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  1. Too bad there aren't more gentlemen -of whatever age- actually playing, instead of the script-kiddies whose main delight is seeing how much mayhem they can cause. I will continue to name names as I see them using obvious cheats or hacks. If that's "hand-wringing", so be it.
  2. Herbie, if you have GRAW (original), visit the folks over at The GamerPlanet. When they play GRAW (in co-op mode mostly), it's as a team with one life only. The have their own TeamSpeak server for voice comms. It's truly an immersive situation when playing with that group.
  3. Got your PM and link, thanks! And yeah, I've noticed the hackers suck... Rather funny IMO. Example: Started one mission (one of the default co-ops, Timber I believe) and immediately noticed a player zipping all over the map. He got killed repeatedly while firing off dozens of GL rounds. By the time the rest of us had mopped up the mess he had left, he scored something like 10 kills with over 20 deaths. I killed 30+, took out three targets with C4 and had not died once. I fail to see how the hacks helped that guy at all...
  4. No luck with Bretzies mod... for whatever reason the game crashes shortly after joining a mission, regardless of which map is running (have tried with several different maps). I'll look into getting it running correctly another time. No worries really. I'm having quite a fun time spotting and calling out the hackers on the open servers. "Bloody_Alboz" is my latest target. He claims that by clearing one of the check-boxes in the game setup he can activate the "slide" hack, giving him a crouched running speed of (apparently) 60kph or so. He vigorously claims it's not a hack though. Yeah... Right. I didn't have a chance to ask him which Torrent he got his hacked game from. The "option" he claims is available is not part of the store-bought, legally owned game. Not mine anyway (and I looked for it, just to see if this wasn't some horrendous over-sight by UBI/GRIN). I joined one clan's co-op server ("DR", and asked for permission to join) this afternoon ... thinking I might be able to enjoy some good co-op fun without anyone hacking it up. WRONG. One of the DR clan guys was zipping across the map spawning bad guys left and right, then getting repeatedly killed for his efforts. Of course all the bad guys he spawned overwhelmed the rest of us, but he was having fun. I wasn't, and left the server. And I can scratch one clan from my list of places to hang out (and maybe join?). One thing I've noticed with the people using the speed and weapons hacks: they invariably manage to crash the server (or the players' game). The game wasn't meant to generate a hundred RPG explosions at once... silly ###### like that either gets players games crashing to desktop or crashes the server itself. Or both. But it's all in good fun, right? I certainly hope that future renditions of the Ghost Recon franchise will pay a little closer attention to game security. Unfortunately it appears that opening the game up for community modding also means that the game is open to those bright individuals with no scruples. You know, the ones who ruin it for the rest of us. Of course those individuals rarely *pay* for the game in the first place, so they have nothing to lose when the game becomes corrupted from their hack attempts.
  5. Excellent news Rocky. If this new service is all it claims, then I may be able to steer more business their way, via another gaming genre's mods/updates that also used FileFront almost exclusively.
  6. http://www.filefront.com/ http://farewell.filefront.com/ What does this mean for the GhostRecon.net community? It means that all those neat updates, patches, mods and third-part/community add-ons will no longer be hosted for download on FileFront as they currently are through Rocky's account on FileFront. If this means that GR.net has to host it's own file downloads, then we can expect some changes to occur in the downloads areas here. That's a lot of bandwidth FileFront has supplied, and which may now need to be covered by GR.net ... And that bandwidth (as well as the considerable storage space required for all the GR community downloads) is not free. I look forward to reading the possible solutions.
  7. Thanks Zero-G, I'll have a go at it (kinda looking forward to a little co-op time with the latest efforts from Bretzie).
  8. The plethora of hacks coming down the pike is making it damn near impossible to play a co-op mission on an open server these days. Is there any hope for an anti-cheat measure of some sort for GRAW2? Or should I just give up any hope of playing a co-op mission online without some ######ing '###### (this is me looking directly at you, "Chas007") skating by me with unlimited high-rate-of-fire GL and/or RPG ammo? Less than five minutes of Google searching and I found half a dozen sites with speed/ammo mod cheat files. Nice... No wonder a guy can't enjoy a hacker-free online session. sb_global.xml ...
  9. Oops, forgot to mention I'm on XP ... Did a search through my C: drive for "*.xmb" but didn't come up with anything. I assume the info you provided is somewhere within this thread, I'll do some searching for XP fixes for the issue. Thanks for the reply, and thanks for all the time and effort it has taken to produce such a detailed mod.
  10. CTD issue using Bretzies v2.05b (not v2.05, I could not connect to the Sparta server with 2.05). Links to each separate download in the last comment post on the GhostRecon.net download page for Bretzies mod. Version 2.05b .zip file dated : Feb 8, 2009 Version 2.05 .zip file dated : Feb 20, 2009 Server running mission: coop_bogie_occupation_v3 (game would not start while the coop_bogie_occupation_v4.bundle file was present in the "custom_levels" folder, error message about a bad path... but that's a different issue) Joined okay, in the class selection page I scrolled through the Rifleman classes. When I got past #12, I got the following DTD error message I rather expected to either hit the end of the class and have to scroll backwards or have the class roll over back to #1.
  11. Bumping an old thread, to see if there has been any development on some sort of player/server stats mod for GRAW:2. ??
  12. Salute! Check out this post in particular from the Gamer Planet forums. It concerns setting randomized AI spawn percentages (GRAW-1 info, not GRAW-2, but could be a stepping stone to GRAW-2 coding insights). The entire thread the linked post is within is a mission creation tutorial for GRAW-1. It is very detailed (and lengthy) and extremely informative.
