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  1. In GR1, you would hit... *ctrl* I think it was, to bring up the Command Map. From there, if you needed to figure out where people were, you'd just hover the mouse over your team mates positions, and it would show the name. Probably the best way to do it, would be to have an option to leave the diamonds, and turn off the names. Then, have it so if you put your reticule on one of your team mates diamonds in-game, it would show a name. That would be cool. I'd also like to say that you guys did an amazing job on this game. Not sure, I havent talked to him about it. I'm sure he probably thinks this game was like the others, and doesnt know that GRAW2 owns. I'll talk to him about it.
  2. Thanks for the reply. As the other person mentioned, that would be great if we could get that option in there.
  3. Try using the player vs player MP option. Much more challenging.
  4. Anyone know? I dont really have a problem with the diamonds, but the names are always getting in my way and getting me owned. If anyone knows how to turn these off, I would be greatly appreciative if you could fill me in. Please and thank you in advance.
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