I just reinstalled GR in preparation of this MOD. Looking forward to seeing this one
  6. Mate - on my PC that was at dusk, but it's daytime here. Did you Pshop this or is your PC monitor brightness set at "thermonuclear"
  7. I like the idea of using many resources to put together missions strung together. One big advantage of this is all us scripters approach things in different ways and we all have different perceptions on what a scenario should look like. I think this is a good thing as you will have missions played in sequence, but with potentially very different objectives / traps / OPFOR etc. A bit like RL if you think about it. There would have to be a reasonable timeframe for mission output though. I seem to be averaging from concept to finished version about 6 weeks. Don't know what the expectati
  8. Thats why fingers rest on W.A.D. keys, but the thumb sits on V
  9. My pleasure guys. Nice to be able to give something back to the community that helped me so much with Ghost Recon. Keep asking the questions and I'll try my best to help. Your not a noob mate - your a very talented scripter just learning a new syntax. Yeah good call Pave. This is a very good script and it isn't used often enough. N4 you can find it Here. its the one called Sniper script by pica. It's quite simple to modify it for other purposes. I used it a couple of times to have OPFOR move to random "cover" once they were set to COMBAT. I don't doubt it for a
  10. Here goes N4. The enemy detects you using a "knowsabout" value, which is not just about proximity, but all to do with how much the enemy knows about your pos. A sniper 700m away looking at you in his scope knows where you are, how far away you are etc - basically everything. A squaddie with an iron sight AK will not see you duck behind the bushes some 300m away - unless they have binoculars. I tested this theory with the new russian scoped AK's and it works - the scoped AK tangos "knewabout" the BLUFOR well before the non scoped AK boys. Now with that in mind it is theoretically po
  11. They are very good maps, but just be careful with view distance settings and lots of scripts running. If you plan on running a few scripts, tone back the viewdistance. Just placing heaps of OPFOR doesn't take the big performance hit - it's mainly scripts and viewdistance that take up CPU time. Scripts that loop and wait are particularly nasty... That's what I've found anyway. BTW N4 - Congrats buddy. I got two of the rugrats, so I can vouch for the drop off in online gaming.
  12. Yeah - best fun I had with a mission for a long time. Damn those XDF boys were methodical! God help any RL OPFOR these guys come up against Will make some minor changes and then re-test. Won't be able to distribute until 2.03 is finished as it uses some of the new commands. Actually, just thinking of it - with the test going past 1 hour for the mission itself, we never got to see the onslaught of the kill zone I had developed and discussed above. That part would have come next..... Also a Mi-17 was ready to pounce, but never got released.....which is a good thing since in th
  13. Quote from a corny, but fun movie.... "where's he from?" "Little Rock" "Little Rock Arkansas?" "Nope. California" "What!...He's a Yankee!" "Well, not really. If your from California, your not really anything..." "Yeah...You said it...." PS - Me thinks California is a lot like Queensland. Too much surf, sand and sunblock for me. Then again, with all that damn sun, it does explain why Deks is like he is.....Sun up at 4.30am....too early for me.... I like the dark, wet, cold depressive weather down south....Melbourne style. A bit like Seattle weather for you American boys.
  14. Wow! Just watched my own creations in action in the editor and it's better than a spielberg movie 10 MIA1 tanks....count them...10! and two squads of infantry were just obliterated by my nasty OPFOR AI emplacements. These poor OPFOR guys only have two T80's and a BMP2. There was shells going off everywhere! To coin a phrase from yet another movie..."it was beautiful man..!" OK...I should also add that the poor OPFOR AI also had the following assisting them... 1. AT traps to slow down the BLUFOR tanks in the killingzone(s) so the infantry could have their way with them. 2. AT
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