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  1. You must have 158.xx Nvidia drivers installed any later than that game does not work. That's my experience.
  2. I' am looking for free prima guide for the game. Any one have ideas where to get it? Is any good and usable?
  3. I did it! But look at my ranking, what a shame Has to do something with savings or it's just another bug? http://i189.photobucket.com/albums/z207/Maks_H/Graw2.jpg [Edit for oversize image - See Forum Rule 3.14 - Large Images] Thank you! I just couldn't make it to work with small linked image.
  4. Yes choosing optics would be nice Mounting closer or farther from the face has almost nothing to do with dot size in real life, it just the matter how much "closed" is your eyesight when you are looking through the scope and how fast is your transition. And OrgazmO I have to partly disagree with you. If you have Picatinny on top you can choose where you like to mount you optic sights. But yes it's smarter to put on in front of receiver Are you in service or just for hobby dealing with weapons?
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