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  1. Too bad, I must say I've seldom enjoyed such good intense firefights as in GRFS, maybe since R6 Vegas2, even though it's PC. This game has worked like a clock since we started playing little over 1 month ago. Gradually however the connection issues have risen, especially now that we want to have a team of 4 playing co-op. As we're all somewhat middle-aged familyguys, we don't have the time to mess about with a game which doesn't work.
  2. One thing that I forgot to mention. One of the Mac's managed to join a gaming session before the 1.6 patch. The other MAC joined us after the 1.6 patch and has never been able to join. The PC setup: #1: Pentium 6600, Geforce, ASUS P5B, Win Vista, AVG-antivirus, Win-Firewall #2: Pentium 6600, ATI, ASUS P5B, Win 7, AVAST-antivirus, Win-Firewall The iMAC use Win7 and Win8 with bootcamp The two PC's can connect with each other , no problems. The MAC's we have yet to try. The PC's cannot connect to the Mac's either if the Mac's are hosting. One of the PC's have the DLC packages since 1 week back. This doesn't prevent the PC's from connecting when playing the original maps. The two PC's have played extensively the Guerrilla modes, reaching to last levels. Could this progress be the issue?
  3. All 4 of us have the same content, us PC gamers have played the Guerilla more extensively. We have only played guerilla because we are waiting to solve this issue before all 4 of us start with the campaign. We don't play multiplayer as we are just too weak against players that play 24hrs a day. Also, the DLC pack shoukd allow connecting if you don't play the DLC maps.
  4. We get this error message when we try to connect to each other in Campaign or Guerilla: "Unable to join session. Host is using Downloadable Content which you do not have" All 4 of us have the same versions of the PC game. Two persons have a MAC using bootcamp for Future Soldier PC . What's strange is that they used to be able to connect to us "Pure PC" gamers. Now only two of us running PC can join each other. After the 1.6 patch this error occurs, hindering the MAC users with bootcamp to join. However running bootcamp on a MAC should not affect the PC experince in any way. The MAC should be a "pure PC" when running bootcamp. Or am I wrong? Any ideas how we could get all of us connected. Any cache that needs to be cleared, firewall settings?? Appreciating any ideas.
  5. GR --> GRAW2 has been our most favoured Co-op game within our small gaming group. It's always been fun because it's top modern and realistic, not sci-fi! I believe realism is one of the things that can extend the lifespan of a game. Keep the ball in the park!
  6. Pave Low, you may bang your head against the wall as much as you see fit, but the fact remains that Coop seems to be an extinct mode in many games, therefore my rough statement. Regarding the patch, I would assume that extensive testing always preceds launching a patch. Mistakes happen however, even to the best of us
  7. didnt install the patch 1.03 and/or played the game recently. could you please elaborate on that matter? to me it sounds like co-op-play is disabled with patch 1.03? cant be... The patch installation starts automatically if I remember correctly. As a regular user I see no point in questioning upgrades. After all, they should give game improvements and bug fixes. If a patch disables some features, naturally there should be some kind of statement or warning. However, considering the popularity of Coop gaming, especially in the GR and GRAW community, I doubt that it was intentional... or atleast I hope so!
  8. Been playing Coop with some of my friends for some time... since the original GR. This 1.03 patch bug which practically disables coop campaign playing/hosting is making us wonder WHY there is nothing mentioned on the www.ghostrecon.net News page? New mods and maps are surely getting attention but one should assume that issues that actually prohibit playing the damn things should be getting some attention. After all, there is little chance to avoid installing the patch, hence avoiding the bug!
  9. Fount it! Somewhat embarrassing, guess we were a bit too eager to start!
  10. Are you referring to the console version? I meant the PC version.
  11. We immediately tried (after 1.02 patching) the game in co-op campaign mode with my brother. We played online, he created an online server, NOT LAN. Somehow the difficulty setting seems to be set and locked to "normal". Also, there is no option to change difficulty in the Create Server window. The normal setting is too easy, even for only 2 co-op players , especially now that the respawn setting is more like [GR]. Has anyone had any luck in changing the difficulty in co-op campaign?
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