  13. How about "scalable enemy" missions? By that I mean if there are 4 human players, then there will be xx enemy AI spawned when the players reach location A. If there are 6 humans, then reaching location A would spawn xx + 4, or something similar. Some of the guys doing custom missions for GRAW-1 (The Gamer Planet crew being foremost in my mind) have figured out the coding for making "scalable enemy" co-op missions possible. I don't know if similar coding techniques will work in GRAW-2 though. If possible, then a whole new method of playing co-op missions comes into play, depending on how many human players there are. IMO that is one very neat trick.
  14. My comments are my own not TGP's or anyone else's, reflecting my desire to see coop missions that can be played a little closer to how a soldier might be actually attempt these missions: with a very real regard for his own life and the lives of his squad mates. I understand that you are making these missions for your own way of playing and I have no issue with that at all. Your talent for making missions is beyond reproach, and I thank you for contributing so much to the GRAW community. Without your missions and those of a few other dedicated artists, this game -or at least the coop style of play- would have completely died off long ago. It's only fresh content that keeps players interested, content that you have graciously provided. My frustration over spawn points being killing zones comes from a desire to simulate, not just play, infantry action. I know... GRAW is a game and not a simulation. The ArmA group is down the street... I have plenty of practice on the various coop maps available in GRAW2. There are only a few I haven't been able to completely clear on my own with zero deaths ('invasion' and 'base 13' plus a couple others I can't think of right now). Most of them remind me of Pac Man: discover the pattern and walk right through the entire map. As it is, I consider it a 'good run' if I can complete any given mission with three or less deaths, whether alone or as part of a group. I try to applaud the players who make it to the end with less deaths than I. Shows they are playing it seriously, which I respect.
  15. Yep...another one where the AI have your spawn locations zeroed in. No way I can see to run this as a team effort with one death rules. Oh well... add it to the list of run-n-gun, multi-death, multi-spawn missions. At least it kept me playing for while. I enjoy RPGHard's missions for the most part, but I simply can't see why players can't have a protected place to spawn into. Perhaps it's a problem with the game's coding, which only allows for certain spawn areas <?>. Getting killed before you have a chance to seek cover, often before your boots even hit the ground, ruins the game play for me.
  16. Sure hope this isn't another map where: 1) ... the player has to contend with wall-hacking AI (as in "coop_hqm01_dam" <wall hacking AI across from spawn area under bridge> or "coop_retrieveV2" <wall hacking AI in stairwell leading into train station>), or 2) ... the player is magically spawned right into the center of a kill zone (as in "coop_estrada" <at the end> and "coop_castle_day" <at the beginning> ). Nothing irritates me more than having to die umpteen times simply to be able to spawn in. With that bit of bitching out of the way, I look forward to trying out this latest effort.
  17. No. GRAW2 hasn't got any sort of player statistics tracking that I'm aware of.
  18. Over the past few weeks I've seen a marked increase in being "dropped" from servers. Not a complete drop-to-desktop (have enough of those as well), just getting bumped from servers. I don't know what's changed, either a GameSpy issue or something else, but it's a frustrating problem for players. Considering my one enjoyment of GRAW2 is the coop games, being consistantly dropped from the servers may be the final straw for this game's life on my system. If the problem were limited to a single server it would be easy to isolate. But these drops are occuring on a wide variety of servers, dedicated and not. I got dropped from my own game server once... that's just pathetic.
  19. Is there any other multi-player front end that works with GRAW1/2? Or is the GRAW series tied permanently to Gamespy? (which sucks badly if that's the case)
  20. Fly a lot of the Il-2 series... (these shots all from "Il-2 1946" version 4.08m. All aircraft wearing custom skins from various artists within the Il-2 community. Click the images to open a new tab/window to see the full-sized version (1680x1050):
  21. Still crashing with video errors as well: ROF bug still present, and as I mentioned earlier the "work around" of typing "z" into chat now crashes the game entirely, with this error: Sure would be nice to get the bouncing vehicles fixed too at some point. Nothing like watching a deuce-and-half bouncing around like a ping-pong ball after shooting it's tires with a hand gun. Never knew a 9mm packed such a whallop. That bug has been in GRAW2 since original release.
  22. Thank you for the patch, I'm sure a lot of hard work went into it. I play mostly co-op multiplayer. Nice to have a patch, I guess. And a new map (wasn't it supposed ot be two new co-op maps?) I'm guessing somebody needed the team working on the GRAW2 patch for newer projects, because this patch looks more like a "get it out there and let's close the door on GRAW2" kind of thing. Incomplete, lacking in fixes for bugs present since 1.0, and little new added content. And for this we waited... how long?? I would have tested the new shotgun and m/g, but I haven't been able to stay connected to a server long enough to check them out. "Auto/burst/single" selector bug is still present, and possibly even worse now. Used to be that you could open a chat window, type the letter "z", then hit esc to close the chat and your weapon would change from default automatic mode to single or burst. Now, the game crashes when you try that work-around. Thanks for leaving us stuck (even more firmly) on automatic mode. I see players dropping out of the servers a lot more now than I did pre-patch 105. When they return, they're usually cussing some bug that crashed game. That tells me there's been instability inserted into the game rather than removed. This is the "repaired network code"?? It's a step backwards. Not impressed with this patch, or with the entire GRAW2 game. So close... so very close to making a fantastic game, and yet GRAW-1 still provides better game play.
  23. It's been my understanding that you don't want to use, or especially force, anti-aliasing when playing GRAW or GRAW:2 in any case. But if these newer drivers won't allow forcing AA *off*...
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